Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference :)

Dear Friends and Family,

Transfer calls last night. And I'm getting transferred again! Can you believe that? Four areas in four transfers. But anyway, I'm excited, but I'm definitely going to miss Franklin. I love it here!

Indy South Zone Conference

Last Monday night we taught Heidi and she's been worried about baptism because she feels like she can't be like the people from the Church. It's just sad though, because she just doesn't see that everyone really is normal. She usually just sees missionaries that dress up in suits and skirts every day! But normal members don't do that! So we took our photo books and showed her pictures of us in normal life. And I told her about my love of Captain America. She was surprised I think. But Mormons are normal people (kinda!)

We tracted into a girl named Sarah. Her husband is in the army and she's originally from Texas. She was just moving in so she was busy at the time, but she was interested in church because she's been going up to Greenwood, which is kind of a far drive. So we told her we'd come back. Unfortunately, before we went back on Friday she called and said something came up. No one does that. But it gets better! She said she still wanted to come to church. But.... Church was Conference! That's kind of scary. Conference would be super weird to an outsider. But we trusted God and told her she could come and then... She didn't show up. But that's okay! We will get in contact with her again and she will come to NORMAL church! Well... Not me. But Sister Mayberry will.

Don referred to the Church as "our" church during a lesson the other day. And Leah Ann just finished 3 Nephi and was going on and on and on about how a 14 year old boy could NOT have written the Book of Mormon. And how it answered questions that her dad had studied for years and years to find. Isn't that cool?! I love it! She knows it's true!

When we were tracting one day we knocked on this door and this woman not much older than us opens the door and we told her we were missionaries. She asked if we were Catholic (no. But everyone tells me Sister Francis sounds Catholic. Why can't I go by Sister Kimberly?) and we told her we were Mormons. Then she starts laughing SO HARD. And she tells us this story about how she used to drive by an I'm a Mormon billboard every day and she thought it said I'm a Moron and she didn't understand why anyone would be on that. Then she told her friend one day and they showed her it really said "I'm a Mormon". She wasn't interested, but that was a funny story!

We had to move Heidi's baptism because she didn't stop smoking in time for her interview. She was pretty bummed. She'd planned to stop smoking on October 5 so she could be baptized, but it just wasn't soon enough. So we reset the date with her and talked about her fears about getting baptized. She just doesn't want to be dropped! Because she would just drown. But we figured out how to do it, so now she just has to not smoke anymore and she's golden!

Best. Miracle. Ever. We've been teaching Summer, a member's granddaughter. Both grandparents are members, but her grandpa is REALLY not active. From things I've heard, he is atheist now. Not sure how true that is, but he never did seem too interested in joining in on the lessons. But we were having our last lesson with Summer and he comes in a sits down. Then he started teaching with us! And at the end Summer asked him to pray... AND HE DID! We were SO excited! I love that moment! One of the best on my mission!

And then Conference. It was awesome. If you haven't watched it. Do it! Every talk was so good! I've been waiting for this since I left. And now I'm already anticipating April! Love it!
Love, Sister Kimberly

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