Monday, September 30, 2013

Radiator Springs is in Franklin, IN?

Dear Friends and Family,
Mater is in downtown Franklin. Who knew?

Oops! Kissing on the mission. Scandalous!
I wrote a TON of letters last Monday, I hope some of you are the special people who got one!

So I brought my journal today and now I'm going to be able to remember all the funny things that happened this week, not just the lessons we had!

Last Monday we were driving somewhere about 5 minutes to 6, when P day ends and we pull up at a stop sign behind these two guys in normal clothes riding bikes. I said to Sister Mayberry too bad they weren't Elders. Then they turn around. They were the Elders. THEN we were so upset because they were being "so disobedient" because there was no way they were going to make it back to their apartment to change by 6. Turns out they were going to help someone move! Hahah, whoops!

We started our community service this week helping a lady that prepares food and delivers it to these people that live in Section 8 housing. It's really nice and so cool how she does it. I'm learning how to mass produce food pretty easily. (Hopefully that doesn't mean I'm going to be Girls Camp cook or anything...)

We stopped by a Less Active's house and we talked for a while. She has a newborn baby so of course we talked about how cute she was. Then we asked about her conversion and she says she hasn't been baptized yet! Don't ask me how she's on the ward list as a member, but turns out her husband is a member and she was going to get baptized, but right now he isn't able to baptize her, so she wants to wait until he can. How cool! We accidentally found a potential investigator. I don't know that we'll be able to teach her while I'm here, but hopefully that happens someday!

We ate with a member and her 17 or 18 year old daughter. It was so weird to actually be talking to someone my age-ish who talks about things like Snapchat and Instagram. I almost forgot the "real world" existed! It was kind of nice though, felt like NORMAL for once in a long time!

Oh! We had a lesson with Don and Leah Ann. I don't know if I told you but when we set their baptismal date for November 9, Don asked specifically one of the members would be able to baptize him. So the next lesson we brought that member and right after the prayer Don turned to him and asked specifically if he would baptize him ON NOVEMBER 9! Of course, we could change it if anything happens, but for now it seems pretty solid!

Heidi is still smoking. She watched the Relief Society broadcast on Saturday and now she feels like she could never be like those women that spoke. What she doesn't know is that most members aren't that way! It's so hard because she doesn't ever see anyone outside because she's so bedridden, so whenever she sees members it's either the missionaries or members coming to SERVE her. She doesn't ever see them just being normal. It looks like we're going to have to move her date back. October 19 just doesn't look doable anymore. Hopefully she'll start to get serious about it. It seems like she's been smoking MORE lately...

Last Sunday this lady came up to us after sacrament meeting and told us her daughter-in-law was interested in the Church. She said she was going back to Germany (she lives there because her husband is in the army) soon and she wanted us to come over before she left. So we did! Her daughter-in-law's name is Ina and she's from the Philippines. She married a man in the army and has been living in Germany for a couple years, now she is here and she just had a baby 2 weeks ago. She grew up Catholic and went to church EVERY DAY. Now she wants to find another church and she also wants to learn about her husband's religion. He isn't active, but she really wants a church to take her children to. She's good a speaking English, in fact she knows a bunch of different languages. So we went there and chatted a little bit. But this week we will go back and TEACH her! I'm excited!

A member in the ward cut our hair this week! She did a really good job, and now my hair feels nice and healthy again. Also, her husband made us baked ziti and I love their family! It's so chaotic with lots of fighting. It reminds me of home ;)

Yesterday we committed this family to take a picture with us and post it to Facebook. You know.... Be missionaries using the internet and all. Their 18 year old son comes over to take his picture with us and he totally puts his arm around my shoulder. ACK! That's not allowed! Awkward.... Hahah, it's okay though. We didn't take the picture like that :) It was just funny.
I miss everyone, but I'm loving Indiana.
Love, Sister Kim

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