Monday, December 30, 2013

New Transfer. New Year. Same Companion. Same Area.

Dear Friends and Family,

We went caroling as a district last Monday! It was pretty much freezing, but it's totally okay because it was so fun! Also, I learned how to do the cool snappy thing that all the Elders do all the time. You probably have no idea what that means. Maybe I will make a video of it and send it or something... Because it's awesome!

Christmas Eve was awesome! I totally thought that I had lost my camera after our District Meeting though, so I was freaking out while we were at the Mangelson's (one of my favorite families in the ward). But it all worked out because the other sisters found it on the table at home. So I got to enjoy my Christmas Eve worry free! We had so much fun playing games! We played this game called Wacky Sixes, which was AWESOME! It was so stressful because it's a really fast paced game that you really have to pay attention to. Then we had a ping pong tournament, a snowball fight, and we played Apples to Apples. It was awesome! So we were told that we could call home for ONE MINUTE on Christmas Eve to set up our phone calls for Christmas day. So I called home, expecting a quick phone call. But no. I talked to everyone for 10 minutes.... Oh my goodness, I'm so apostate. But guess what, I did get some missionary work done thanks to my lovely grandma! So hey, it was a productive phone call at least!!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!! I certainly did! We hung out with the Elders in the morning and I got to Skype my family in the afternoon. It was kind of lame because Skype wasn't working very well. But at least I got to see them all in the Indiana swag I sent them!  So I had my first phone call. You know what that means? One more to go! Isn't that weird! I am getting so old. 

On Christmas morning I opened all my presents right before studies. It was so fun, I love opening presents! I got some really cute stuff! A few scarves, some clothes, a calendar... And my favorite..... Foot scrub and foot cream. You know you're a missionary when foot scrub and foot cream are your favorite presents. (Shoutout to Chris! You really know what a missionary needs!) And my mommy even sewed me a blankie! Cutest thing ever! It had all these Sister Missionaries on it! I loved it.... I will treasure that blankie the rest of my mission. Thanks mom! That's true love, right there!

After we all opened presents the Elders came over and brought us Ding Dongs. Then they shot us with these cute little baby sized nerf guns that their families had sent them. They have been loving pranking us this week. They have this giant plastic statue of a Joseph from a nativity that is missing it's face and we've been passing it from Elders to Sisters in the most creative ways we can imagine. It's been fun!

Later that day we played Curses and Apples to Apples with the Tenney family. SO fun! Good memories always come from playing Curses and Apples to Apples!

It was a pretty slow week, everyone's been out of town. Hopefully things will pick up again after the New Year. We've been practicing personal contacting and honestly... I am a little rusty! I hate that I haven't done it much, but this is a hard area to find people in, so we have to get creative to even find people that are outside. But it was good for me to do it again and it was good for Sister Oskins to practice :)

We stopped by Sister Janczak's house. She is actually living in the Franklin ward with her daughter for school because she wanted to play softball and it's just a really competitive school here. But her husband is here. They come for the holidays and long breaks, though, so I thought we could stop by! And she updated me on a lot of things that are happening down in Franklin. The biggest thing is probably that they're creating a new ward there! That's so exciting! The Church really is growing! I love that! And all the people I taught are doing well, especially Heidi. So yay!

April and Jalen got baptized and it was a beautiful program! I will send some pictures. For the baptism, Sister Oskins and I stood inside the font at the top of the stairs. I loved the view. It's always so special to see people that I taught be baptized! I love being a missionary!

I'm  not being transferred and neither is Sister Oskins. Looks like I'm going to be here for at least another 6 weeks! But I love Fishers. The ward members are GREAT! I love them all, so I'm excited I get to stay in the "bubble" a little longer!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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