Monday, August 19, 2013

The Fruits of Our Labors

Dear Friends and Family,


I lost my planner last night.

Which means I don't really know what happened all week long.

Lucky you, I keep my journal updated EVERY. NIGHT. Now that's an accomplishment, especially for a missionary. So I had to bring my journal to write you... Otherwise my letter wouldn't really say anything. It's weird being without a planner, I feel like half a person. I don't know what's going on all day... It's like I'm half missing. Lucky me, a man called us and said he found it. We're going to go pick it up today, it just might be a little awkward because we tracted this street and it just might be a man that told us he was not that interested.... Acca-Awkward. (Pitch Perfect...)

Anyways... This week we went over to help a member of our ward get ready to go pick up her daughter from the airport. She just came home from her mission, she's only been gone since February, but she's been having some pretty severe medical problems. They didn't know she was going to have to come home until just a few days before, so her mom was scrambling to get everything ready. So we helped with that!

We found a new investigator (hopefully) named Michael, and his wife's name is Ashley. We only met Michael, but he was so nice and really interested in learning what we believe. He says he can't promise that he'll want to get baptized, but we'll let the Spirit take care of that! We have a lesson with him tomorrow, I really hope it goes well! It's interesting, he told us they're kind of thinking about moving out to Utah soon anyways... They need to be Mormon is pretty much what I'm saying ;)

We had a member of The Seventy come this week! We had a big mission-wide conference. Those are really rare, we almost never see the whole mission together. On Wednesday, there were 225 missionaries at the meeting with Elder Switzer. It was so good! I was kind of secretly hoping for iPads... I mean how often does a member of the Seventy come? But.... No... No iPads.... Yet.... I will NOT give up hope! That would be such a great missionary tool!

We went to a little town in our area called Tipton on Friday. We were just a little tired of the scenery in Kokomo, so we decided to take a "vacation" as if that exists in missionary work. We tried a lot of Less Actives in that area, but none of them were really that happy to see us. In fact, we went to see a man that we had never met and his wife came out to the front and we told her we were looking for "Brother Taylor" and she very snottily replied that we should be more specific. We didn't know his first name, but he came from around back and saw us. He was like, "Ahh... The Mormons." And then we asked if he was a member and he said yes. His wife had NO idea... And it turns out he got baptized because his High School girlfriend was Mormon... Yikes... They must've had an interesting talk afterward...

On Saturday we had three convert baptisms in the Kokomo ward! At noon, a couple named Mandy and Alex got baptized. It was awesome to see them be baptized and to be there to support them. They were so happy that their baptism was finally here. Then, later that night, Sonja was baptized! She was soooo happy! I love her, she really is a miracle. I'm so grateful for the chance I got to meet her and I can't even wait until she is able to go through the temple. I hope I can be there for it! That would be so special! Then we had three convert confirmations in sacrament on Sunday. Hopefully that lights a little missionary fire in the ward! Because Kokomo is just ready for the gospel!
Love,  Sister Kim

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