Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Soy misionera de La Iglesia de Jesuchristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias

Dear Friends and Family,

It has been a Good Week! A ton has happened this week! So, let's get started:

We had interviews with President this week. I always get so nervous for those, but I don't really know why! Then after that, we went to B Dubs, like we always do (that's why I'm getting fat, probably) and we had THE nicest waitress on earth! She sat and talked to us for a while, it was great! Of course, we left a mormon.org card for her! I love when we're out doing normal things that I used to do at home and we get to share the gospel! Those are sometimes the things that make me the happiest! :)

A Senior couple just got home from their mission in the Philippines. The Sister served as the head psychologist person over all the missions in the Philippines and she was there during the typhoon that just recently hit there. She told us stories and things that happened to missionaries that were never released in the news, it was crazy! So now, I'm just grateful I'm here in safe little Fishers, IN :) It's nice and cozy here!

We had what's called a Specialized Training. That's a training President does for a specific group of people. This transfer he did one for trainers and trainees, so we went and it was AWESOME! We got to do this role play at the end where one companionship would teach one point in the Restoration to Sister Cleveland. And then we would switch. The second to last one was the Spanish missionaries role playing together in Spanish and Sister Gil was the only one that knew what was going on! Except we all speak the language of the Spirit, so we got that part of it! It was awesome, though, and Sister Gil said they did REALLY well. They were talking about how the Book of Mormon is physical evidence that you can hold in your hands that God loves you. Powerful stuff!

And then after that, he had all four of us Fishers sisters role play together too. Fishers 2 were the missionaries and we were replacing the "investigators". So I got to role play as Sister Cleveland! It was awesome, except that I hate being the investigator more than I hate being the missionary. I try to get into the role of a nonmember and what they would think/feel if they were listening to these missionaries, but I've never been there so I don't know what that's like! So I don't know if I'm very good at it. But it was probably the BEST role play I have ever done. Sister Gil even said she felt like she was really teaching a real investigator (so maybe I didn't do too bad after all). It was awesome! And I'm pretty sure everyone else in the room thought it was awesome too!

Sister Oskins got the flu, though. It was gross. She was throwing up nonstop for, like, four days straight. It was awful. Sister Gil wasn't feeling very good either and threw up a few times too, so Sister Odermott and I went on an exchange so we could both get some work done in our areas. It was fun, I love exchanges! We taught Jaclyn and invited her to let us give her a church tour! It was a pretty good lesson, and hopefully we'll be able to help her start feeling the Spirit and wanting to come to church!!!! I'm so excited for her!

Sister Gil got a Vocal Point CD from her mom this week. So it's pretty much been heaven. Minus the throwing up. I think Sister Oskins wanted me to be all cuddly and like with her all the time, but I don't think she understands that I have a pretty weak stomach and I would probably throw up too. Just the sound of it was making me queasy enough! Gross.

We didn't miss District Meeting, though! Sister Oskins said she was feeling better, so that's good. Except then, after dinner, she threw up again. I felt terrible for her. That would not be fun ever, but especially on a mission! But we had fun. That night I convinced Sister Oskins that I was born in Japan and that I had dual citizenship until I was 18. She believed me 100% and then I said... Actually.... I was born in Utah ;) She's just a little gullible!

Spanish! I want to learn it! The Fishers 2 sisters had a baptism of a man who only speaks Spanish! And we went, because we invited one of our members to go introduce herself to him because she's from Mexico. It was awesome! They did a bilingual service, so during all the talks, the speaker would stop every couple of sentences and say what they said in English. It was a little awkward, but also awesome. Then, they confirmed him right there after the baptism and I couldn't really understand it, because it was Spanish. It was like, every time I figured out what they were saying and translated it to English they had already moved on and said something else! But I think I felt the Spirit the strongest in that blessing than any other blessing I've ever heard! And then Sister Gil told me a few things they said and... It was! It was a powerful blessing! In the middle, while we waited for him to change into dry clothes, they showed Spanish MormonMessages, so when we get iPads, I'm going to watch them over and over and over and I WILL learn Spanish! :) That probably won't happen, but it was a funny thought anyway.

We went to this place called Conner Prairie yesterday since we didn't have to email. It was pretty lame. And then we went to the church, but the missionaries that were usually there were at the zoo, so that was lame. So instead we went to Plato's Closet and.... It was awesome! It was probably the best Plato's Closet I've ever been to, it had the CUTEST clothes. And I would've bought a lot of them if I wasn't a missionary! I did get a skirt though. A long pink one. And next week I will try to get a blazer. It was awesome! I thought it would be a bust, because it's hard to find good things there, but it wasn't! They had SO much stuff! I loved it! Definitely going back next week!

We got to teach FHE to a family yesterday. I'm excited for when I get to teach family home evening to my own family! And not just when I'm older (you better watch out Francis family. We WILL do FHE!) It's important! So if you aren't doing it, I would strongly suggest you start. Make it fun! It doesn't have to be all preachy and religious. Just have fun!

Love, Sister Kimberly

Remember: The Church is true, the Book is blue, and Moroni is always on the ball! (Courtesy of Madi Bair)

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