Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Love to See the Temple...

I'm going there someday! Those are the words to that song, but lucky me! My someday has come!

I went through the Logan, Utah temple on March 1, 2013 and it was amazing!

Honestly, I was a little nervous, but it was so good! I don't really know who's all reading my blog, but if anyone reading this is preparing to go to the temple for the first time, I actually do have some advice:

Before I went, so many people told me that it was a little "weird" and "different" and that really freaked me out. I think I was just so nervous that I would feel weird and that I would be confused. I was a little worried that I would change my mind about the Church. Not that I don't have a testimony of it! But the way everyone made it sound, it was going to be so weird, and I was worried I would think it was TOO weird. But it's not. Not really! So if you're prepping for your first visit to the temple, just relax! I know that's definitely easier said than done, but just do it. Just relax! And pay attention, but don't try to remember everything all at once.

I was also blessed with the opportunity to attend the Bountiful, Utah temple last week and the Mesa, Arizona temple twice this week.

I really do LOVE the temple! It blesses you! I know that it is SO important to always stay worthy of a temple recommend. If you can do that, you are Amazing.

I don't know if you ever look at the mormonads in the New Era, but I love them. They're good, maybe you should look some of them up. They are cute! And little reminders to apply the gospel in your life!

The temple is important! And many of us are blessed to have one near our homes. Keep your recommend current and Attend Often!

You will be blessed for it!

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  1. I love the temple too! I'm so glad we got to go while you were here visiting. :) Next time you're here, the Gilbert temple will be open!! I can't wait!