Monday, August 5, 2013


Dear Friends and Family,

This week was really short. That's so strange as a missionary! We found a new investigator on Tuesday. We haven't met him since, but we will soon. Maybe tomorrow. A lot of our appointments got cancelled this week, and that's always a bummer. We did teach Betty, our investigator that's getting baptized THIS WEEK! We found the baptismal font with her (we didn't know where it was, our church is different than the regular layout). But it's all good, we found it and planned her service with all the talks and everything. Then yesterday we got her a jumper to wear! We are getting so excited.

We taught Sonja a couple times too. Her son went back to Utah a few days ago. She's so excited to get baptized. We're working for August 17 with her. She's so excited, but we have to teach it all really fast AND make sure she is understanding and living it and really converting. She had some concerns about the Word of Wisdom a few days ago. She just doesn't understand why tea isn't allowed. We told her that sometimes we don't know why things are a commandment, but we have to have faith to try it out. She didn't like that answer much, but at the end of the lesson I shared D&C 89:18-21, the blessings of living the Word of Wisdom. Especially verse 21. It talks about how if you live the WoW then the destroying angel will pass you by. She liked that, the Spirit works in amazing ways! Then we taught her last night as well, and she is totally willing to give up tea. Which is great! I know it will really bless her. I love Sonja so much! She is just a miracle. She just might be my Kokomo Miracle! Haha!

I promise you I am really flying this kite! I mean... I'm not the one that got it off the ground, but.... I am flying it. It is actually in the air! #Miracle #blessingsofbeingamissionary
Yeah.... My kite flying skills didn't last very long. Sister McDowell actually got the kite in the air and I held it for a while, but.... It fell to the ground.  I am not very good at flying kites!

We had interviews with President Cleveland on Friday, which was awesome. He took each of us in individually and asked about us. Just regular questions like how long have I been out, what's my family like... All that. He mentioned a few really interesting things though. He asked if I was disappointed when I got called to Indiana. I told him I wasn't, and then I was, and then I wasn't. That's pretty much how it went. And he asked if it's cause I wanted to learn a language. I told him yeah! Cause I did, I still do! And he was like "it's never too late. We could transfer you to a Spanish branch." And I've been thinking about that. Currently, our mission doesn't have any Spanish sisters, but it's possible they could start calling some. It would be really cool to learn Spanish. It would be SO hard to start here, in the field, but I would love it anyway! I don't know if it will happen, if he was being serious or not, but I secretly love the idea! He also was talking about how there are 9 sisters coming out this next transfer, which means I'd have a lot of opportunity to train. That's something I really REALLY want to do. I want to train so bad, so I leaned over a little bit and said, "President... I would LOVE to train" and he responded with "I know. It might not be in Kokomo, but you'll have an opportunity sometime." Maybe that means I'm training next transfer! Maybe not. We'll see, but I would love to! If I wasn't in Kokomo, though, you know what that would mean? Double transfer. Which means that two new missionaries are being put into an area. That would be hard to do, but Sister Wahlin did it twice, I think, and she loved it. It was hard work, she said, but it was so much fun! I don't know if that'll happen now or soon or... I don't know. But it might!
President Cleveland is the He has so much vision for our mission. Getting members involved and everything. It's awesome to see the things he's working on!

We also taught an investigator here, Sister Murphy. I don't know if I've said anything about her, but she's older and has some memory problems. She's been taught the Restoration a lot of times and she doesn't remember everything. She remembers about Joseph Smith, but that makes her feel like we worship him. And we don't! He was a great guy, but we don't worship him. But anyway, we went in to teach her, and we've decided to just teach really slowly, so maybe she will grasp what we teach. So we taught the first principle in the Plan of Salvation, which is the Pre-Earth Life. So we talked about how we lived in heaven with God before we came to Earth and she was so shocked about that. We showed her in Jeremiah 1:5 and since she believes the Bible, that's all she needed. She went on and on about how she had never heard that before and she's read the Bible 5 or 6 times and she's never noticed that. She was so happy, that's one thing about being a missionary that is awesome. Teaching people things that bring them closer to Christ! I hope she starts progressing, because Sister Murphy is awesome.

This photo file was suspiciously name "Sam"... 
I wonder why Elder Sam Barker???

And can you send me grandma's jello cake recipe? This member made us jello cake and I told my comps that it was delicious and then it was different than what I thought and now I look like I have weird taste... But I don't, she just made it different. It was all warm and soggy and ENTIRELY pink and she had normal frosting on it... It was not like grandma's at all...

Love, Sister Kim

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