Monday, June 17, 2013

Tornados = Mosquitos

Dear Friends and Family,

Crazy week! My companion is a Sister Training Leader, which pretty much means that we get to go on splits with all of the girls in two zones. That means ten splits this month! We went on two this week. I was in a city called Peru (yeah! Peru! Almost like South America! No, actually not) and another little city called Wabash. I really liked Wabash, it was the cutest little city. I'm staying in the Indiana mission when the split happens, but both Peru and Wabash are going to be in the Ohio mission.

Last Wednesday there were a bunch of tornado warnings going out. I happened to be in Peru that night, and I heard that the weather was worse in Warsaw, so I guess I'm lucky. It was so cool though! There was SO much lightning! Like there was never a moment of dark, because it kept lightninging and lightninging! It was AWESOME! Unless you're scared of lightning, good thing I'm not I guess! But it got really windy for a minute, but it didn't last too long.

It rained a lot in Warsaw that night and the lightning was closer there so it was a little more scary there. But everyone was fine, and none of the "tornadoes" ever touched the ground. I guess in Wabash they actually had tornado sirens go off. Ah!

But everyone's good. When I was in Wabash, I got to teach a man named Bob who is set to get baptized on June 29. I don't think I'm going to be able to attend his baptism, but it's still exciting! He's 67 and he fought in the Vietnam War. He had a lot of cool stories! He didn't have any teeth at all and he had been smoking for 55 years. He's trying so hard to quit! They already had to push his baptism back a week because he smoked. But it's amazing how much he wants to be baptized!

There are a lot of people here that seem to want to talk to us about the flaws in our beliefs. Not really bible bashing, but people just telling us why it is that we can't have prophets today or tell us about the prophecies of Joseph Smith that never happened or something. It's hard, a lot of people here are really educated about the Bible. One of the people I taught down in Wabash had a Master's in Theology, so he knows a lot, but a lot of these people let their previous knowledge get in the way of them learning more!

We met a Catholic family this week, they were really nice. The mother answered the door and we talked for a little bit and she said her husband had read a little bit about the BOM, we asked if he'd ever read it and she didn't know, so she went to get him and they ended up inviting us in! We went in and he just asked if we had an extra one because he never had read it. So I gave it to him! That was cool! He had a lot of questions about the deeper doctrine of the Church that we don't really fully understand ourselves like about God having a God and how we can become gods. But we also talked a lot about praying to know if it's true and how important that is. So by the end, we committed him to read the BOM and pray to know if it's true. Then we had a prayer! It was cool, I've never said a prayer like the Catholics before, it was different, but we were still able to feel the Spirit!

I still haven't even really met many of my investigators. I was gone when we had an appointment with Sue, and I was sad because we were going to set a baptismal date for her. That didn't end up happening though, and I think we're going to do that this Wednesday! Exciting, huh! She smokes too, she'd have to quit that before she could get baptized. In fact, it seems like everyone in Indiana smokes. Literally. It all reminds me of hotels in Vegas, because I've never smelt this much smoke at one time! Yuck!
We bounced on a bouncy house yesterday. I enjoyed that!
The mosquitos here are CRAZY. And they HURT! In Utah it never hurt when they bit me, just itched after, but it hurts! Yesterday, we had the most amazing thing happen. There were swarms of mosquitos attacking us and we were not having any success talking to anybody, and we were on our way home. We ran into this black lady outside and we said hello and asked what she was doing and she was just like "Praising the Lord!" And we were all like, us too! And she's so excited! She asked if we had anything to give her, and we said we were missionaries that invite people to strengthen their relationships with Christ. So instead of giving her anything, she gave us her name, number, and address. Can you say MIRACLE?

Love, Sister Kimberly

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  1. I love Kim's letters! Something tells me that letters from my boy won't be quite as *informational* Haha