Monday, July 1, 2013

The Taste of Dryer Sheets!

Dear Friends and Family,

It's been a good week. A lot better, actually, than last week because we actually got to spend time in our area!

We found a new investigator, we're going to see her tonight. She's not super solid, and she said she'd have to ask her dad what he thought cause he's her preacher or something so.... We aren't really sure if that's going to happen. Her name is Amanda though, and she's really nice! She has at least one teenage daughter, but she looks pretty young.

It's been raining a LOT here. I think every night. I don't know why. Last year they had a drought, so maybe it's just making up for the lack of water last year? The corn is getting pretty tall though! My umbrella broke yesterday! I was just carrying it, and swinging it around, and the umbrella part came off the stick! How does that even happen? I'm sad, it was a cute umbrella. I kind of want a yellow one though (hint... hint...)

I'm still scared of the dogs, I don't really know if that'll go away. Ever. I mean, I've been here around hundreds of dogs, and I still get nervous around them. (So maybe try not to get too attached to this one. Just sayin')

Lots of changes this week! We got a new mission president. President Cleveland. We haven't met him yet, we get to do that tomorrow and I'm SUPER excited! Our mission also split, so every single one of the girls that I've exchanged with so far are no longer in my mission and I won't get to see them again.

On an exchange last week, Sister Farr and I were in Huntington and we found this guy. He was sitting on his porch smoking. I secretly like that, because it gets people outside and it's a lot easier to talk to them that way rather than knocking on their doors. You know? Anyway, he was smoking and they just had a return appointment with him yesterday and she let me know that it went REALLY well and that he was super prepared. Ah! I hope he and his family will get baptized! I don't know if I'd ever hear about it though, because they're now in the Ohio Mission. That's sad, but he was awesome.

We haven't had contact with any of our investigators really. They are all either out of town or busy with family in town. We're hoping we'll be able to contact them all after the 4th, it's just hard because it's the summer and everyone is taking time off from everything. Which is great, but the gospel is better! We did see one investigator named Chris. She's a single mom, her son is 2 and she works a lot and she's really really busy. We have a hard time visiting with her, which makes it hard to teach. It was awesome though, because we took a member with us and they got along so well. The member invited her to have dinner with her and us on Wednesday night. She cancels appointments a lot, but we're hoping she will actually make this one and we'll actually get to MOVE FORWARD with our teaching. I feel like she would really grasp the gospel if we could just teach it to her!

Yesterday, we met this man named Justin. He had the most incredible story. He wasn't exactly a very good guy before. But about a year ago he got run over by a tractor (do not ask me how that happens, he didn't tell us and I have no idea). He said he died a few times in the hospital and every doctor he has talked to says he shouldn't be alive. How amazing! What's even cooler is he had read the Book of Mormon before his accident and while he was in the hospital thinking he was going to die he thought of the story of Alma the younger and how he was a bad guy and then he felt so horrible and he completely turned his life around. How awesome! The thing is, he isn't really interested in learning about our church. I don't know why, I think if I had that experience with the Book of Mormon, I would want to at least give it a chance. But we'll figure it out.

Yesterday at church, we had a less active couple come to church. My companion has been here since February and has never seen them there. They fed us and we taught them on Saturday night, so maybe that had something to do with it. Oh! I spoke in church yesterday! About missionary work. Our ward, I guess, does a "missionary Sunday" every 5th Sunday of the month. It went well. There was probably 1/3 of the amount of people that were at my farewell there. So it definitely wasn't as intimidating.

There are 4 sister missionaries in Warsaw and we all share an apartment. One of the other sisters is Sister Bambrough, one of my MTC companions. She got a package from her sister in Ohio the other day with the most delicious foods in it. So we were all excited, there were these cake cookies in there, some of my favorites. So we all ate them and they tasted like dryer sheets! It was GROSS. She put dryer sheets in the package because they help with mosquitoes. Too bad they also made every delicious candy and cookie in there taste like them. I wouldn't suggest trying it, it was gross and the taste just got stuck in the back of my throat. Ew. Don't worry, we'll make some more though!
 This is what Indiana looks like. These clouds are the closest we get to mountains here.

Sister Wahlin is standing in an ankle deep puddle in the rain!


Love,  Sister Kim

I forgot. On our way to zone training there's this little town called Bremen and they have the cutest little fire hydrants. They're painted like all sorts of people! Like Woody and Buzz Lightyear and Mr. Potato Head and Superman... It's awesome!

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