Monday, September 23, 2013

All is Well

Dear Friends and Family,

It's been a pretty good week! I guess the first big thing is this service project we did. Our second Sunday here, the stake Relief Society President (who happens to be in our ward) had invited a couple of people from Johnson County Senior Services to come and speak in Relief Society. Sister Mayberry and I happened to be looking for weekly service and we decided that would be a good place to try. So this was a few weeks ago. But we were at Sister Province's house for dinner and she said that they needed help unloading a big truck of food. They were unloading it at a Methodist Community here in town. A Methodist Community. A place where we CAN'T GO normally. So on Wednesday we whipped on our jeans and went there. The head person of the Methodist Community was there, he's probably in his 80s and Kim, the Senior Services person were there. And they were the only ones that were there to help other than us and the Elders in the ward. So we carried HEAVY, HEAVY boxes for about an hour and a half. My arms were jello after that and for the next 4 days, probably. But anyways, it was fun and it was awesome because we got into unreachable territory. Then here's the cool part of the story. Dr. Murphy, the Methodist guy, told Sister Province that he was so grateful for our help. He said that he had only heard horrible things about the Church, but how us missionaries were "angels of mercy" and how he now knows that those horrible things are not true! I am so grateful for that, it was such a cool story! And we never would have known if Sister Province hadn't told us!

We taught Heidi probably close to every day this week. We set a baptismal date with her (this is her third one, so she needs prayers!) But she is definitely progressing! The last couple of days she had read SEVERAL chapters of the Book of Mormon! Not just one. And not even because we told her to! She likes it! And I am so excited. Now all she has to do is stop smoking. Since she's bedridden it would be easy, except her aides keep giving her cigarettes. I don't understand it! But hopefully she will stop soon so she will be ready. And then our biggest challenge will be ACTUALLY baptizing her. It'll be tricky, but we can do it!

Don and Leah Ann have a date too! November 9! I thought it would be a good day... Then they could get confirmed on my birthday? Happy birthday to me! Leah Ann is having a hard time letting go of all the things she was taught growing up, but she is doing such a good job! Both of them are still reading the Book of Mormon a ton! And that's great! I'm so excited! Now they just need to feel the Spirit and gain a testimony of it and they are golden!

Guess what! The Elders have 4 other baptisms scheduled for November 9. If that worked out, that would be sweet!

We went to a baby shower on Saturday. Don't worry, we were still doing missionary work! It was kind of nice to have something DIFFERENT too.

Other than that, it was a pretty slow week. Oh yeah! I did get a sweet surprise in the mail! I will send a picture!

Oh and I got 4 letters in one day. That was so awesome! Keep sending me those! I love to hear from you all!
Love, Sister Kim

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