Monday, February 3, 2014


Dear Friends and Family,

I made queso this week! It was a little burned and not nearly as good as Sarah's, but... I did it! 
That's a miracle!

Mission life is crazy. It's up and down all the time. One day you think it's going to be a great week because you have tons of appointments and even some progressing investigators. Then the next day everyone texts or calls to cancel. And then.... It all turns out okay because you pray to Heavenly Father to help you know what you're supposed to do instead since obviously your plans weren't good enough.

We had one of those up and down roller coaster kind of weeks this week! Last Monday we ended up going to a funeral for a boy that died in another ward. We helped usher and it was very sad. There were a lot of nonmembers there because everyone in the Town of Fishers knew about it! 

And if you were going to ask if I was comfortable at this funeral. No. I'm terrified of dead bodies. But hey! You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes... 

They cancel school ALL THE TIME here! I don't understand it at all. If it's 10 degrees in the morning they will decide to have a two hour delay. No, not -10, +10 degrees means a two hour delay. So pretty much the entire month of January everyone in school has been able to sleep in for two extra hours.... I wish I had that sweet deal! Apparently the buses don't start when it's too cold outside. I just find that funny because when I was in school, (I know I'm doing that whole, "back when I was a kid" thing, I'm old, I get it) it was cold like that every day, and I'm pretty sure the bus still came to pick us up.

But oh well. 


We found another Chick Fil-A!

We visited with a potential that I love this week! Her name is Toshiko and she's from Japan. She's 80 and she LOVES to talk about everything! When we came in she was watching Dr. Phil, so I knew we would get along just fine! She just talked and talked about how she wants to go back to Japan. It's funny because she thinks she's too old to be baptized and to learn about the Church, but she is really healthy and she remembers a lot! So... We're going to work on her :) When we left, she bowed. It was a little awkward, I was like... Ah! What do I do, do I bow too? So I kind of half way bowed back... Awkward! That culture difference might've been hard for me. Maybe that's why I'm in Indiana, not Japan.

We were able to practice teaching the Restoration to a Less Active this week. And Sister Oskins did really well! She did pretty much all of the talking! She's getting good at teaching, I love seeing her grow like that!

But then we had a bunch of appointments fall through, that was a bummer. But we bounced back, don't worry!

We had a miracle this week! We stopped by to try one of our investigators that we lost contact with and she wasn't there! But you know who was? A nice lady named Angelica who was taking care of our investigator's daughter while she's in the hospital. We talked to her for a while about the Book of Mormon and how it's the history of the Native Americans. She was really interested, so we gave her one and got her address to follow up and see if she did it! I love when we accidentally find people!

We ate at this members home and they have the cutest daughter ever! She's a year and a half and she would just walk around with her fist up in the air because she wanted everyone to give her a fist bump. High fives aren't good enough for her though, if you try to high five her she will move your fingers into a fist anyway. And one time she got hurt by bumping her head and her dad picked her up and then she stuck her fist out again. It was so stinking cute!
Becky cancelled our lesson this week, but it was okay because we had some time and she said we could come over for a minute. We visited with her and talked about some of the scriptures she's read and concerns she's had. It was good! Even though it wasn't a planned lesson, I'm sure she got a lot out of it! She invited us to go to her church sometime and we invited her to come to ours again. I'm excited, I hope we really can go to her church sometime, I've always wanted to do that!

We went on an exchange this week and it was awesome! We taught a former investigator, Sister Dewald, and she was so nice! According to her teaching record and everything she said, she knows the Church is true, but she doesn't want to be baptized because she thinks she's too old. We can work with that though, especially if she has a testimony! So it looks like we found a new gator!

We also taught Alex. And I love her! SO much! We invited her to be baptized on February 22 (Hump day!) and.... She's moving back to Michigan! MAN! I was so excited for this one! But we still set the date and I'm going to make sure the missionaries in her area go talk to her SOON! Because she is so ready and she NEEDS the gospel! I love her a lot!

We taught April and Jonah and the Elders came there to give them a blessing and Elder Havertz was doing the first one and... The power went out right  in the middle of it! Creepy! Haha! It was actually kind of cool. Then we whipped out the candles and the Elders gave the other two blessings.

I  heard the groundhog saw his shadow and I think that means 6 more weeks of winter. There's supposed to be a REALLY bad snow storm again tomorrow or something. At least that's what everyone says. Do I believe them? Not sure... But we'll find out!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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