Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa Claus is Coming to Town...

Dear Friends and Family,

I am loving Christmas time as a missionary! I mean, it's always great, but now it's just even more great! Christmas music is so fun, and I love seeing all the lights... The snow here is terrible though. It's not even snow, it's more like a slushie out there. WAYYY wet! I hate it. But hey, it's okay though, because Indiana isn't like Utah. In Utah it just gets really cold and then it never gets warmer for what feels like 6 months, but soon, the snow is all going to melt and it's going to rain on Friday! I can live with that!

Me! With all the snow outside the apartment!

We went to visit one of the Less Actives in the ward this week. My favorite one, in fact, because she has the CUTEST daughters in the entire world! But when we got there, they let us in and the first thing they said was... Sorry for the mess, we're MOVING! I am so sad! I really wanted to teach their daughters. But instead, we had to just share a quick message about Christmas and we set a day and time to come back to help them clean up and help them get ready. So we went back and did that a few days later. It was cute, though, Amayah, their 9-year old daughter gave me one of those rubber band bracelets before I left. I loved it! I was the one that taught them how to make them! So cute! 

We got a new investigator this week, too! He's a former investigator that no one's been able to get in contact with, but we just happened to be walking up to his apartment right when a guy came out. I never had met him before, but I asked if he was Jhabriel (Ja-breel) and it was him! So we talked with him for a minute, but it was FREEZING outside! So we didn't talk too long. Hopefully he will be there for our appointment this week and we don't lose him again, he is so solid!

We went to try this Mexican place that Elder Baker told me was a lot like Costa Vida. I got so excited, so of course we HAD to go try it! It's called Qdoba and... It was nothing like Costa Vida. Bummer. It was good, just not quite good enough. 

 Elder Cronin made a cake with a few pieces of vanilla frosting for me 

because I don't like chocolate frosting!

We went over to teach April on Wednesday this week and the coolest thing ever happened. Right after we got there, we heard a knock at the door. I just thought it was the Elders, because they were going to come and teach April's son, Jalen, while we taught April. But then this woman came up the stairs. Her name is Teresa and she's been working with April and Jonah a little bit. So I asked if April had given a Book of Mormon to her friend that came to her wedding, and she had already had one. Then she started talking about how she shared a book with Teresa. But after talking for a minute we realized she'd only given her a Restoration pamphlet, not the Book of Mormon, so she just took it and gave it to Teresa. So Sister Oskins and I told Teresa a little bit about it and about the Church. Then we taught April and Jonah a little about family home evening, like we had originally planned. And it was so perfect because Teresa's job is to work with families and make them more functional and unified. She was so interested she asked April for a paper so she could take notes. And Jonah was sharing Moroni 10:3-5 with her and bearing his testimony. The only bad thing is she lives outside of our area and our mission. But we referred her on to the missionaries in her area! She's great, I love her!

We met up with the Elders on Thursday and made a cute little candy poster board for our Ward Mission Leader. It was fun, reminded me of my mom because she used to make those. It said things like "Even though we don't get a PAYDAY, we love working with you" "You're the REESE'S this is the best area in the mission" It was cute, I was proud of it!

We got to go over to the Akhauri's apartment, an Indian (like from India) family that is getting baptized this Saturday in the 2nd ward and then moving into our ward right after Christmas. It was so fun to get to know them. I love that family already, the only downside about being there was that my clothes all smelled like Indian food after, and I don't really like that smell.

Our ward Christmas party was this week. It was fun! A lot of people showed up, even a few nonmembers. There was one that I got to talk to. Her name is Toshiko and she lives next door to a member that's been trying to get her to learn the gospel forever! She just feels like she's too old to change. Hopefully she'll let us teach her though! She said we could come over and see her sometime! Then after the ward party, the Elders hid behind our car and ambushed us with snowballs! It was fun, but so cold! But not too bad, our Elders aren't very good at aiming ;) But don't worry, we ambushed the Elders once too... No way are we just going to let them attack us!

Our planned attack on the Elders when they came to our door, 
we just threw them out at them :) 
They never saw it coming.

Yesterday at dinner we got to spend some time with the kids in the family. We were told to go downstairs and play ping pong while dinner was finishing up. So we did, and then they had these cute soft white balls with faces. They were fake snowballs! So we spent half an hour running around throwing them at each other. It was so fun! (Mom, we need some fake snowballs) And we didn't even get too cold to play. I liked that way better than real snowball fights.

This next week is going to be hard for us. Everyone's going to be so busy with Christmas stuff and family gatherings... No one is going to have time to meet with us until after the holidays! But it's okay, it'll be fun too!

I love being a missionary!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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