Monday, September 16, 2013

I LOVE Franklin!

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been... Eh... Okay...

I still LOVE Franklin! But not every week can be the best week ever, right? 2 Ne 2:11 after all!

We definitely still had a few miracles though! We FINALLY got our mail key for the apartment. We had the Post Office hold the mail, so we went there every day to check it. I'm glad we got that figured out, because I think the Post Office people were getting pretty annoyed at us.

Letters and ice cream = one happy missionary
Heidi read the Book of Mormon! Everyone's been trying to get her to do it for FOREVER! She's what we call an "eternigator" (eternal investigator) and they are always the hardest ones. But you know what we did? We got her to read! She read with her daughter, Lizzie, who was baptized this summer. And she felt like they really bonded! She doesn't have the best relationship with her kids, but she's been reading with Lizzie all week, and I can definitely tell the difference in their home! I love Heidi so much. She's funny, every time she prays in our lessons she always thanks Heavenly Father for sending the Elderettes. She's called us Elderettes since we got here, and I like it! Heidi even admitted that she LIKES to read the Book of Mormon. I'm stoked, it's awesome!

We taught Don and Leah Ann about the Plan of Salvation. Something I hate about teaching that to nonmembers is the fact that the first part, the Pre-Earth Life, is SO NEW. I've never met anyone that has believed that we used to live with God before we came to Earth. So we got stuck on that. And Don and Leah Ann - mostly Leah Ann - are talkers anyways. And so we only got to Pre-Earth Life. The next time we came over, Leah Ann had all these questions about... Polygamy. I think she was looking up online about whether or not we believe in the gift of tongues because she was raised in a break off of Pentecostal, and she read something about Brigham Young speaking in tongues and how he had a ton of WIVES. That's rough. It was hard. And they didn't come to church yesterday. I hope they're still progressing and reading the Book of Mormon...

 They had their grandson there one of the nights though, and he loves missionaries. Don and Leah Ann's son-in-law is a member that is recently returning from being Less Active. They actually have missionaries at their house a lot teaching their older son so he can get baptized. But this little boy, his name is Jonathan, was sad when we were leaving and he asked his mom if he could go to the missionaries house. It was so cute! Too bad we couldn't just take him home!

And yesterday, after church, we found out that since we have two sets of missionaries in Franklin we have to split the area. And this area just does not split very well. In the end we were given a really small area of Franklin and then all of the cities in the outlying areas and out in the country. It's going to be hard, especially with our mile limits. I hope we can make it work. I'm just kind of grumpy that we had to split it. Okay... Really grumpy. But I will get over it!

Writing letters in the car and jamming out to "A Letter Home" on The Work CD while we wait for the Elders! #missionlife

Good thing the Lord always sends tender mercies when things get hard!

Tender mercies of the week:

  • I got 5 letters in one day (my record! Can you beat it?)
  • I got a package with some SPARKLY shoes in it!
  • On Tuesday, we had ice cream for dinner
  • I heard a song by One Direction at the gas station (Let Me Kiss You - it's a good one. I'm a fan)
  • I got to wear jeans when we did service
  • My jeans still fit!
  • We met a religion teacher at Franklin College, he wants us to come talk to his students sometime. Talk about a good way to find people!
Love, Sister Kim

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