Monday, September 9, 2013


Dear Friends and Family,

There have been tons and tons of miracles this week as Sister Mayberry and I have been trying to get Franklin moving! I am so grateful for them all! I wish I could tell you them all, but it's just so hard! Emailing home as a missionary is kind of stressful, it's like, during the week, all these things happen that you want to tell everyone about, but then days feel like weeks and then you finally get to the library and you can't remember a single thing that happened.

We met a lady named Frances today, when I introduced myself as Sister Francis, she was like "Oh! My  name is Frances too!" Then she talked about how her doctor is a Mormon. Which he is. We hear about that AT LEAST once a day, but usually more. Doctor Province is a 4th generation doctor here and his family is really prominent.

Oh! On Tuesday we started talking to this guy that was outside. He told us his name was Billy Joe Hicks and we talked a little about church and prayer. And he kept talking to us so we started telling him about the Book of Mormon. Sister Mayberry got one out of her bag and told him about it. He was acting a little strange... Going off about unrelated things... But then I smelled it. He was drunk. Sister Mayberry continued and gave it to him anyways. So, we gave a Book of Mormon to a drunk guy. Maybe he'll read it when he's sober!

We got a HQ referral this week! Those are referrals that come to our phone and get texted to us. They come from people who request missionaries on or call to get a free Book of Mormon or from Temple Square. So we went there. It turns out Leah Ann (pronounced Lee Ann) had requested missionaries herself! That's so rare! Her son-in-law is a returning Less Active member and I guess she felt the Spirit when they were talking about it and she wanted to know more. We taught her and her husband, Don, and they have read all the way to Jacob in the Book of Mormon. It's been 5 days since we gave it to them! That is FAST reading! And they came to church yesterday! I have such high hopes for these people! Leah Ann's dad was a Pentecost minister, so she tells us about that a lot. It's interesting. Pentecosts really focus on the Holy Ghost, but it's awesome because she is really in tune with the Spirit!

Heidi is doing well. She is struggling with understanding the Book of Mormon and so she never reads it. So we're trying to help her understand. The ward really wants to get into her house and clean it and help her with that. Which would be really really good, because it's kind of a mess and they have a million cats. Hopefully we're able to do that for her.

We went to Edinburg the other day, and we met a Less Active family that lives there. The Cox family is awesome! Brother Cox is Hawaiian and he was so excited to have us over. He invited us in, told us to sit down, relax... He told us all about their family. They all have tattoos, I guess because it's part of the Hawaiian culture. They went through the temple about a year ago, but I guess they just stopped coming to church. Their 18 year old daughter went to EFY last year though, and she definitely felt the Spirit. They all just need their testimonies strengthened! Hopefully we can go back, eat some Hawaiian food, and help them strengthen their testimonies.
Love,  Sister Kim
Sister Mayberry waiting for mail.
Their apartment manager lost the key to their mailbox, so they haven't been able to get mail until the lock gets changed.  Anxious and grumpy missionaries love MAIL!

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