Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Not Yet

No mission call yet, but just as an update: The status on my papers is "Ready for Assignment" which pretty much means, I should be assigned by the end of this week and receive my call in the mail next Wednesday. Crazy, huh?!

So anyway, I thought I'd take this blog post and kind of write about my decision to serve a mission. Maybe it'll help someone with their testimony or a decision to serve a mission or whatever. Or maybe it's just interesting to you!

I spent most of last summer studying missionary work, not because I wanted to go necessarily, but because a lot of my best friends would be and I was really struggling with that. And one day, I realized I didn't have a testimony of missionary work, that's why I was dreading it and not excited about it! So I made a decision to read and learn about missionary work. That was such a cool experience. I did a lot of praying for answers. Interestingly enough, my ward had 2 missionary homecomings and 1 farewell over the summer. And our ward doesn't have that many missionaries. Coincedence? Probably not. I think I really needed to hear their testimonies and experiences while I was learning. Then I went to EFY, and this last year the theme was focused entirely on missionary work. We even got in "companionships" and "taught" people a lesson, like missionaries would. And, it was really scary, but I think it was such a cool experience. And my counselor actually talked about going on a mission all the time. She was turning 21 in the spring and couldn't wait to serve God out in the mission field.

These experiences, along with my own personal prayer and study, resulted in me having a solid, strong testimony of missionary work. About a month before the ages were changed so that I could go, I was telling one of my friends, who recently left on a mission, how I would love to go on a mission. I just didn't want to wait until I was 21 to do it.

When General Conference finally came, and it was announced that I could serve a mission NOW I couldn't believe it. I think that's when I knew I would serve, but I'm not exactly the fastest decision maker, so I prayed and fasted and read my scriptures and read my patriarchal blessing to make sure that's what I am supposed to do. After considering my experiences over the summer, I realized that it was probably to prepare me for this moment so that I would be ready to serve.

I know what I'm doing is awesome. I'm so nervous about my call about the mission about preparing and everything, but I am also excited. I'm going to be helping to change people's lives with the gospel of Christ, something that I have been blessed with and something I want to bless other people with!

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