Monday, August 26, 2013

Longest Week of the Mission (Besides the MTC)

Dear Friends and Family,

It's been a long long long long week! We had a ton of meetings this week and we had to push weekly planning to Wednesday. Bleh... It's hard enough to plan for next week on Thursday, by Wednesday it's just gotten started! But then we had District Meeting on Thursday because we had an emergency Zone Meeting on Friday. So, let's start with Thursday... We were told to be at District Meeting in Kokomo at noon, so we were there about 15 minutes early. Of course no one else was there, that's way too early for Elders. So we were just waiting around for a while. As it got closer and closer to 12, we started wondering where they were, but figured they were just running a little late. So at about 12:03 we were talking about calling them to see where they were, but they ended up calling us. To tell us they were late, right? No. They were asking where WE were. Ummmm... we were at the church. Apparently our District Leader FORGOT to tell us that we were meeting in Frankfort this week! In fact, he told us Kokomo when we asked. So we talked for a minute about what we should do, and we decided to drive to Frankfort, about 45 minutes away. So we go out to the car, a little annoyed that we weren't told that Elder Barrio changed where we were meeting... So we are sitting in the hot car typing in the address to the church in Frankfort. I was checking the phone to see if we had it and it started to vibrate! Who was calling? Not our District Leader... It was President Cleveland! At first, I had no idea why he would be calling, but then it clicked.... Sister Newell was waiting for her Visa to go to Brazil. So I told her and held the phone in her direction. I was like, "Sister Newell, it's President, it's probably your Visa!" and she told me to answer it. I did, and as expected, President asked for Sister Newell. It was her Visa! I could only hear half of the conversation, but she started to talk really really loudly at him (yelling :)) saying "President, ARE YOU SERIOUS? YOU BETTER NOT BE KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!" and she told us that when she said all that, he responded, "Sister Newell, do you think I woke up this morning thinking, 'you know, I think I'm going to play a prank on Sister Newell today?'" So we had until today to get her all ready to go! It was a long process, but we dropped her off in Carmel this morning and now, she's on a plane starting her journey to Brazil.

On Friday, we had an emergency Zone Meeting. I'm not quite sure why, I think they just wanted to talk to District Leaders, but oh well. We went. It was pretty short... We still don't have iPads... But we were given the opportunity to go blitz Purdue campus after! So I was excited... All I really want is to be a campus missionary! So after lunch we drove around campus trying to find somewhere to park. I already knew it would be hard, but there really was NOWHERE to park! None! Anywhere! And driving around campuses makes me nervous with all the people walking in the middle of the road and people riding bikes... So needless to say, we drove around Purdue for 20 minutes and decided to leave because we were wasting all our miles and our time. So we went home. And I'm pretty bummed about it, but I will live, I guess...

And then spent Saturday making sure Sister Newell was packed. It was almost like P day without the emailing because we went to the store and the post office and all did our laundry... It was weird to do that on Saturday, but it's all good. So Sister Newell got all ready to go.

Then yesterday, we had a miracle happen! We got a new Ward Mission Leader! And I am so excited about him! He has so many plans and goals and he is being super proactive about getting this ward involved in missionary work... So of course this happened the day of transfer calls and... I'm getting transferred. Can you believe that? It's okay, Kokomo will go on without me, I suppose. And I'm excited to get a new companion and see a new area. It'll be fun! I'm a little nervous, but it'll be fun! I'm NOT training though, as far as I know. Nor am I speaking Spanish, but it's all good! I'm excited! Transfers are always exciting. I will let you know what happens next week!
Love, Sister Kimberly

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