Monday, October 28, 2013

I see London, I see France-s

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was slow, but we did a lot of fun things, so I guess it evens out!  As for the Subject line:  Sister London and Sister France (is)... ha ha.

Last Monday evening we went over to a family's house for dinner and they invited us to stay for their Family Home Evening that they do with their kids and grandkids every other week. So we stayed and they were carving pumpkins! It was so fun! We didn't have any patterns or anything, I guess they don't do that. But I wanted to do a Mickey Mouse, so I just tried to draw it myself. It wasn't perfect, but at least it kind of looked like it! And lucky me, Sister London loves loves loves to gutt pumpkins, so I didn't even have to touch it at all! I just got to do the fun carving part! I don't think I would've gutted the pumpkin if it were just up to me. I would've just painted it or something. LAAAMEE. So good thing Sister London was there. #companionunity

I was pretty sick at the beginning of last week. I had a sore throat and I just was not sleeping very well. It kinda sucks being sick as a missionary!

We met with a Less Active in our ward who used to be a Relief Society President and she was telling us about how when she was in that calling she loved the Sisters because they spent the whole summer finding every woman on the ward list and making sure they were still in the area and everything. She talked a lot, I don't know why she's not active. I think she's one of those Less Actives who doesn't really think she's Less Active. Those are the most frustrating ones! But she was r
eally nice, and hopefully we'll be able to see her again soon.

We went to YW last week! And I LOVED IT! We spent the night with the Mia Maids and we were talking to one of them and she told us that earlier that day at school she had a teacher ask if she was Mormon and then she was telling her about it and the teacher really wanted a Book of Mormon! Oh my gosh! That's incredible, isn't it! And then we played basketball with the YM and YW afterwards in the gym. Apparently they loved it because we went over to a members house the next morning and her daughter had been there and the first thing she said to her mom when she got home was that the Sisters were playing basketball with them. I guess that was cool to her. So we are definitely going tomorrow! I'm excited!

There was a little snow on Wednesday. That just wasn't a very good day, we had to walk because it wasn't our turn to have the car and we don't have any bikes right now (hopefully we get a car soon) and guess what? It took an hour and fifteen minutes to get to our area. So frustrating! And then we only talked to one person because no one was out because it was FREEZING outside and that person was an active member. Then we walked home and it hailed on us a little bit and our investigator texted to cancel a lesson and pretty much told us she doesn't want to continue to meet anymore. Rough day.

Because our district all lives in the same complex, we go out to lunch sometimes. We went to Chili's this week and it was a lot of fun. I'm grateful for that social aspect here in Fishers, because I think I would go crazy without it! The work here is just H.A.R.D. Later that day, we went to visit another Less Active who has cancer and she just has a lot of things going on in her life. She has two daughters and they came home from school with these rubber band bracelet things that are really in, but they had to make them and their mom had no idea how. So you know what I did? I sat on the floor with a 6-year-old girl and helped her make a bracelet. It was fun! And now I know how to make them, so I guess I can still be trendy on the mission ;)

We made a birthday card for a 16 year old that we've been trying really hard to set up a lesson with. I've only met her at the door a couple of times, but we are trying! But we knew it was her birthday, so we thought that a gesture like that would help her prioritize us a little more. *cross your fingers*

Our members are awesome! They all have so many people that they are working with to help them come closer to learning about the gospel! I love it! Unfortunately, they just aren't ready yet. But hey! It's a start! And they are super solid, so I'm excited! LOVE IT!
We helped a family move on Saturday. It was fun, I think that's one of my favorite things to do, help people move. I don't know why, but it's a fun service activity that I really enjoy. Also, that night, we had a trunk-or-treat and we went. Of course I had to dress up. I was a hipster missionary with the sweetest glasses ever! And Elder Stucki, my District Leader, totally pulled off Clark Kent/Superman. Pictures to come!

My District Leader is Superman. You can be jealous.

#HipsterMissionary Selfies and all :)

I got asked to teach Gospel Principles, but it was late notice and I wasn't able to prepare anything, so I was just going to wing it. But then, miracle! No one showed up. Everyone that usually goes to that class were just gone, so I got out of that and went to the class the Elders started yesterday about Preach My Gospel. I'm excited about that class, because Preach My Gospel is full of principles that members need to understand, not just missionaries! So go read it!
We had dinner at a members last night and there were two families in the ward there, so we had a party! It was a lot of fun, and a 14 year old boy made me a rubber band bracelet too. I guess he makes them and sells them at school. He's a pretty smart kid, and now I have a rubber band bracelet like everyone else! :)

Anyway, the work here is coming, we just need to FIND FIND FIND! And it's hard, but we are doing it!

Love, Sister Kimberly

Monday, October 21, 2013


Dear Friends and Family,
President just told us we probably won't get iPads until the middle of next year. Do you know how sad that makes me? Really sad. Pray for us! The Indiana Indianapolis Mission NEEDS them! ;P

This was a pretty hard week... On Tuesday we made all these plans and absolutely none of them worked out. Not even our weekly service. Who knew you actually needed backups for that! Lucky us, we remembered a member of the ward had asked if we could rake her leaves for her sometime, so when nothing was going right and we were all distraught, we went to serve! That always makes life better. Especially when I get to wear jeans.

We went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders this week, I was with Sister Cordner. She is awesome! And I learned a lot from being with her. We were in Carmel and it was a pretty weird day. First we went to a Less Active lady's house. I guess she was Catholic, but joined the Church for the YSA program, but now she's back to being Catholic again. She was telling us the Spirit was really strongly telling her to stay at the church that she's going to. It's hard to argue with that! It was so weird though, because she had a baby and in the middle of our conversation she just lifts up her shirt and starts breastfeeding her baby. That's pretty awkward, but then it gets weirder. Her three year old daughter was asking for "booby" too. She said no because she knew it would be awkward for us, but really the whole thing was just awkward.

Then we were going to someone else's house and saw another Less Active outside raking her leaves, so we went over there and said hi! Sister Cordner told me later that her and her husband are Returned Missionaries, but now they are atheist/agnostic. Now... I'm not quite sure how that happens. But she was telling us about her mission and how much she missed it and everything. Weird.

Then we went to a Recent Convert's house and she told us about a bunch of crazy stuff that had happened to her. To be honest, it sounded more like a movie to me than real life.

So that was a good day! Until that night when we got a call from the Zone Leaders. They took our car away, so now we have to share every other day with the Fishers 2 sisters. Lame, huh? Even better! We don't have bikes because the ones we have are all broken. Our District Leader says he can fix them, but he hasn't yet. And then even better. We don't live in our area, we have the farthest area from our apartment. Yay! And it's getting pretty chilly outside too. So that's going to be hard. Hopefully it won't be for very long.

The Elders that took our car brought us kitkats and little Hot Wheel cars to make up for it. 
I wasn't thrilled.

On Thursday the Elders came over to inspect our car, and then they asked if we wanted to go to B Dubbs (Buffalo Wild Wings) for lunch. Of course we did! And it was so fun! And delicious. Perks to living so close to your district, I guess!

We taught a lady named Jackie. I guess a few weeks ago, all the missionaries were over there and her mom was pretty close to dying. Sister London said she was so scared this lady would die right in front of her. But anyway, she didn't die and she was still there. But Jackie was talking about wanting her son to get into the church (she's not a member) and she told us she keeps a Book of Mormon by her bed and she reads it a lot. I'm excited, we aren't regularly teaching her yet, but she definitely has potential!

On Friday we saw this potential that we had. She was sick, so we talked to her 13 year old daughter for a while. She was telling us she was reading Eclipse from the Twilight series and so of course I asked if she knew Stephenie Meyer was a Mormon. She said no! I thought everyone knew that! Apparently not! I guess it's just Mormons.

We went down to Indy this week. We were totally in the ghetto. Scariest place in the mission, like, they will never ever put sisters in that ward. But we went there to do some service with the whole zone and it was FREEZING outside! And I didn't have a very good jacket. So my body was freezing. It got warmer, and I was able to actually do some work. But we were digging up all these weeds that had grown through the sidewalk and it was HARD WORK. So now my body is so so sore. It's terrible. But I'll get over it. And all is well because it was fun! You can see pictures at
Sister Gil, one of the sisters that lives with us, she has an iPod that has a Mormon rap song. So when we left we blasted it. It was fitting. Oh! And a bunch of missionaries came to this thing, so there were a lot of cars, but one side of the street was no parking. A few people (Elders) parked there anyway and at the end when we were all leaving we all saw this tow truck pull up in front of one of there cars to tow it. They sprinted over there and moved it before they could. Elders are so dumb sometimes ;)

We are so close the mission home! President and Sister Cleveland came to our sacrament meeting today because I guess they were between meetings and wanted to make it to a sacrament. Kinda cool!

Love, Sister Kim

Monday, October 14, 2013

Fishers, Indiana

Dear Friends and Family,

So before I left Franklin... We were in this little town called Princes' Lakes. It's so pretty, there are all these trees there and a bunch of lakes and the people that live there have cabin like houses and everything. so we went there and parked at a members and were tracting. The most awkward thing happened at that first door. We knock and this girl who just woke up comes out. So we start talking to her. Then we hear this man. I couldn't see him because a wall was in the way, but Sister Mayberry looked back and told this woman we were talking to that there was a cop out there and he wanted her to come out. Ummm... I got a little nervous, but I guess he was just there because a guy she was living with had been out with some trucks on private property and got them stuck in the mud. But he talked to her about this for probably five minutes. And he wasn't the nicest. So anyway, this whole time, I'm like... What do we do. Anyway. So awkward. Then we knock on some more doors and turn around because it's a dead end and the cop totally pulls over next to us with his lights on and asks us what we're doing. We told him and he tells us that we're breaking a town ordinance. It was just kind of a rough day for Princes' Lakes. They don't want God in their lives I guess..

Kim, Don and Leah Ann

Then we saw Heidi and Don and Leah Ann, which is so good! We watched Mormon Messages with Heidi and talked to Don and Leah Ann about repentance. And then I got pictures with them :) And said goodbye. It was sad, but hopefully I'll be able to go back for their baptisms. Oh! And the most perfect thing happened that night too. We didn't have a dinner appointment, but a member called us that morning and asks if we want to come over. We never turn down food as missionaries, so we did. And she is the sweetest lady. She made us Cafe Rio pork salads. PERFECT! Just what I needed!

So then we had transfer meeting. And I got transferred to..... Fishers 1! So different from any other place in Indiana that I've been. Now, I get to be in the city. In fact, yesterday we went to Indianapolis for a missionary fireside called Why I Believe where new converts talk about their conversion story. It got me so pumped! And I'm no longer in a small town in the Middle Of Nowhere, Indiana. In fact, there's an area here called Geist with the BIGGEST houses. We drove past some and their not houses, they're estates!  We can't tract here because it's all No Soliciting, but it would be scary to knock on those doors!

I'm with Sister Abbie London and we live with the Sisters in the Fishers 2 ward. It's fun living with other missionaries! Sister Vidmar and Sister Gil, they are so much fun! So I'm senior companion now. Sister London just finished her training. 

This ward is so much more like a Utah ward than the others that I've seen. There are a lot of members here from Utah. Lots of younger couples with small kids and pregnant women. It's kind of fun! And everyone's so nice! And there are lots and lots of Returned Sister Missionaries.


It's going to be hard here, but hopefully we will get some work done! And President promised I'll be here a while.

What's with Indiana and their funny fire hydrants??

Love,  Sister Kim

Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference :)

Dear Friends and Family,

Transfer calls last night. And I'm getting transferred again! Can you believe that? Four areas in four transfers. But anyway, I'm excited, but I'm definitely going to miss Franklin. I love it here!

Indy South Zone Conference

Last Monday night we taught Heidi and she's been worried about baptism because she feels like she can't be like the people from the Church. It's just sad though, because she just doesn't see that everyone really is normal. She usually just sees missionaries that dress up in suits and skirts every day! But normal members don't do that! So we took our photo books and showed her pictures of us in normal life. And I told her about my love of Captain America. She was surprised I think. But Mormons are normal people (kinda!)

We tracted into a girl named Sarah. Her husband is in the army and she's originally from Texas. She was just moving in so she was busy at the time, but she was interested in church because she's been going up to Greenwood, which is kind of a far drive. So we told her we'd come back. Unfortunately, before we went back on Friday she called and said something came up. No one does that. But it gets better! She said she still wanted to come to church. But.... Church was Conference! That's kind of scary. Conference would be super weird to an outsider. But we trusted God and told her she could come and then... She didn't show up. But that's okay! We will get in contact with her again and she will come to NORMAL church! Well... Not me. But Sister Mayberry will.

Don referred to the Church as "our" church during a lesson the other day. And Leah Ann just finished 3 Nephi and was going on and on and on about how a 14 year old boy could NOT have written the Book of Mormon. And how it answered questions that her dad had studied for years and years to find. Isn't that cool?! I love it! She knows it's true!

When we were tracting one day we knocked on this door and this woman not much older than us opens the door and we told her we were missionaries. She asked if we were Catholic (no. But everyone tells me Sister Francis sounds Catholic. Why can't I go by Sister Kimberly?) and we told her we were Mormons. Then she starts laughing SO HARD. And she tells us this story about how she used to drive by an I'm a Mormon billboard every day and she thought it said I'm a Moron and she didn't understand why anyone would be on that. Then she told her friend one day and they showed her it really said "I'm a Mormon". She wasn't interested, but that was a funny story!

We had to move Heidi's baptism because she didn't stop smoking in time for her interview. She was pretty bummed. She'd planned to stop smoking on October 5 so she could be baptized, but it just wasn't soon enough. So we reset the date with her and talked about her fears about getting baptized. She just doesn't want to be dropped! Because she would just drown. But we figured out how to do it, so now she just has to not smoke anymore and she's golden!

Best. Miracle. Ever. We've been teaching Summer, a member's granddaughter. Both grandparents are members, but her grandpa is REALLY not active. From things I've heard, he is atheist now. Not sure how true that is, but he never did seem too interested in joining in on the lessons. But we were having our last lesson with Summer and he comes in a sits down. Then he started teaching with us! And at the end Summer asked him to pray... AND HE DID! We were SO excited! I love that moment! One of the best on my mission!

And then Conference. It was awesome. If you haven't watched it. Do it! Every talk was so good! I've been waiting for this since I left. And now I'm already anticipating April! Love it!
Love, Sister Kimberly