Monday, August 12, 2013

Rough Week ... Light at the End of the Tunnel

Dear Friends and Family,

We had such a crazy week. Lots and lots and lots of people stood us up and dropped us. It was just one thing after another. Even the members seemed to not be our friends anymore! I don't know what's up, but this ward really needs to get into missionary work. They need to Catch the Wave!
What missionaries do in their spare time (aka dinner time):


But we were still able to get some things done, so that's good.
We taught Angie Williams this week, she is an "eternigator" or eternal investigator. And she is so great. She's had missionaries coming over on and off for over 2 years now and she KNOWS the Church is true. She knows it, but she says she doesn't want to take her daughters away from the Church they love. Her daughters are 10 and 12 and she keeps saying that she needs to step up and be in charge, but she can't bring herself to doing it. I don't fully understand it, but we taught her about how she needs to trust in the Lord and do what He knows and she knows she needs to do. It's frustrating. She said she would come to church this Sunday, but she didn't show up. We want to teach her about Family Home Evening so she can get her daughters a little more involved and teach them about what she knows to be true. If we can get an appointment with her!


We had dinner and a lesson at Jenna's house with Sonja. That's something we are trying to do more and more and get investigators to member's homes. It went really well! She had a big yellow lab that kept eating my shoes though, which isn't good, it was freaking me out. But it all worked out and I didn't lose my foot, so... That's good news! Sonja is still set to be baptized this Saturday, the 17th of August and we are so excited. So is she!

Something else we're trying to do is visit each of the members in our ward and teach them a quick lesson. I'm excited about this, because we are going to start inviting them all to do missionary work too. Because missionary work doesn't work without the members too! It's not just the full time missionaries' job! We only saw one member this last week, but that's something we're making plans to do.

We had a zone meeting too, that I played piano at! It was a little nerve wracking and I am so rusty! But it turned out okay. Not perfect, but not bad either. And we talked about our baptismal goal for the rest of the year. Pres. Collins had us do monthly baptismal goals, but Pres. Cleveland is having us do quarterly goals now to help increase our faith while also being able to see the vision that the Lord has for our areas. Our zone is planning to have 38 baptisms by the end of the year. This is huge because our zone has never had more than about 30 baptisms PER YEAR! But it'll happen and it's awesome!

Sister Betty Hornbuckle got baptized on Saturday! She is awesome and she was so excited. She loved the service, she felt so special because so many people showed up and congratulated her. I will send pictures later. But it was so cool! I didn't teach her much, when I got here all we taught was commandments, but she is still such a different person from the first time I met her. She is so happy and open and GLOWING! I love it!
       Love, Sister Kim
Kim with her trainer "Moms"
See if you can identify the "cartoon" character on
Kim's band aids...
lol... Vicki and Shaury should get this one right off!
HINT:  She's just "happy, happy, happy" to use them.

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