Monday, March 17, 2014

It's Not a Temple, It's a....

Dear Friends and Family,

A miracle happened this week! We were able to go to the temple! Sister Jones and I got to go with our Ward Mission Leader and his wife with a couple of the Elders in this area. It was so fun! And I was so happy to go! It's been way too long! When we went in I saw SO many familiar faces though! A group of the temple workers in our ward just happened to be there working this Saturday, and I saw someone from the Fishers ward, and someone from the Franklin ward! Crazy! I've never seen so many familiar faces at the temple in my life! 

The Louisville Kentucky temple is so small!! I guess it's one of the mini temples that was built a while ago and it really is SMALL! There was a stake center built right next to it, and I'm pretty sure the church was bigger than the temple was. Everything inside was just so small! Elder Ledesma, one of the Elders serving in my ward, is probably one of the funniest people I've ever met. We drove for two hours down to the temple, and one time during the drive, Sister Jones asked where we were, and Elder Ledesma piped up informing us that we were in the car! Haha! But when we got to the temple, he was like, "It's not a temple it's a temple. Hahaha we have been laughing about that for days. It was so good though! I'm grateful for the temple!

We have not had a car all week! It's been terrible, it's hard to get around without one! Luckily, it's been a LITTLE warmer this week and we've been able to do some walking. And members have been giving us rides. It's all been working out okay, but hopefully we get that car back tomorrow!

Last Monday we did the best thing ever! President Coach Cleveland came and had all the missionaries in the stake come and play basketball. Well, we mostly just did drills and stuff. It was cool, he brought a ton of basketballs that said Touch All the Lines on them (that's President's motto). Of course, he had us run line tags at the end, and of course I touched all the lines! 

I was so sore for a long time afterward though! So sore. It's been way too long since I actually for real worked out like that! It's been too dark outside and we aren't allowed to go running in the dark.
But hey, President complimented a lot of my shots! Even though I didn't make a single one of them! He loved being a coach again, I could tell!

On Wednesday, we walked and walked and walked for a long time, talking to a few people, but not many. It's been a long time since I've had to walk that much, so it was nice. But I was really really thirsty, and we didn't have time to go back to our apartment, so we were going to try to ask this person that Sister Jones had met a while ago. We were walking up the street and we saw someone getting out of her car. We said hi and asked her name. She said Tammy Thayer! She is a Less Active we have been trying to meet forEVER! And there she was, nowhere near her house! It turns out she's related to the person we were going to ask for water. And she is the coolest woman on the earth. I love her a lot! So we talked with her and taught her a little bit. It was just too big of a coincidence to be a coincidence. #miraclesrock

We also met a preacher that day. They're always fun to talk to, but this one introduced himself as Reverend Cox kind of like he expected us to understand what he was and leave. But we didn't, we stayed and told him about the temple! Stubborn Mormons I guess!

We had a miracle day on Wednesday! We helped a member pack and get ready to move to Idaho, and she had a 19 year old nonmember girl there who loves to learn about religion! The members told her a little about Joseph Smith and the sacred grove, which was cool. She's so nice I'm excited to meet her again! She really would be just the cutest little Mormon girl! (Like me!)

Then we taught this man at the library, and we weren't sure it would happen because library lessons are really sketchy. But he showed up! his name is Gardet and he's homeless. He told us his story and he is having a really hard time because he wants to stop drinking and fix his life, but he feels trapped by the alcohol. We invited him to baptism, and he said yes! But we haven't seen him since then, I think because he's drunk and lost all the time. It's sad, really, but we have so many resources to help him. In fact, this week, we went to the Addiction Recovery program that the Church has, and it is so good! For everyone! It teaches you how to apply gospel principles into your addiction recovery, as well as just making yourself a better person! I love it! I think I'm addicted to addiction recovery ;)

We also have been teaching this man named Eddie. He's an ex marine and he worked at a prison and has seen SO many bad things in his life! He has PTSD pretty bad and his life is just kind of a mess. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and told him to read one of the war chapters because that's something he could connect with. We saw him a few days later and he pulled over to talk to us. He said he'd been praying for the strength not to be violent towards some people that did him wrong and felt like he should stop and say hi! So he likes us! Which is good! He told us this life is just like the life he grew up in, it's just sad to see that once you're in that life, it's hard to get out!

Chis came to the church and we gave him a tour! In the chapel, we taught him a quick lesson and asked him to be baptized in May. He said yes, but he also said he is getting ready to leave Bloomington. And he has no idea where he's going, so I don't know how to help him find missionaries in his next place. Hopefully we can figure it out soon. But Chis is so great! He has such a desire to change and be baptized! He has a lot of work to do, though!

There's this guy we do service with every week who has a lot of questions about God, so we taught him this last week and it turns out he is golden! He believes in God and Jesus Christ, but he doesn't really have a religious background. So he's really just barely learning the importance of God in his life! It's awesome! He asked all the right questions and had all the right responses, it was great! Levi is so perfect. He has a lot of stories about war too, and a lot of guilt from it. He really just wants to be relieved from that guilt. Which is exactly why we need Jesus! So it's perfect! Repentance and forgiveness will really help him! I'm excited to watch him go through that process!

One day we went out to eat at this place called Which Wich, a sandwich shop. And they have these brown paper bags that they put the sandwiches in. Everyone draws on them and hangs them on a wall in there, so we did that and told everyone to visit (I sent you a picture of mine) Sister Jones and I are so cool! We also wrote on a public chalkboard that we saw in a building where students live... We really just like spreading the gospel everywhere we go!

YOU can do the same thing! Try it! It's fun!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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