Monday, July 15, 2013

Transfer #2

Dear Friends and Family

Today is the very first day of my second transfer on the mission! I will be here for 13 transfers, so I'm 1/13 done! Crazy, huh?

It was a good week. We had 2 exchanges to finish the transfer and they went really well. I'm really good at having lessons with people and talking to everyone apparently. A lesson means we talk to someone and teach them a gospel principle and say a prayer at the end. This means we say a lot of prayers on doorsteps and porches and yards. But our average is 4 or 5 and this week we had 9. And all of them were on exchanges. It's fun, cause when we exchange I have to run the area since the other Sister doesn't know anything about the people or the area. It's fun!

We had a lesson earlier this week with Chris again. She's so great. She's sweet and I love her 2 year old son. He's so cute! His name is Clint. Tressa, a lady in the ward that we brought to some lessons with her, invited her to her daughters baptism that was this Sunday after church. They are REALLY good friends now! That's great! I'm sure they would keep in touch whether she gets baptized or not. So she'll always have that connection with the Church. Chris is pretty lonely and loves when we bring people to see her. But anyway, she came to the baptism and it was AWESOME! She hasn't come to church yet, she says it's too early and it's hard to get Clint ready for it. But she came to a baptism! She loved it, she wanted to clap after Maggie was baptized. And then when they confirmed her and she received the gift of the Holy Ghost...  Ah! She loved it! And it was so cool. I was sitting right next to her and the closing song was I Love to See the Temple. She didn't know the song, obviously, but she still was singing it. And I was like, Yes! Chris! You are going to the temple someday! That would be so awesome! But maybe we should get her baptized first...

Otherwise, it's been a pretty slow week. There have been a lot of people not home. It's just ridiculous. I don't like tracting much, but especially when nobody's home.

The last day of transfers the Assistants call the companionships that are being changed. I didn't think anything would change because I'm sill in "training" which lasts 2 transfers. But I was wrong. We got a call... And....

I'm leaving.

I'm really surprised. I thought if anyone was leaving it would be Sis. Wahlin. She's been in this area since February. Four transfers now, but with this next one, it will be five. That's a long time to be in an area!

But nope. It's me. I'm leaving and I have no idea where. I'm a little sad... There are things I wanted to be here for and people I'm really going to miss from the ward. Especially the Ward Mission Leader and his wife, Brother and Sister Haas. But it's okay because I'm also really excited to meet some new people and see a new area!

I'm excited!
Love, Sister Kim  
At the Fair

Sisters with Bro and Sis Openshaw
The Openshaw's are moving to Gilbert AZ so watch for them Shelley!

p.s. I love letters!  ;)  All letters sent to the mission home will be forwarded to my new area. 
Sister Kimberly Francis
Indiana, Indianapolis
1980 E 116th St Ste 200
Carmel, IN 46032


  1. Its your second but looks at the friend you have now. Don't worry God is always with you.

    Keep it up!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your life events and I was enjoy reading it.

    Continue and God Bless .

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