Monday, November 18, 2013

Transfer #5

Dear Friends and Family,
It was a really interesting week! But mostly the weekend. Let's start there--

We raked the leaves of that widow in the ward AGAIN. Hopefully this is the last time. I think her tree is all empty now, so we're in the clear! But when we were playing in the leaves, a spider got on my face! And Elder Stucki pointed it out and I FREAKED. OUT. Gross!

Interesting story: The Fishers 2 sisters got a call from the Stake President in the Muncie stake, which isn't in our mission. And he told them that the sisters in the Noblesville ward (not in our mission) had been teaching a lady that actually lived in their ward boundaries. And.... She was getting baptized on Saturday. Crazy, right?! So they got a random out of the blue baptism in their ward. Why doesn't stuff like that ever happen to me? It was cool, though. We went to the baptism and there were tons and tons of people there, it was great! We love well-attended baptisms! And a guy she knew from Utah flew out here to baptize her. It was great.

And then a 13-year old girl who was recently baptized in their ward moved back in with her mom after she got out of jail and now they live in our ward. So we went there to get to know her. Her mom is interested, which is awesome! Hopefully we can get teaching her!
Then yesterday was the cherry on top. So the Fishers 2 sisters went to the store the other day to get something for their investigator and while they were there, this man came to them and asked if they were Mormons. So then he went on to tell them that he was recently baptized in Colorado and had recently come here to be with his fiance. And then he told them that his fiance was interested in the gospel. But they turned out to live in our ward too. So they told us about this a few days ago. 

On Sunday we went to Priesthood Executive Committee meeting a couple hours before church. So we were in there and near the end, the bishop asked everyone if they thought we should cancel the linger longer after church because I guess there was a storm warning at about 4 o clock, right when church ends. So they were discussing it, and then they started talking about cancelling the 3rd hour. So they pretty much decided to just see what happened and if it was bad, then tell people to go home. But then the 2nd ward bishop came in and said he was sending everyone home. So our ward got cancelled. The whole thing! And I was so bummed because Becky was going to come. But we couldn't do much about that. So instead we went to contact this guy and his fiance. They took about forever and a day to answer the door, I was PRAYING that they were home because we didn't plan to contact people during church. And finally I saw a light go on and the door opened. This lady was standing there in her Superman pajamas and just told us to come in. So we did! We had brought them cookies, so we gave them those... Then we got to know this girl and met her fiance, the member. It was great! Jonah and April are their names and we pretty much taught the Restoration. And the Spirit was really strong. And it kept telling me that I should invite her to a baptismal date. So I did. December 14! She is so ready! She said yes, and there are things we need to work out before that, like get them married, but they were planning on that soon anyway. I'm excited! And afterward Sister London told her she felt that date was right too, so I'm not crazy!

So then we left and were getting ready to get out of the car to try someone else and we heard these sirens.... Tornado sirens! So instead we drove to the nearest member's house, and it turned out to be the CUTEST family on earth! So we sat in their apartment and watched the weather. There were, like, 6 tornadoes in Indiana or something. And we saw a bunch of pictures of damage. One of them hit Kokomo even! And one was close to us, in the northern part of Hamilton county. It was crazy!

So that was fun. And then we had transfer calls. We waited forever to hear! It felt like an eternity! We didn't get the call until 10, and usually it comes earlier than that. But it's going to be a big, mission-changing transfer! And, for once, I am staying put. No packing for me! Instead, I get to train a brand new missionary! Love it! I'm excited!

Anyways, it was a great week! I hope you all had an equally good week!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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