Monday, July 22, 2013

Aruba... Jamaica...

Dear Friends and Family,

I got transferred to Kokomo!

(Think... Aruba, Jamaica ooh I wanna take you to Bermuda Bahama come on pretty mama. Key Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go down to the Kokomo...)

5036 S Webster St Apt C
Kokomo, IN 46902

My new companionS are Sister McDowell from Gilbert, AZ. We really bond since I've been to Gilbert. She's been to Seranos, so we get along! Haha! And she loves to run, which is great! I can live with that, I think.

And Sister Newell from Washington state. She was actually called to Belo Horizante Brazil, but she hasn't gotten her visa yet. So you know what that means? We do language study with her every morning. So... I'm pretty much going to be fluent in Portuguese 6 weeks from now. #nobigdeal #itsprettycool

Kokomo is great! We have an investigator who is currently set to be baptized on August 10. As long as she can quit smoking, she will be ready! Betty Hornbuckle, she is so great. I guess they found her just by tracting. That's awesome! Tracting works, I guess. Another investigator we have is Sonja Rohn. I HAVE to tell you this story. Sister Newell and her last companion were tracting a street, just knocking on all the doors, with no success. They were about ready to quit, but they knocked on Sonja's door. She was so excited to see them, she pulled them into her house and was like "You're LDS right??" They were so confused, this never happens. No one knows the term LDS and no one just lets you in like that. She didn't even tell them her name, but went off and grabbed her iPad. She showed them all these pictures of her son. He was on a MISSION! What?? She's not a member. Her ex husband moved to Utah after he married an LDS woman and was converted and as a result so were her children. Her son, Drew, actually came home from the Philippines last week and Sonja has decided to learn the gospel. What an awesome blessing. He's been praying for this for TEN YEARS! I can't imagine how excited he is. He's actually coming to Kokomo later this week and will do a fireside thing with his farewell talk for the family he has here. I'm excited to meet him. He's excited to sit in on a lesson with his mom. It's exciting. I love it. And Sonja is so ready, we asked her to pray about a day that she would want to be baptized. Awesome!

Yesterday, we had church, it was great. We were greeting everyone, especially since Sister McDowell and I are new here and in walks these two people in street clothes. After sacrament we went up to talk to them. Obviously. It turns out Randy was recently baptized (in March) and his fiance Rosie isn't a member. They've been away for a long time, but they are back for now and Rosie wants to take the lessons too! A new investigator was just dropped right into our laps. #talkaboutmiracles The work truly is hastening!

Betty has two dogs, both little ones, but they both jumped up on me and were climbing all over me and I FREAKED out. I promise you, I really am afraid of dogs. Maybe that's why I'm here, everyone and their dog has a dog!

Our AC went out in our apartment. And it was AWFUL. It was so hot and so humid and I just couldn't sleep. Luckily, it was fixed the next day. But it was so hard to live with. We went to study at the church in the morning because it was too hot to focus on anything, especially the gospel.

My new area is great! I love it!
Kim and Sister Bambrough at the Warsaw Fair

Sister Newell, Kim, McDowell in Kokomo, IN

Keep calm and go to the TEMPLE! I wish I could!
No temple in Indiana... yet!
Love, Sister Kim

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  1. I love the excitement I can feel from her, what a great missionary!!! Love her!