Monday, March 10, 2014

Going to Jail (Alma 14: Finding)

Dear Friends and Family,

We visited this "potential" this week, and I love her, she is so cute! Except that she is super strong in her faith. She disagreed with all kinds of things that we would say, like that families can be together forever... She told us that when we are in heaven, no one can be married, and then she said that she's not sad that when she dies her and her husband and her new baby won't be a family unit anymore. But, I guess that's what happens when you're taught that your whole life. It's just sad really, because we know there's more than that! She was so sweet though, and I liked her a lot! She has so much faith and such a strong relationship with her Heavenly Father, and it radiates from her! She's just going to the wrong church. But maybe someday she'll change her mind. It's just hard for me to talk to people like that, because I never feel like I'm TEACHING them, just giving them information that they have already decided that they don't agree with. And I know, they probably say that about me too, because it's true, I have a testimony that everything I share with people is true! I try to keep an open mind, though, because when I go out and share with people my beliefs, I am really asking them to give up everything they've ever believed. And that's a hard thing to do! Really! That's why when we find those people who are open, it is such a miracle. And even more of a miracle when those people get baptized!

We saw this Less Active family this week and there have been so many miracles happening with them recently! This week, we had invited one of the sons to come visit with us again. We didn't think he'd come, he's not really religious anymore and he doesn't seem to believe in God anymore. But he came in and sat down when we were getting ready to start teaching his mom! It was awesome. And then we were visiting with another one of the sons who isn't really religious anymore either and somehow we started talking about music. Their family is way into music and I asked him what he played. He said the guitar, and Sister Jones and I asked him to play for us. He kind of brushed it off and said no no.... But then he came in and brought his guitar and played for us. He was so good at it, AND now we've at least talked with him! Even if it's not about church, small steps! 

We went on campus for a little while this week. It was way fun! It's way different talking to people in college, they are all so open to learning and changing! It's great! It's just a little hard because everyone is running off to class and everything. And then there are bunches of Asians, and it's different talking to them because they don't really know anything about God! It's just different. But we talked to a lot of people! And I loved it. But it also reminds me of college life and what that was like.... :)

 Welcome Hoosier Nation

There's this cute little old man that lives in an apartment near us that we call Snowball and we talk to him a lot. I just want him to let us teach him, because he's awesome! He loves the missionaries, he always waves at us when we drive by.... He's cute!!! We ask him to get baptized sometimes and he always says "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" but it's not true. Someday it'll happen! We helped him jump his car this week though! That was a new experience, I've never done that before!

Linda, one of our investigators, met with us again this week. She's great, but I don't know how to help her. She doesn't really want to get baptized, so we're just trying to help her come to church on a regular basis. But this week she told us about all these terrible things that have happened to her recently with school and work and all these things. And she blames God for everything! She feels like God is causing all these problems, but in reality, God loves her. He doesn't want to make everything hard for her, but he allows those things to happen so we can grow. She's just angry at God and doesn't realize His role as her Father. It's sad! I don't know how I could love a God that just makes everything miserable either! So just so everyone knows... God doesn't want to cause problems in your life! He only wants to help you. He is your strength in overcoming obstacles, not your obstacle maker!

Ahh, the homeless people. There are so many here, in Bloomington. And there are all sorts of services provided for them! And that's where we do service every week!

It's sad to see the homeless people, but it's fun to serve them!

We had a pretty rough lesson with Roxanne this week. I thought she was going to drop us, but I asked her to pray about why God put us in her path and we will too. We will go back next week. I really hope that God will help us know what to do!

So here's the best prophesy I've ever had...
Once upon a time I was studying, like I do every morning. I read the story of Alma and Amulek being thrown in prison (Alma 14) and I told Sister Jones I felt that was a good finding tool. All we would have to do is get thrown in prison and then make the walls fall down and kill everyone except us. She just laughed and laughed... But a few days later...
     One of our investigators got put in jail! We were so excited to go visit her in jail. We tried, and it was so fun! But it turns out we had the wrong time. We will try again, I really want to go to jail! ;) So many fun experiences to have, here in Bloomington!

 Going to Jail!

We had a themed zone meeting! It was so fun! We had the olympics and our district dressed up like Lamanites. We all won gold medals.... So cheesy, but SO fun! I've never had such a cool zone meeting before! And this Elder gave us this "training" about success. I guess it's on Youtube, it's called "How Bad Do You Want It" by some guy. It's funny, I think, so look it up? Maybe? I haven't seen it, but I was laughing when Elder Syrett was doing it!

I love you all! Have a good week! Stay classy!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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