Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow? What Snow?

Dear Friends and Family,

So I'm trying to decide if I have a lot to tell you, or if I don't have much. Probably more on the "not much to say" end. 

We taught Brad. His lessons are always interesting, but this one was especially crazy. He's really nice, but sometimes gets close to what I would consider "bible-bashing" which I hate. Why? Because he knows a lot... And I know a lot.... And arguing about what we know and believe doesn't bring the Spirit. But we had a member at this lesson that was totally perfect for the job. Brad was picking apart the Book of Mormon. Like... Why didn't Lehi say exactly where he was along the Red Sea? Why does the Book of Mormon use the term Christ more than any other name for Him? That kind of stuff, the kind that doesn't affect your salvation. But our member was bold and told him he just needed to pray to come to know if it was true. So that's what we asked him to do. We saw him today before I came to the library, and he hadn't done it. So you know what I told him? He needed to pray like it was a science experiment. Start with a hypothesis, pray, and find out what the answer was. (Shout-out to Holly! That letter you sent me was exactly that we needed!) And he loved the idea. Hopefully he does it! And hopefully he gets an answer. The scientific method never failed anybody!

We got some new Elders. Double double transfer. Scary! This was the first transfer meeting I've ever missed, and let me tell you... I was probably more nervous for this one than any other transfer meeting, minus my very very first one. Our old Elders were some of my favorite. But hey, transfers have come and gone and it looks like our new Elders are going to be great too! I don't know what I was worried about!

The 2nd ward sisters are starting an English class for people who want to learn how to speak English, so we went to some Mexican restaurants to pass out some flyers for it. Everyone was so nice! It was great! Missions are weird because with the exception of church, the people you see don't really seem to like you very much. It was so weird having people be nice to us for a change! It was great!

We met the Elders on Thursday because the cars got grounded for the day because of the snow. Elder Hill and Elder Havertz. We met with them and talked a little about the area and the ward. I bet it was helpful, double transfers have got to be hard! And guess what? Elder Hill is from.... Clinton, Utah! Small world, right? I asked where he was from and he told me Syracuse, and then I got excited because I live right next to that. So I was like, oh! I'm from Clinton! And then he said he only tells people Syracuse because no one knows where Clinton is. (I tell people Layton, I think people know that better because it's bigger). Small world, eh? He went to Syracuse High (ew) but I guess we can still try to get along.

I gave a training at Zone Meeting on Friday about asking "inspired questions"! It was really good, I learned a lot while I was preparing and I felt like that's what everyone needed. So that was cool. And then the Zone Leaders gave a training after that and we did role plays focusing on inspired questions. Perfect! #Spiritneverfails

We had dinner with a family that night, but we had their daughter come get us. Katie. She's going on a mission in March and she just got home from BYU, so she's totally willing to help us out all the time. But this was probably one of the best dinners ever. It was just us, her and her brothers and one of the other young men from the ward. It was so fun, it was almost like hanging out with people my age again! ... Except weird thing is I'm at least 2 years older than all of them.... #oldladystatus

 But the point is. It was fun.

We moved a tree! Actually a couple of them. Brother Culwell has a real wood stove in his house, and he pretty much lives in a forest, so he chops the trees down and dries to the wood so that he can use it to heat his house. He needed help moving the wood, so us Sisters and the Elders went over there. It was crazy, I never would've imagined myself carrying wood like that before. The Elders were chopping it for him. But the scariest was Sister Oskins. She wanted to split the wood so bad, but I was terrified she would chop her toe off. Luckily she didn't, but it was a little scary!

So... This is the craziest part....
Everyone was telling us the weather on Sunday was going to be really bad. But remember, the people here in Indiana are usually wimps when it comes to "bad weather". They always say it'll be bad, but then nothing happens? Yeah. So they were saying it was going to snow a lot. I was a little worried, but not TOO BAD. But as the day went on, everyone kept saying how bad it was. Then we found out all the food at the stores was gone. Sister Oskins was freaking out a little bit. So we went to the store to get her a blanket in case the power went out or something. It was okay though, because we talked to someone in line at the store! And it was kind of an awesome conversation! The best we'd had all day, because no one that we tried had been home.

Anyways, sorry, I got a little sidetracked. 

Church was cancelled. When we woke up there wasn't any snow. But around 8 the snow actually started to fall. We had our normal routine.. breakfast, studies... By the end of that, at 11, it was still snowing. It was picking up a little, even. We were stuck inside, so we got some work done. We met with the Elders again to go over some more stuff for the area. By that time, we literally had to trek through the snow. It was still snowing when we left. Still snowing after dinner, still snowing.... At around 8:30 we were all in shock. None of us have ever seen that much snow in one day. We actually went outside (it was still snowing) around 8:30 or so, to see how much there was. We walked around in it... The snow was literally almost up to my knees! It was a lot of snow. 

My feet are nowhere near touching the ground in this picture.... It went way past the top of my boots.

The freeway on Tuesday (2 days later)

Our power didn't go out! Lucky us! It started flickering a little bit around 6, so we all panicked and started working faster in case we would lose our light. Oh and we made hot chocolate and food too, so that we wouldn't starve. It never did go out though! So we survived.

So the summary of this story is... We were stuck in our apartment for 2 and a half days. The only time we went out was yesterday was when we went to District Meeting and grocery shopping. But it didn't really matter, almost everything was closed!  Even the library, that's why we didn't email yesterday or Monday... Sorry, guys! I hope you weren't too worried! We're fine. Just a little chilly... Well, okay... Really chilly. We walked around the apartment complex to get to a member's apartment on Monday and in the 10 minute walk all our boogers froze inside our noses. It's Booger-Freezing Cold out there! Okay, TMI.

I hear it's going to be in the 40s this weekend though!

If any of you think Utah has bipolar weather, you need to come to Indiana for a minute. It's crazy weird! 

Anyways, being stuck inside was exciting for a minute, just because it was something new. And really, I've had more snow days on my mission than I ever did at home (which was 0!) But it's rough when you don't have Pinterest... Or Netflix.... Or Facebook... Or TV... We're pretty much pioneers stuck inside an apartment... With electricity... BOORING! I'm ready to get back to work!

Love you all! Don't worry, we are all safe and warm! And the roads are looking TONS better!

Love, Sister Kimberly

P.S. Oh. Looks like I had more to say than I thought... Oh well, hope you enjoyed it!

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