Monday, October 21, 2013


Dear Friends and Family,
President just told us we probably won't get iPads until the middle of next year. Do you know how sad that makes me? Really sad. Pray for us! The Indiana Indianapolis Mission NEEDS them! ;P

This was a pretty hard week... On Tuesday we made all these plans and absolutely none of them worked out. Not even our weekly service. Who knew you actually needed backups for that! Lucky us, we remembered a member of the ward had asked if we could rake her leaves for her sometime, so when nothing was going right and we were all distraught, we went to serve! That always makes life better. Especially when I get to wear jeans.

We went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders this week, I was with Sister Cordner. She is awesome! And I learned a lot from being with her. We were in Carmel and it was a pretty weird day. First we went to a Less Active lady's house. I guess she was Catholic, but joined the Church for the YSA program, but now she's back to being Catholic again. She was telling us the Spirit was really strongly telling her to stay at the church that she's going to. It's hard to argue with that! It was so weird though, because she had a baby and in the middle of our conversation she just lifts up her shirt and starts breastfeeding her baby. That's pretty awkward, but then it gets weirder. Her three year old daughter was asking for "booby" too. She said no because she knew it would be awkward for us, but really the whole thing was just awkward.

Then we were going to someone else's house and saw another Less Active outside raking her leaves, so we went over there and said hi! Sister Cordner told me later that her and her husband are Returned Missionaries, but now they are atheist/agnostic. Now... I'm not quite sure how that happens. But she was telling us about her mission and how much she missed it and everything. Weird.

Then we went to a Recent Convert's house and she told us about a bunch of crazy stuff that had happened to her. To be honest, it sounded more like a movie to me than real life.

So that was a good day! Until that night when we got a call from the Zone Leaders. They took our car away, so now we have to share every other day with the Fishers 2 sisters. Lame, huh? Even better! We don't have bikes because the ones we have are all broken. Our District Leader says he can fix them, but he hasn't yet. And then even better. We don't live in our area, we have the farthest area from our apartment. Yay! And it's getting pretty chilly outside too. So that's going to be hard. Hopefully it won't be for very long.

The Elders that took our car brought us kitkats and little Hot Wheel cars to make up for it. 
I wasn't thrilled.

On Thursday the Elders came over to inspect our car, and then they asked if we wanted to go to B Dubbs (Buffalo Wild Wings) for lunch. Of course we did! And it was so fun! And delicious. Perks to living so close to your district, I guess!

We taught a lady named Jackie. I guess a few weeks ago, all the missionaries were over there and her mom was pretty close to dying. Sister London said she was so scared this lady would die right in front of her. But anyway, she didn't die and she was still there. But Jackie was talking about wanting her son to get into the church (she's not a member) and she told us she keeps a Book of Mormon by her bed and she reads it a lot. I'm excited, we aren't regularly teaching her yet, but she definitely has potential!

On Friday we saw this potential that we had. She was sick, so we talked to her 13 year old daughter for a while. She was telling us she was reading Eclipse from the Twilight series and so of course I asked if she knew Stephenie Meyer was a Mormon. She said no! I thought everyone knew that! Apparently not! I guess it's just Mormons.

We went down to Indy this week. We were totally in the ghetto. Scariest place in the mission, like, they will never ever put sisters in that ward. But we went there to do some service with the whole zone and it was FREEZING outside! And I didn't have a very good jacket. So my body was freezing. It got warmer, and I was able to actually do some work. But we were digging up all these weeds that had grown through the sidewalk and it was HARD WORK. So now my body is so so sore. It's terrible. But I'll get over it. And all is well because it was fun! You can see pictures at
Sister Gil, one of the sisters that lives with us, she has an iPod that has a Mormon rap song. So when we left we blasted it. It was fitting. Oh! And a bunch of missionaries came to this thing, so there were a lot of cars, but one side of the street was no parking. A few people (Elders) parked there anyway and at the end when we were all leaving we all saw this tow truck pull up in front of one of there cars to tow it. They sprinted over there and moved it before they could. Elders are so dumb sometimes ;)

We are so close the mission home! President and Sister Cleveland came to our sacrament meeting today because I guess they were between meetings and wanted to make it to a sacrament. Kinda cool!

Love, Sister Kim

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