Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You Know You're Preparing for a Mission When:

1. You dream about a TV show you've been watching on Netflix, and in your dream, you convert all the characters. 

Yeah. I did that.

2. And if you try to tie Disney movies into the gospel.

Did that too.

But it got me thinking... Why NOT tie Disney movies into the gospel? When I'm on my mission I still want to be me, because somebody out there needs me, not a robot missionary. Nobody really needs a robot missionary. Personality is important! And I feel like I wouldn't be me without my love for Disney.

I don't know for sure, but maybe someday I can use a Disney movie to teach a gospel principle to one of my investigators. Maybe that's just what somebody will need. Maybe.

Is that appropriate do you think? To teach using Disney movies? I think it would be great! And I'd have great Family Home Evenings for when I have cute little kids of my own! ...Right?

Well I think it's a good idea! And even though I'm going to be Sister Francis for 18 months, I don't want to be a robot missionary. I want to be me! Because the Lord called me to Indiana Indianapolis because somebody out there needs me not a robot with no personality.

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