Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm loving it here, but the days are really long. It's not just that we're busy, but we're doing the same things over and over. It's been kind of rough having three of us in a companionship because we have too many things that we want to talk to our investigators about, but they don't always fit together the way they need to.

We got our flight plans last Friday afternoon, I am leaving Tuesday morning on a Delta flight at around 7:30 and there will be a 30 min. layover in ATL. (I would expect a call before 7:30 am since there won't really be time in ATL) I'm super excited, but also really nervous. Like I said, the days are long and we do the same things over and over. It's like wake up, go to the classroom and study, go to breakfast, go study, go to lunch, class for 4 hours, dinner, class for 3 hours, and go to bed.

Yesterday, we had what was called In-Field Orientation ALL DAY though. It was good, we learned about planning and goal setting and member work. Just the stuff that we don't really learn here, but we will need for when we leave. It's been cool, I've met people from all over! In my district, there are 2 people from Oregon, 1 from Alaska. The other day, I met 2 boys from Australia. Oh! And we taught another "investigator" from Madagascar! Cool, huh! She was so nice! She was really a member, but I still loved teaching her and getting to know her! And yesterday, one of the people that was teaching us was FROM Paris, France! And yesterday I also met one girl from Brazil and one from Honduras. There are so many! Last week, it wasn't too crowded around here, but after this Wednesday, there are so many missionaries!

I've had some ups and downs here, but I bet that's pretty normal. The food still isn't that good, but not too bad either. But since we really just study and have class all day there's not a ton to say.

Yay for SM! (Scripture Mastery)  (Side note from Mom... as a family we decided to memorize all the BofM scripture mastery this year.  I added candy motivation and this is what she's referring to. Our goal is 2 a month and we've all done one and all but Jeff have done the second one for May.  Apparently he's getting his candy fix somewhere else!)

Thanks for DearEldering me all the time, it's nice. When you sent that letter from the school about the Dean's List though, one of the girls in my district was laughing SO HARD. Hahaha I didn't really want to hear from James Morales ;) And then you didn't even say that was awesome or anything! What the heck! Hahaha

Looks like Darrin's wedding was pretty and "Cutie" was beautiful! How is Vicki? Good?

Sorry about Sue's dad, glad you took Susan to the thing. She had fun? Did Valerie go? She's kind of friends with her, right? I can't think of anything I need. All I left was my nail polish and my bobby pins, neither are super essential. Oh and pens, but I can get those too. It's hard, I barely even have time to write in my journal at all. Gotta do laundry today and start packing to leave!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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