Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Franklin, IN: Best Area in the Mission (this transfer)

Dear Friends and Family,

Transfers were on Wednesday! They always make me nervous, but super excited as well. New area, new companion... You know, all that jazz...
"There's more than corn in Indiana... But not much"
So Wednesday FINALLY came and.... I was transferred to Franklin, IN with Sister Mayberry. There were already Elders here, but they added us, so we've been kind of starting from scratch. It's been fun though! I wanted to be double transferred (secretly) because I knew it would help me grow! Also, there wouldn't be any preconceived ideas about the area. And so far, I love it here! The members are all so excited to finally have Sisters! I guess it's been 15 years since there have been any Sisters in this ward. So everyone stepped up and gave us SO. MUCH. FOOD. And we've had dinner appointments every night since we got here. And the members... Oh my goodness, I love the members. They are so missionary minded! It's crazy! When we go to dinner appointments, we've been asking about their missionary opportunities that they've had and they are all so excited to tell us what they've done. We've been committing them to:
  1.  Talk to nonmembers about God and how He loves us
  2. watch the Hastening the Work videos on lds.org (you go watch those too) and 
  3. Last night we committed a family to give out two Book of Mormons to friends that they've been sharing with AND pray about when they can invite someone to take the lessons. It's so exciting!
(My challenge for you: go buy a couple copies of the Book of Mormon. Keep them in the car or your purse. If you're ready for it, God will bless you with an opportunity to share it!)

Not a very good picture, sorry! I'll get a good one someday. This is me and Sister Kyla Mayberry. She is from Bellingham Washington

The Elders gave us one of their investigators when we got here that they've been teaching for a while. Her name is Heidi. She's been investigating since February. She has two kids and both of them got baptized recently. Her daughter, Lizzie, had gone to Girls' Camp this summer and during testimony meeting, that's when she knew she needed to be baptized. She is so great, she helped so much with our lesson. She even wants to go on a mission! She's amazing! Her mom, Heidi, has MS though, and can't come to church because of it. That makes me sad because I know she'd be able to feel the Spirit so strong there and she'd definitely have the spiritual confirmation that she needs. She's awesome and SO ready to be baptized. The only reason she hasn't been baptized yet is because she doesn't feel like she's worthy to take upon her the name of Christ. So we are going to work with her. She'll get baptized, I know it!

We also were able to add another investigator to our teaching pool already! Her name is Summer and she is 11 years old. She was one of our Formers that we pulled out and decided to visit. We didn't realize she was so young when we went to her house, but we parked the car in front and read the record and realized she didn't even live there. She's actually one of the members' granddaughter. We decided to meet the member since we were in the area anyway. Who answered the door? Summer! We sat and talked with her and her grandma for a while. Summer has come to church every other Sunday since she was 2. She knows everything! And she wants to be baptized before she turns 12 in November. All she needs is for us to teach her the lessons and she'll be ready! I'm so glad we found her though, it was a miracle that we did! Lots of good stuff happening here! We're excited!
Keep the letters and emails coming!  :) 

Love,  Sister Kim

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