Monday, May 20, 2013

So Long, Farewell

I gave my farewell talk yesterday and I'm leaving for the MTC on Wednesday! We're getting down to the end!

And I can NOT WAIT!

So I thought I'd share my talk with you, but just little excerpts because it was long:

We are each given the ability to receive revelation for ourselves that can guide and direct us through life. We can get revelation for all kinds of things. Revelation of spiritual knowledge can come to us as we read scriptures and pray to gain a testimony or direction for our lives.
            There is a MormonMessage on the MormonChannel on YouTube called Patterns of Light: Spirit of Revelation by Elder David A Bednar where he addresses personal revelation.
            It is a 3 part message where he teaches us about the Light of Christ and what light is. In this third part, he explains how revelation can come to us in two different patterns:
            The first pattern is receiving revelation all at once, like turning on a light in a room. It goes from darkness to instantly illuminated. 
            The second pattern of receiving revelation happens more gradually, like the rising sun. You can see the light on the horizon, but never all at once, rather it illuminates the world little by little. 
            A scripture that illustrates this pattern is D&C 42:61. That verse also shows us just how important personal revelation is, in my scriptures, next to this verse I have written ‘The most essential and important thing that one must learn in order to enter into the Celestial Kingdom is to receive personal revelation.’
            Elder Bednar says that “sometimes receiving inspiration is like a foggy day. There’s enough light that you can tell it’s not darkness anymore… but… you can see just enough to take a few steps into the cloudiness.”
            Revelation is dependent upon faith and our willingness because we have to have faith and an honest desire to receive revelation, but then we also have to have faith and desire to act upon the revelation when we do receive it.        
Prophets are defined in D&C 21:1-2. We are given prophets because God loves us. He wants us all to know the truth, so He reveals the truths necessary for our salvation through prophets and apostles.
            Prophets do many things for us, including warning us of the sins of the world and inviting us to repentance. They also testify and are witnesses of Jesus Christ to the world. They are servants of God. D&C 1:38.
            We are commanded to follow the prophets and we are lucky enough to be able to hear the word of God from a living prophet today every six months in General Conference. Additionally, the technology we have today allows us to read, listen to, or watch General Conference talks from 1971 until today anytime that we want to on
            My favorite part of General Conference is how it can touch everyone individually. No matter who you are, there is something for you to get out of listening to our prophets and apostles, whether you’re old or young, parent or child, man or woman. Prophets receive revelation for the whole world, not just members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
           The most recent revelation by a prophet that touched my life in a big was was announced by President Monson in the Oct 2012 Conference. He announced that I could serve a mission at the age of nineteen rather than waiting until I turned 21. This came at a time when I had been trying to decide what direction to take in my life. It seemed to be an answer to my prayers at the time. In fact, I had told a friend of mine just 2 weeks before that I would definitely go on a mission if I could've gone when I was 19. I turned 19 just a month after and a few weeks later I received my own revelation that this is what I should do. It seems a lot like Elder Bednar's description of stepping into the cloudiness, but I have faith that I will be directed as I act on my answer.

I know that all the things I have said are true. President Monson is a true, living prophet of God today. Joseph Smith was also a prophet and he did restore the fulness of the gospel of Christ to the world. I know that the Church is true.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

And because I'm leaving, I want to keep in touch! My addresses will be kept up to date in the new 'Write Me!' tab at the top of this blog, and also on the sidebar. On top of that, I will keep you all in touch with the things that I will be doing. The easiest way to receive these updates is to go over to the right side of the page and find where you can add your email address. By doing that, you will receive email updates every week! So take a minute to do that!
Okay great! I hope you added your email! Now I just have to pack and I'll be ready to go! 


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