Thursday, June 13, 2013

Finally, P Day

Dear Friends and Family,

I have so much to say! My flight was good, I sat by a ton of missionaries though. Didn't even get to practice my skills. Ha ha! We landed in Atlanta and had to run to the next flight because it was boarding by the time we landed. So there were, like, 10 missionaries sprinting through the Atlanta airport. That must've been a funny sight!

We made it to Indiana fine though, with all of us. Miracle! President Collins and his wife were waiting at the airport and we all grabbed our luggage. Mine was easy to spot, bright blue suitcases! Then we went over to the mission office so they could get some of our information. Afterward, we went to a stake center and had dinner with all of us and a welcome testimony meeting. The sisters ended up spending the night in the mission home and the elders went to other missionary apartments in the area. It was a big sleepover with almost 20 girls! Wow! Showering was an adventure.

In the morning we had transfer meeting. It was President and Sister Collins' last one because President and Sister Cleveland are taking over. And the mission is splitting! Big changes! I was sitting there waiting to be called, because wherever I went for my first area determined if I would stay in Indiana or be in Ohio. I was the first called from the new group and I was called to Warsaw, Indiana! (It's in the South Bend Zone, there aren't sisters in South Bend though. Tell Slabaugh) It's so strange here, it's almost like Utah because there are churches ALL OVER. Literally. ALL OVER. But they aren't our churches, haha, just a bunch of different kinds. And everyone here is religious. They're all pretty active too. So it's hard to talk to people, since they all have their own beliefs already. There are lots of country roads all over, lots of cornfields. I love the farmhouses, they are beautiful! And there are a ton of lakes in this area. So there are big, pretty lakehouses too!

My "mom" or trainer is Sister Alyssa Wahlin. She's 24, graduated from USU in engineering. She doesn't look any older than me though. She's been here a year now and I'm her second "daughter". We are in the same apartment with Sis. Bambrough from the MTC and Sis O'Brien. They are covering half of our area. It's fun!

We currently have one progressing investigator named Sue, we haven't had any lessons with her yet, but we did stop by and see her to invite her to church. She said she'd think about it, but she had an offer from someone to buy a lot of her taxidermy stuff, and she really needs the money. I'm sad, I wish she would've come.

Other than that, we've done a lot of tracting. It's like

"Knock knock." "Who's there?" "The sister missionaries" Except it's not a joke, ha ha! It's kind of scary, but fortunately, everyone here is pretty dang nice. No one's even slammed their door on me! They all even dress like Mormons. I don't even see many tank tops or short shorts or anything! Everyone's pretty conservative.

My address is

Sister Kimberly Francis
334 G Chamberlin Dr.
Warsaw, IN 46580

Love, Sister Kimberly

PS Have fun in Disneyland! Get me something cool! Wish I was there!

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