Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Up, Up, and Away

Kimberly is now in the land of the Hoosiers!


She left the MTC really early this morning for a 7:30 a.m. flight with a bunch of others going out on the same flight.  She had a layover in Atlanta for 40 minutes or so, so we were a little worried about them finding their way to the other flight in Atlanta since that is just a big airport with a train to different gates, etc.  If they got lost and had to find their way back, they would have missed the connection.  Apparently they made it!

We are lucky enough to have a neighbor who works for Delta (the airline she flew out on), who was at work at that time and was able to go greet her at the airport and give her a travel treat bag and his phone.  It turned out the lines for the bank of phones was full of missionaries trying to call home, so this was awesome for us to have him there!  Thanks Dwayne!  Instead of having her rushed to call and have a line of anxious missionaries wanting to call home too behind her, we got to talk to her for about 45 min. 

It was early enough that Natalie and Connor had not left for school yet, so they got to talk to her too. 

She sounded great!  She admitted she was a little nervous to go, but excited too.  We got to hear a little more about her companions (she has two).  She loves them both.  She did say there were a few cute Elders too, not that she was looking... lol.  She'll be sad to leave those two companions once she gets assigned to a new "trainer" in IN.  She says they are super awesome and they have a lot of fun together.   
We were worried about her 50 lb limit on the luggage and she squeaked by with one at 46 lbs and the other at 49!.  She better not acquire anything new in 18 months!  She'll have to ditch something if she wants to bring home a Notre Dame hoodie or Indy 500 souvenir.

She was feeling much better and the bug or whatever she had was gone, so she was pretty happy about that. 

She was very thankful for all those who have written to her.  She says it helps her feel connected to those she left behind and she looks forward to more.  She's hoping to have a little more letter writing time herself now that the major classroom training is done so she can write too.

She didn't have much time for running in the MTC, but they did play a lot of four square as a district.  She hadn't played that since elementary school!  They also played volleyball.  She didn't brag about her skills, so I guess that's a indication of how well she did at that.

It was great to hear her voice!  Letters and emails are great, but it's hard to get a feel for what's behind what they aren't saying.  It made me so happy and relieved to hear she sounded happy and ready to serve.  She didn't seem homesick at all, so that's good (or is it?).

She said she had sent a letter and included a camera memory card with pictures on it, so once I get it, I'll post some pictures.

It was a little funny... One sister missionary was assigned to be the "group leader" for the travelling part of the journey.  She was a little frazzled.  About 20 min before boarding, she comes up to Kimberly and asks her where the guy went that gave her the phone and how she was going to give it back to him.  She thought a total stranger had given it to her and then disappeared... lol  No, he just went back to work for a bit so she could talk for a while.  She kept asking Kimberly where they guy was and does she know what he looks like... heck yeah, been hanging out with him for years!  It was cute.

We got a call at 9:30 p.m. from the mission president's wife, Sister Collins.  She made a brief call to all parents to let them know their children arrived safely and gave us some emergency phone numbers and brief info. 

Kimberly's P day will be on Mondays, so we won't hear from her until next Monday.  We won't know where she will be serving or her new address until then.  Until we get that address, any mail can go to the mission home and they will forward it to her.

The Indiana mission is being split and the eastern half of Indiana is being merged into a new Cincinnati Ohio mission.  Kim tells us if her first assignment is in the area that remains with the Indianapolis mission, she will stay in that mission.  If she's assigned to the part that splits off in July, she most likely will go to the new mission.  So I guess we'll wait and see which mission she will be in.  She'd like to stay in the Indiana mission, but I guess it doesn't really matter where you serve, just that you are willing to serve and I'm glad she is.

My good friend Mike is visiting his family in Indiana this week and I talked to him tonight.  He said he ordered up a gorgeous day for her arrival and had plenty of sunshine and beautiful weather.  So Indiana is probably having a great first impression on her!

So glad all went well and happy we got to chat for so long.  It was a great start to the day!

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