Monday, October 14, 2013

Fishers, Indiana

Dear Friends and Family,

So before I left Franklin... We were in this little town called Princes' Lakes. It's so pretty, there are all these trees there and a bunch of lakes and the people that live there have cabin like houses and everything. so we went there and parked at a members and were tracting. The most awkward thing happened at that first door. We knock and this girl who just woke up comes out. So we start talking to her. Then we hear this man. I couldn't see him because a wall was in the way, but Sister Mayberry looked back and told this woman we were talking to that there was a cop out there and he wanted her to come out. Ummm... I got a little nervous, but I guess he was just there because a guy she was living with had been out with some trucks on private property and got them stuck in the mud. But he talked to her about this for probably five minutes. And he wasn't the nicest. So anyway, this whole time, I'm like... What do we do. Anyway. So awkward. Then we knock on some more doors and turn around because it's a dead end and the cop totally pulls over next to us with his lights on and asks us what we're doing. We told him and he tells us that we're breaking a town ordinance. It was just kind of a rough day for Princes' Lakes. They don't want God in their lives I guess..

Kim, Don and Leah Ann

Then we saw Heidi and Don and Leah Ann, which is so good! We watched Mormon Messages with Heidi and talked to Don and Leah Ann about repentance. And then I got pictures with them :) And said goodbye. It was sad, but hopefully I'll be able to go back for their baptisms. Oh! And the most perfect thing happened that night too. We didn't have a dinner appointment, but a member called us that morning and asks if we want to come over. We never turn down food as missionaries, so we did. And she is the sweetest lady. She made us Cafe Rio pork salads. PERFECT! Just what I needed!

So then we had transfer meeting. And I got transferred to..... Fishers 1! So different from any other place in Indiana that I've been. Now, I get to be in the city. In fact, yesterday we went to Indianapolis for a missionary fireside called Why I Believe where new converts talk about their conversion story. It got me so pumped! And I'm no longer in a small town in the Middle Of Nowhere, Indiana. In fact, there's an area here called Geist with the BIGGEST houses. We drove past some and their not houses, they're estates!  We can't tract here because it's all No Soliciting, but it would be scary to knock on those doors!

I'm with Sister Abbie London and we live with the Sisters in the Fishers 2 ward. It's fun living with other missionaries! Sister Vidmar and Sister Gil, they are so much fun! So I'm senior companion now. Sister London just finished her training. 

This ward is so much more like a Utah ward than the others that I've seen. There are a lot of members here from Utah. Lots of younger couples with small kids and pregnant women. It's kind of fun! And everyone's so nice! And there are lots and lots of Returned Sister Missionaries.


It's going to be hard here, but hopefully we will get some work done! And President promised I'll be here a while.

What's with Indiana and their funny fire hydrants??

Love,  Sister Kim

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