Monday, February 24, 2014

Nine Month Birthday, Hump Day

Dear Friends and Family,

You read that right, both Sister Jones and I celebrated our 9 month birthday this week! Hump Day is technically on February 27, but it's close! To celebrate, we went on a date! We were going to go to Olive Garden, but we got there and it was pretty busy because it was a Saturday. So we left and went to a little Chinese buffet instead. We got there and were getting ready to pay and a member of the ward ran up and paid for both of us! It was so nice of him! We sat by their family and talked a lot about missions and stuff. They were telling us about their daughter that's considering a mission. I know we were supposed to be there for them! It's funny how things work out like that. We are going to try Olive Garden again on Wednesday instead, because we still really want to go there!

We invited one of the Less Active women in our ward to be a Visiting Teacher this week. It was Sister Jones' idea, and I thought it was genius! We've been reading The Power of Everyday Missionaries (you all need to read it too) and it talks about how people need to feel NEEDED to be more open to the Church, so we felt Visiting Teaching was a good place to start for this Less Active because she is so willing to serve. she really wants to help people, and we definitely have a need for more visiting teachers in this world! I don't know if the Relief Society president agrees, but I still think it's a great idea! Whatever happens is ultimately up to the RS president, though.

Last Monday we texted President and told him to have a happy President's Day. I don't know what he thought, but we thought we were pretty funny!

Zone Conference was this week and it was really good! We found out we can go to the temple once every 6 months on our missions! We have to get rides from members, but I am so excited about this! I haven't been in 9 months! 

We taught a former investigator named Erica about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and committed her to baptism. She said she's already been baptized. Everyone's been saying that lately. I don't know if I ever committed anyone to baptism that said no before here, but the last couple of weeks there have been a lot of people that said no, they've already been baptized. But oh well, we can work with that, I guess! She said she'd pray about April 19, but then set a return appointment for 2 weeks away! No one is going to progress if we only see them every 2 weeks!

Sister Jones and I went to Young Women's this week and they were having a daddy daughter date. Since neither of us have our daddies here, we were each others date! I guess we went on a lot of dates this week! But it was fun, the Young Women are my favorite people to hang out with!

We stopped by a Less Active this week and she told us we couldn't share a message because she didn't want anyone trying to get her back to church. Totally understandable! But then she was saying that she thought the Church would be more harmful to her kids than not going. That was confusing because she had all sorts of Joseph Smith books and Jesus pictures and pictures of the temple all over her house. Kind of strange, and a little awkward, but hey, that's what we get! #missionaryprobs

Roxanne! I love her so much! We found her tracting and talked to her about the Piano Guys, I think I told you about her last week? We went back this week and her lesson went great, she is so nice! From the things she said, I think she's Pentecostal though. I guess it's fine, so was Leah Ann and she got baptized! But we committed her to baptism, she said she was already baptized in Jesus' name, so she was good. But she took the Book of Mormon and loved the idea of finding more truth! So that's a good step in the right direction!
We got a new investigator from the IU sisters this week! She is sooo sweet and has such a desire to learn and to be baptized! She is living with her boyfriend and is going to get married in August or September, so it's going to be a while till she can actually be baptized, but I'm excited to teach her!

One of the people we are teaching has been asking us to help her with things nearly every day. The other day she had us help her take a giant box of millions of rats to the pet store. It was so gross!! But there's no way she could've done it on her own, so it was good. Just gross. I did NOT want to touch those rats, so I avoided that part! But then I saw the CUTEST dog at the pet store. It was only cute because it was in a cage and not on me, but it was a baby Porkie (I guess a Pomeranian Yorkie) and I loved it! So fluffy and cute and little! Aww.... But I DO NOT want one! Just so we're clear.

Everyone was staring at us in the pet store though. Probably because we were two girls in skirts and wearing name tags pushing a lady in a wheel chair carrying a giant tub of rats and I was holding the leash of a little 2 year old girl. But hey, I looked good that day, so it was fine!
I got to experience a little bit of campus life! We were down by IU and there were lots and lots of people out because it was warm that day (FINALLY) and everyone was going to school! So we talked to some of them and they were way more open to talk than the older people we talk to every day. And they had different views about religion and God. It was really interesting! Too bad they were all YSAs and teaching them is not our job. Oh well! It was fun #campuslife 

We met a Turkish lady yesterday that really wants us to come stop by sometime for tea! Haha! I'm excited, I don't know if she'll let us teach her, but it'll be fun to talk to her! And then Margaret really wanted help again with something, so we went there and she had a friend there named Hector. She really wanted us to teach him the Restoration, so we did! It was good! He was interested, but then wouldn't give us his contact info. Bummer! But it was definitely good for Margaret to be able to share her testimony with him! And it was good for him because now he has a Book of Mormon and will be able to read it! At the end, we invited him to pray. He didn't want to, so instead I started the prayer, everyone said one thing they were thankful for, and then I ended. I'm proud of myself, it was a pretty good idea, and it got him to pray without being put way on the spot! 
It's been a good week! Thursday is Hump Day, so.... Yay! Half way there! That reminds me of a song.... "Ohhhhh we're half way there. Ohhh! Livin' on a Prayer!" I think that's an appropriate missionary song! Right? We pretty much live on prayers! 

Love you all!
Love, Sister Kimberly

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