Monday, February 17, 2014

Bloomington, IN: Highland

Dear Friends and Family,

We spent a couple of days before Transfers with Sister Hain because her companion was going home. Sister Hain is so cool! She converted to the church while she was in college and I love her story. She's totally herself and definitely hasn't become a robot missionary! 

It's great! We helped a member with "The Dress Room". She's the Stake YW President and she has a room full of prom dresses that they make modest so that girls came borrow them for free and wear them to dances. It was so fun, and there were lots of pretty dresses. If you know me, you know that's totally my thing! 

We had a crazy day on Tuesday, all these things happened and we didn't get a whole lot done, but it was fun! This guy called saying he had a flower delivery for me and I wasn't home. It was super awkward, but he figured it out and left them in the office to the apartments we lived in. I'm grateful, because I really wanted my Valentine's flowers, but I was leaving the next day! They're pretty! 

Flower Delivery

And so... Transfers happened! I am now serving in Bloomington in the Highland ward with Sister Jones, who actually came out with me! So that's pretty fun! We have been getting along super well! I love it, we're almost the same person, actually. Kind of weird, but great! 

Sister Jones and I on #SelfieSundays

We have had so many miracles together already! It's been amazing! I can't believe how much we've done in the last 5 days. We do service where they serve food to people who don't have a lot of money, and it was great! One of the guys volunteering with us was talking to us and said he's been trying to learn more about God, so we set an appointment with him. It fell through because of weather, but I think he has a sincere desire! After service, we were going to take some of the food home so that we could eat it for lunch and this lady came and asked if there was any more. We gave her ours and she was so grateful! She told us that she'd lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and after that she was flown to Salt Lake where everyone was really welcoming and kind to her. She said she stayed there two years. It was awesome, I hope we can see her again sometime! 

Then we went and called one of our investigators to try and set up an appointment. She wasn't too happy and said she wasn't interested. We hung up and she called back to give us a referral. How funny! I think he might try to convert us, but hey, it's a referral and we will take it!

 Happy Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day was a blast! We had a #LoveLockdown themed District meeting (our district leader is the best) and there were Valentine's decorations and candy... So fun! It snowed that day, so that was a bummer, but it's okay, we were still super productive and we didn't get in a car accident!

We got a couple new investigators too! It's been so fun here, because I get to knock on doors again! Most people have been really nice and a little awkward. But we found this lady named Roxanne. She is so cool! At first she was telling us about how she went to a church and we just kept talking to her. It started getting cold inside and there was a 4 month old baby there, so she let us in. Her grandkids' names are Harmony and Cadence, so we started talking about music. She brought up that she loves the Piano Guys... And hey! What a coincedence, they're Mormon! And she loves Lindsey Sterling! Another Mormon! So we talked about that. I told her about Alex Boye and Lindsey Sterling on, so we're going back next week to see if she watched them! She's cool, hopefully we can figure out how to teach her the gospel!

Other than that, when we tracted, we happened to knock the doors of all these college boys and they were all watching the IU vs. Purdue game. I assume that's a lot like the BYU vs. UofU game, so it was pretty important :) Too bad IU was losing.

Church was fun! It's funny because the church building here is the EXACT same layout as the church I go to at home! Haha! So it's a little weird, but it's cool. This ward is AWESOME! It's the perfect mix of what I loved about Fishers and what I loved about Hoosiertown (aka Warsaw, Kokomo, and Franklin)

Anyways, it's been a good week. I love being a missionary!  Thanks for all the love and support you give through letters and emails :)

Love, Sister Kimberly

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