Monday, September 30, 2013

Radiator Springs is in Franklin, IN?

Dear Friends and Family,
Mater is in downtown Franklin. Who knew?

Oops! Kissing on the mission. Scandalous!
I wrote a TON of letters last Monday, I hope some of you are the special people who got one!

So I brought my journal today and now I'm going to be able to remember all the funny things that happened this week, not just the lessons we had!

Last Monday we were driving somewhere about 5 minutes to 6, when P day ends and we pull up at a stop sign behind these two guys in normal clothes riding bikes. I said to Sister Mayberry too bad they weren't Elders. Then they turn around. They were the Elders. THEN we were so upset because they were being "so disobedient" because there was no way they were going to make it back to their apartment to change by 6. Turns out they were going to help someone move! Hahah, whoops!

We started our community service this week helping a lady that prepares food and delivers it to these people that live in Section 8 housing. It's really nice and so cool how she does it. I'm learning how to mass produce food pretty easily. (Hopefully that doesn't mean I'm going to be Girls Camp cook or anything...)

We stopped by a Less Active's house and we talked for a while. She has a newborn baby so of course we talked about how cute she was. Then we asked about her conversion and she says she hasn't been baptized yet! Don't ask me how she's on the ward list as a member, but turns out her husband is a member and she was going to get baptized, but right now he isn't able to baptize her, so she wants to wait until he can. How cool! We accidentally found a potential investigator. I don't know that we'll be able to teach her while I'm here, but hopefully that happens someday!

We ate with a member and her 17 or 18 year old daughter. It was so weird to actually be talking to someone my age-ish who talks about things like Snapchat and Instagram. I almost forgot the "real world" existed! It was kind of nice though, felt like NORMAL for once in a long time!

Oh! We had a lesson with Don and Leah Ann. I don't know if I told you but when we set their baptismal date for November 9, Don asked specifically one of the members would be able to baptize him. So the next lesson we brought that member and right after the prayer Don turned to him and asked specifically if he would baptize him ON NOVEMBER 9! Of course, we could change it if anything happens, but for now it seems pretty solid!

Heidi is still smoking. She watched the Relief Society broadcast on Saturday and now she feels like she could never be like those women that spoke. What she doesn't know is that most members aren't that way! It's so hard because she doesn't ever see anyone outside because she's so bedridden, so whenever she sees members it's either the missionaries or members coming to SERVE her. She doesn't ever see them just being normal. It looks like we're going to have to move her date back. October 19 just doesn't look doable anymore. Hopefully she'll start to get serious about it. It seems like she's been smoking MORE lately...

Last Sunday this lady came up to us after sacrament meeting and told us her daughter-in-law was interested in the Church. She said she was going back to Germany (she lives there because her husband is in the army) soon and she wanted us to come over before she left. So we did! Her daughter-in-law's name is Ina and she's from the Philippines. She married a man in the army and has been living in Germany for a couple years, now she is here and she just had a baby 2 weeks ago. She grew up Catholic and went to church EVERY DAY. Now she wants to find another church and she also wants to learn about her husband's religion. He isn't active, but she really wants a church to take her children to. She's good a speaking English, in fact she knows a bunch of different languages. So we went there and chatted a little bit. But this week we will go back and TEACH her! I'm excited!

A member in the ward cut our hair this week! She did a really good job, and now my hair feels nice and healthy again. Also, her husband made us baked ziti and I love their family! It's so chaotic with lots of fighting. It reminds me of home ;)

Yesterday we committed this family to take a picture with us and post it to Facebook. You know.... Be missionaries using the internet and all. Their 18 year old son comes over to take his picture with us and he totally puts his arm around my shoulder. ACK! That's not allowed! Awkward.... Hahah, it's okay though. We didn't take the picture like that :) It was just funny.
I miss everyone, but I'm loving Indiana.
Love, Sister Kim

Monday, September 23, 2013

All is Well

Dear Friends and Family,

It's been a pretty good week! I guess the first big thing is this service project we did. Our second Sunday here, the stake Relief Society President (who happens to be in our ward) had invited a couple of people from Johnson County Senior Services to come and speak in Relief Society. Sister Mayberry and I happened to be looking for weekly service and we decided that would be a good place to try. So this was a few weeks ago. But we were at Sister Province's house for dinner and she said that they needed help unloading a big truck of food. They were unloading it at a Methodist Community here in town. A Methodist Community. A place where we CAN'T GO normally. So on Wednesday we whipped on our jeans and went there. The head person of the Methodist Community was there, he's probably in his 80s and Kim, the Senior Services person were there. And they were the only ones that were there to help other than us and the Elders in the ward. So we carried HEAVY, HEAVY boxes for about an hour and a half. My arms were jello after that and for the next 4 days, probably. But anyways, it was fun and it was awesome because we got into unreachable territory. Then here's the cool part of the story. Dr. Murphy, the Methodist guy, told Sister Province that he was so grateful for our help. He said that he had only heard horrible things about the Church, but how us missionaries were "angels of mercy" and how he now knows that those horrible things are not true! I am so grateful for that, it was such a cool story! And we never would have known if Sister Province hadn't told us!

We taught Heidi probably close to every day this week. We set a baptismal date with her (this is her third one, so she needs prayers!) But she is definitely progressing! The last couple of days she had read SEVERAL chapters of the Book of Mormon! Not just one. And not even because we told her to! She likes it! And I am so excited. Now all she has to do is stop smoking. Since she's bedridden it would be easy, except her aides keep giving her cigarettes. I don't understand it! But hopefully she will stop soon so she will be ready. And then our biggest challenge will be ACTUALLY baptizing her. It'll be tricky, but we can do it!

Don and Leah Ann have a date too! November 9! I thought it would be a good day... Then they could get confirmed on my birthday? Happy birthday to me! Leah Ann is having a hard time letting go of all the things she was taught growing up, but she is doing such a good job! Both of them are still reading the Book of Mormon a ton! And that's great! I'm so excited! Now they just need to feel the Spirit and gain a testimony of it and they are golden!

Guess what! The Elders have 4 other baptisms scheduled for November 9. If that worked out, that would be sweet!

We went to a baby shower on Saturday. Don't worry, we were still doing missionary work! It was kind of nice to have something DIFFERENT too.

Other than that, it was a pretty slow week. Oh yeah! I did get a sweet surprise in the mail! I will send a picture!

Oh and I got 4 letters in one day. That was so awesome! Keep sending me those! I love to hear from you all!
Love, Sister Kim

Monday, September 16, 2013

I LOVE Franklin!

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been... Eh... Okay...

I still LOVE Franklin! But not every week can be the best week ever, right? 2 Ne 2:11 after all!

We definitely still had a few miracles though! We FINALLY got our mail key for the apartment. We had the Post Office hold the mail, so we went there every day to check it. I'm glad we got that figured out, because I think the Post Office people were getting pretty annoyed at us.

Letters and ice cream = one happy missionary
Heidi read the Book of Mormon! Everyone's been trying to get her to do it for FOREVER! She's what we call an "eternigator" (eternal investigator) and they are always the hardest ones. But you know what we did? We got her to read! She read with her daughter, Lizzie, who was baptized this summer. And she felt like they really bonded! She doesn't have the best relationship with her kids, but she's been reading with Lizzie all week, and I can definitely tell the difference in their home! I love Heidi so much. She's funny, every time she prays in our lessons she always thanks Heavenly Father for sending the Elderettes. She's called us Elderettes since we got here, and I like it! Heidi even admitted that she LIKES to read the Book of Mormon. I'm stoked, it's awesome!

We taught Don and Leah Ann about the Plan of Salvation. Something I hate about teaching that to nonmembers is the fact that the first part, the Pre-Earth Life, is SO NEW. I've never met anyone that has believed that we used to live with God before we came to Earth. So we got stuck on that. And Don and Leah Ann - mostly Leah Ann - are talkers anyways. And so we only got to Pre-Earth Life. The next time we came over, Leah Ann had all these questions about... Polygamy. I think she was looking up online about whether or not we believe in the gift of tongues because she was raised in a break off of Pentecostal, and she read something about Brigham Young speaking in tongues and how he had a ton of WIVES. That's rough. It was hard. And they didn't come to church yesterday. I hope they're still progressing and reading the Book of Mormon...

 They had their grandson there one of the nights though, and he loves missionaries. Don and Leah Ann's son-in-law is a member that is recently returning from being Less Active. They actually have missionaries at their house a lot teaching their older son so he can get baptized. But this little boy, his name is Jonathan, was sad when we were leaving and he asked his mom if he could go to the missionaries house. It was so cute! Too bad we couldn't just take him home!

And yesterday, after church, we found out that since we have two sets of missionaries in Franklin we have to split the area. And this area just does not split very well. In the end we were given a really small area of Franklin and then all of the cities in the outlying areas and out in the country. It's going to be hard, especially with our mile limits. I hope we can make it work. I'm just kind of grumpy that we had to split it. Okay... Really grumpy. But I will get over it!

Writing letters in the car and jamming out to "A Letter Home" on The Work CD while we wait for the Elders! #missionlife

Good thing the Lord always sends tender mercies when things get hard!

Tender mercies of the week:

  • I got 5 letters in one day (my record! Can you beat it?)
  • I got a package with some SPARKLY shoes in it!
  • On Tuesday, we had ice cream for dinner
  • I heard a song by One Direction at the gas station (Let Me Kiss You - it's a good one. I'm a fan)
  • I got to wear jeans when we did service
  • My jeans still fit!
  • We met a religion teacher at Franklin College, he wants us to come talk to his students sometime. Talk about a good way to find people!
Love, Sister Kim

Monday, September 9, 2013


Dear Friends and Family,

There have been tons and tons of miracles this week as Sister Mayberry and I have been trying to get Franklin moving! I am so grateful for them all! I wish I could tell you them all, but it's just so hard! Emailing home as a missionary is kind of stressful, it's like, during the week, all these things happen that you want to tell everyone about, but then days feel like weeks and then you finally get to the library and you can't remember a single thing that happened.

We met a lady named Frances today, when I introduced myself as Sister Francis, she was like "Oh! My  name is Frances too!" Then she talked about how her doctor is a Mormon. Which he is. We hear about that AT LEAST once a day, but usually more. Doctor Province is a 4th generation doctor here and his family is really prominent.

Oh! On Tuesday we started talking to this guy that was outside. He told us his name was Billy Joe Hicks and we talked a little about church and prayer. And he kept talking to us so we started telling him about the Book of Mormon. Sister Mayberry got one out of her bag and told him about it. He was acting a little strange... Going off about unrelated things... But then I smelled it. He was drunk. Sister Mayberry continued and gave it to him anyways. So, we gave a Book of Mormon to a drunk guy. Maybe he'll read it when he's sober!

We got a HQ referral this week! Those are referrals that come to our phone and get texted to us. They come from people who request missionaries on or call to get a free Book of Mormon or from Temple Square. So we went there. It turns out Leah Ann (pronounced Lee Ann) had requested missionaries herself! That's so rare! Her son-in-law is a returning Less Active member and I guess she felt the Spirit when they were talking about it and she wanted to know more. We taught her and her husband, Don, and they have read all the way to Jacob in the Book of Mormon. It's been 5 days since we gave it to them! That is FAST reading! And they came to church yesterday! I have such high hopes for these people! Leah Ann's dad was a Pentecost minister, so she tells us about that a lot. It's interesting. Pentecosts really focus on the Holy Ghost, but it's awesome because she is really in tune with the Spirit!

Heidi is doing well. She is struggling with understanding the Book of Mormon and so she never reads it. So we're trying to help her understand. The ward really wants to get into her house and clean it and help her with that. Which would be really really good, because it's kind of a mess and they have a million cats. Hopefully we're able to do that for her.

We went to Edinburg the other day, and we met a Less Active family that lives there. The Cox family is awesome! Brother Cox is Hawaiian and he was so excited to have us over. He invited us in, told us to sit down, relax... He told us all about their family. They all have tattoos, I guess because it's part of the Hawaiian culture. They went through the temple about a year ago, but I guess they just stopped coming to church. Their 18 year old daughter went to EFY last year though, and she definitely felt the Spirit. They all just need their testimonies strengthened! Hopefully we can go back, eat some Hawaiian food, and help them strengthen their testimonies.
Love,  Sister Kim
Sister Mayberry waiting for mail.
Their apartment manager lost the key to their mailbox, so they haven't been able to get mail until the lock gets changed.  Anxious and grumpy missionaries love MAIL!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Franklin, IN: Best Area in the Mission (this transfer)

Dear Friends and Family,

Transfers were on Wednesday! They always make me nervous, but super excited as well. New area, new companion... You know, all that jazz...
"There's more than corn in Indiana... But not much"
So Wednesday FINALLY came and.... I was transferred to Franklin, IN with Sister Mayberry. There were already Elders here, but they added us, so we've been kind of starting from scratch. It's been fun though! I wanted to be double transferred (secretly) because I knew it would help me grow! Also, there wouldn't be any preconceived ideas about the area. And so far, I love it here! The members are all so excited to finally have Sisters! I guess it's been 15 years since there have been any Sisters in this ward. So everyone stepped up and gave us SO. MUCH. FOOD. And we've had dinner appointments every night since we got here. And the members... Oh my goodness, I love the members. They are so missionary minded! It's crazy! When we go to dinner appointments, we've been asking about their missionary opportunities that they've had and they are all so excited to tell us what they've done. We've been committing them to:
  1.  Talk to nonmembers about God and how He loves us
  2. watch the Hastening the Work videos on (you go watch those too) and 
  3. Last night we committed a family to give out two Book of Mormons to friends that they've been sharing with AND pray about when they can invite someone to take the lessons. It's so exciting!
(My challenge for you: go buy a couple copies of the Book of Mormon. Keep them in the car or your purse. If you're ready for it, God will bless you with an opportunity to share it!)

Not a very good picture, sorry! I'll get a good one someday. This is me and Sister Kyla Mayberry. She is from Bellingham Washington

The Elders gave us one of their investigators when we got here that they've been teaching for a while. Her name is Heidi. She's been investigating since February. She has two kids and both of them got baptized recently. Her daughter, Lizzie, had gone to Girls' Camp this summer and during testimony meeting, that's when she knew she needed to be baptized. She is so great, she helped so much with our lesson. She even wants to go on a mission! She's amazing! Her mom, Heidi, has MS though, and can't come to church because of it. That makes me sad because I know she'd be able to feel the Spirit so strong there and she'd definitely have the spiritual confirmation that she needs. She's awesome and SO ready to be baptized. The only reason she hasn't been baptized yet is because she doesn't feel like she's worthy to take upon her the name of Christ. So we are going to work with her. She'll get baptized, I know it!

We also were able to add another investigator to our teaching pool already! Her name is Summer and she is 11 years old. She was one of our Formers that we pulled out and decided to visit. We didn't realize she was so young when we went to her house, but we parked the car in front and read the record and realized she didn't even live there. She's actually one of the members' granddaughter. We decided to meet the member since we were in the area anyway. Who answered the door? Summer! We sat and talked with her and her grandma for a while. Summer has come to church every other Sunday since she was 2. She knows everything! And she wants to be baptized before she turns 12 in November. All she needs is for us to teach her the lessons and she'll be ready! I'm so glad we found her though, it was a miracle that we did! Lots of good stuff happening here! We're excited!
Keep the letters and emails coming!  :) 

Love,  Sister Kim