Monday, July 29, 2013

Jewish People???

Dear Friends and Family,
Role playing a lesson with Sonja! Sis. Newell drew a realistic picture of her!

Did I tell you about Sonja last week? I'm pretty sure I did. Her son just got home from the Philippines Tacloban Mission and he came here to visit this week. He's really nice, still a little awkward from the mission... But nice! We had a lesson with Sonja and he was able to come and it was great! He really helped with the lesson and I'm sure Sonja loved having him there. While he was here, he also did a fireside for his family that is in this part of the country. It's interesting because none of them are members. He spoke last night and it went really well. He gave a few Book of Mormons to them and I'm excited! They don't really all live in Kokomo, so if they do get taught, I won't be the one teaching them unless they actually do live here. But I'm excited! He's still so focused on missionary work, it's so funny. When he prayed, he prayed that "the sisters would get lots of referrals and teach many people" which is great! Something we need! It's just also funny. We are preparing Sonja to be baptized on August 17! That's so soon! I'm excited, she loves to learn about the gospel.
The missionaries in our ward with Elder Drew Richmond, Sonja's son the RM. Just got home from the Philippines a few weeks ago. He's going to UVU for school when he goes back to Utah

We also have Betty Hornbuckle getting baptized on August 10, two baptisms in a row! It's awesome! She is so ready. She quit smoking almost a week and a half ago and she is still going strong! We are so excited for her and the progress she's made. We call her every day to make sure she's still doing well and she's always just so happy. She's glowing! And she's so proud of herself. She's been smoking for 50 years and she was just able to quit cold turkey. She knows that Christ is helping her!

I met another investigator in this area for the first time. Her name is Cheryl. She's a very interesting lady. She's pretty much a hippie. She's awesome, and she really really loves people. She hasn't come to church or read the Book of Mormon though, I guess she just doesn't like the idea of organized religion. After we taught her, she brought out a little "angel harp" that she uses when she gives people massages (that's her job) but she let us play it! It was fun! She has some really interesting experiences, it's fun to listen to her.

The investigator that just showed up to church last week isn't working out like we had hoped. She is still meeting with us, but we aren't sure if she's meeting with us for the right reasons. Her and her fiance lie a lot about their lives and we aren't sure what the truth is. So we're just holding out to see what happens.

Bob is a great guy! He is an investigator with a few family issues. He wants so badly to follow Christ! But he just isn't willing to make commitment. He hasn't come to church yet, but he reads the Bible and the Book of Mormon every night. He wants to strengthen his faith, that's all he wants. I wish he would come to church, because that's the best place to strengthen faith! He's awesome though, he has this long handlebar mustache and everything. It's awesome.

We got three new investigators this week! We have appointments with each of them coming up and I'm so excited! I love it when we go finding and we actually FIND people!
Kimberly Drive! Love it!

The other day, this lady saw us walking down the street and she came up to us and asked if we were in school. We told her we aren't currently, we were missionaries. But then she went on and on about how we reminded her of Charlie's Angels. I've never actually seen Charlie's Angels, but she said it over and over... And she was talking about Elvis and Farrah Fawcett.... It was a strange conversation, I didn't really know how to respond to her.

Oh! We were knocking on doors a couple days ago and this one man answered the door. It was my turn to start, so I heard the door open and this man looks at us and gives us the WEIRDEST look as if we were aliens on his doorstep. So I told him who we were and asked if he had faith in Christ and he said "No. My people are the people who put Him on the cross. Without my people, your people wouldn't be able to celebrate Christmas." And he shut the door. We all walked away and laughed, it was just the strangest experience! We think maybe he's Jewish... We aren't really sure though.
Thanks for all the letters and emails!  I love hearing from you!
Love,  Sister Kim

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