Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy and Sad, All at the Same Time!

Sister Kim is now a full time missionary and the duties of blogging have been left to Mom. 

Wow, what a day!  Funny how the official missionary slept in while the rest of the family was up and ready to go!  I guess she figured one last day to sleep in for a while...

Two bags, both full and within a few pounds of the limit.  She may have to wear six outfits through the airport to empty out poundage for the flight.

As of now her flight leaves June 4.  I'll post more as I learn more.

We didn't have to be to the MTC until 12:45 p.m.,  so we sent to brunch on our way.  Connor was obviously not too upset to eat...

Last family picture for a while.

Got to Provo about a half hour early so stopped at Sub Zero.  We were all stuffed from brunch, so managed about half of the ice cream (we all know ice cream just melts into the cracks). 

At the MTC.  It was crowded!  We're trying to turn left into the MTC.  The lineup are cars full of crying mothers and nervous missionaries. 

Cattle call...  They have missionaries at every stop to grab your nervous kid and whisk them off before you can change your mind.  My pictures don't do it justice, but there are numbers every car length apart and wrap all around the building.

This is the "Host" missionary who will take my sweet Kimberly for the day and show her the ropes at the MTC.  The host missionary is heading to Hong Kong once her MTC time is up.  She was sweet.  It was amazing seeing all the youth leaving their families to go share their belief in Christ and eternal hope with others.  There is hope for our future if these youth are any indication of the leaders of tomorrow.  I almost couldn't even say goodbye because I was too busy trying to get a grip on my own emotions.  Wow...  new respect for veteran Missionary Moms!  Contemplating changing religions before Connor gets old enough to go... jk

The curb line wrapped all the way around the building!  Amazing how smoothly everything ran with so many cars, luggage, parents trying to drive with tear filled eyes.  Lucky we're alive!  LOL  I was pretty limited in the opportunities for taking pictures since I couldn't see.  I think I must have allergies ;)  The pictures don't really show the full extent of the lineup of cars and missionaries greeting and leaving.  It was amazing!  The whole process from pulling up to the curb, unloading luggage and leaving was about 5 minutes.  Now my baby is gone on an adventure without me!  I'm going to miss her a ton!

While she is in the MTC, the easiest way to write her is through  It's a free site and you can write an email, which they will print and deliver to the missionary mailbox the next day at the MTC free of charge.  Once she leaves for Indiana, it's convenient, but a little different.  I'll post that info when it's closer.  Kim would love to hear from everyone especially as she adjusts to being in a new environment.  At the site, you can send packages and stuff too, but they are pretty expensive, I think.  If you are inclined to send a package, it might be cheaper to just mail it.  While she will be limited to sending emails/mail only on her P-day (see below), she can receive mail daily in the MTC.
On the site, you click the tab that says "write a letter", then select "Provo MTC" at the top of the list of places.  It then asks you to fill in delivery info. 
Sister Kimberly Francis
MTC Box #302
Mission Code: IN-IND
Estimated MTC Departure Date: 0604
The correspondence from the MTC asked that we are not send perishable foods.  Cookies are fine if wrapped well and won't spoil, but it can take up to 24 hours for them to deliver packages, so no pizza deliveries or foods that need to be delivered right away.   I've heard that the BYU bookstore will deliver cinnamon rolls or cookies and deliver them same day, I haven't checked that out yet, so not sure how that works. 
If you would like to write an "old fashioned" letter (which she would love too), you can send it to:
Sister Kimberly Ann Francis
MTC Mailbox #302
IN-IND 0604
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT  84604-1793
I'll keep her blog updated with weekly emails that she sends and with information and pictures as I get them.  She won't be able to communicate with us until her "P" day.  (For those who don't know what that is, it's a "Preparation" day which is their "day off" from missionary duties to do laundry, write letters, site see, etc.  We won't know what day that will be for her while she's in the MTC until we receive an email and then we know that is the day.  The day will change possibly once she goes to Indiana.

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