Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Dear Friends and Family,

We got a new investigator! Her name is Jaclyn and her mom has been visited by Sisters a lot because she's been sick and everything. I guess Sister London and her previous companion were over there once and Jaclyn's mom almost died a few times. And her dying wish was for the Elders to baptize her grandson, Jaclyn's son. So Jaclyn has been trying to get her son to be friends with some of the other Young Men in the ward and she's been reading the Book of Mormon. She told us she was having a hard time understanding it, so we offered to read with her! We read Alma 40:11 with her because she had a really good friend of hers die recently. We set and appointment, but it happened to be when her friend's funeral was, so we will have to find another time to meet. I'm excited, I think we'll teach her about Alma 32 first, and talk about faith.

We raked leaves for a widow in the ward. We figured it would only take an hour or so, so we went over there and this woman has a HUGE tree and a HUGE yard and it was covered so that you couldn't even see the grass at all. So we start raking. Two hours later we left because we had plans with the Fishers 2 sisters for lunch. Then we decided to invite the Elders because it was taking us so long. We raked a giant pile of leaves taller than Sister London. Then, of course, we jumped in them. And the woman we raked for wanted us to dump all the leaves on a pile in her backyard. And without telling us, she just lit all the leaves on fire! It was huge!

Later that night my arms hurt so bad, but we practiced waitressing at the etiquette dinner that the youth had. It was fun! But my arms were so sore I could barely hold the pitcher of water.... 

We met a potential named Myada this week. Sister London had met her once, but her old companion had been on an exchange when they found her, so she didn't know much about her. So we knock on the door and she invites us in and has us take off our shoes. We sat down on the couch and she got up and went over to the kitchen and says in her thick accent "drink or coffee?" We politely declined and her son, who speaks better English than she did, told us we had to drink. So we just got water. It was so awkward. They had three birds just flying around the apartment pooping all over and there was some news channel in Arabic on the TV. Myada is from Syria and came to America because of war in her country. She's Muslim and we asked her if she had been interested in the Church and she just said no... I guess she only talked to the missionaries because she needs help finding someone to teach her English. 

We went to find someone who speaks Arabic. Can't find anyone. But Sister London remembered there was an old potential who wasn't really interested that was Muslim. It was a long shot, but we went there and asked if Aldin was there. It was his sister, Aldiana and she wanted to know why we were there. So I asked if they spoke Arabic. I guess they pray in Arabic, but don't speak fluently. But she was so nice and helpful and told us of a Mosque that they go to where they teach people English. It was kind of an awkward encounter, but it was productive! So it's okay!

We saw Becky a few days ago because we really needed to set an appointment with her. She just happened to be putting up Christmas lights, so we stood out there and talked with her for quite a while. She loves the church! And she told us about her life. She has a really interesting background, it was fun just to get to know her. So we set an appointment for today actually. 

We just came from her house and Becky is so awesome! She loves to learn, and she told us today she believes everything is true, the Joseph Smith story, the Book of Mormon... The only thing she doesn't quite understand yet is why we need a prophet today. But that's okay! Because the Spirit can definitely work on that! I'm so excited for her!

We had a birthday party for me at the Culwell's and Sister Culwell made me confetti cake with confetti frosting and got Blue Bell cookie dough ice cream. Is that brand in Utah? Go try it is SO. Good. My second favorite, just under Aggie Blue Mint!

Don and Leah Ann got baptized this week and we got to go! I love the members of the ward here, they are all so helpful when we need rides to these far away places. So we went and I loved it! Leah Ann was so nervous, but it was so cool! I love her and Don so much. Then Leah Ann spoke at "Why I Believe" on my birthday and I just felt all tingly, especially when she was talking about when the Sisters first came to her house. That was me!  I loved it! 

I just had a good birthday all the way around. Thank you everyone who made it awesome. Especially for the packages and cards and letters! I love you all! It just sucks that I'm getting so old. I'm 20! Can you believe that?

..... Except if you remember, baptism is a rebirth, so does that make me 12?....

And I'm almost 6 months into my mission! #oldlady #oldmissionary

Love, Sister Kimberly

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