Monday, March 3, 2014

Rollercoaster Week!

Dear Friends and Family,

It has been a rough week.... But also one of the best weeks I've had in a long time! You know when life does that to you? It's a little confusing!

But this week started out pretty hard. Last Monday we got a call from Elder Hodges, who works in the office and takes care of all the cars in the mission. He told us we had to take in our car to get a bid to see how much it would cost for a dent that is on the hood. It is in such a weird place, and we weren't sure where it came from. All we knew was that it happened before Sister Jones got here. We asked around a little and it turns out one of the past missionaries had hit a mailbox! So we are going to have to get that fixed. And when we got the estimate, they said it would probably take about 5 days to fix. That means 5 days without a car! 

Oh! But last Monday we got to eat dinner with famous people! Sammy L. Davis lives in our ward and him and his wife, Dixie, are so cool! Now, if you don't know who he is, you should Google him. He is the person that Forrest Gump is based off of. So... That's pretty cool! I ate dinner with Forrest Gump!

I looked up Family History a little bit last Monday. The new stuff on is awesome! There are pictures and this new cousins thing... And it was cool because the next day we tried a former investigator who is WAY into family history and Sister Jones and I were able to tell her about all of that! And then on Wednesday night some things fell through and we stopped by the church and went into the Family History center for a while. So I guess Family History is interesting now? Ha! It's so not my thing, but there's definitely some cool stuff.

I made a bullseye! Pretty good aim!

We saw a Less Active family this week that is a total Missionary Goldmine! They have a huge family, they're all mostly less active, but all their spouses and kids are nonmembers... If we could get a few of them to come to church we would have a bunch of baptisms and returning less actives on our hands! We taught the mom and one of her adult sons that day. It turns out her son doesn't really believe in God anymore, but he went and got his scriptures and read with us... I'm just surprised he remembered where they were! Hopefully there's some change going on there.

We drove out to Spencer and had a few people to meet with. It didn't turn out super good though, because most of our appointments cancelled and then we had no idea what to do. We almost didn't stick around for our last appointment because it wasn't a super solid one. And it was with this guy, Joe, who seemed more like he wanted to convert us. But we stayed and we went and talked with him. He was super nice, but he kept telling us that Joseph Smith was being influenced by the devil when he wrote the Book of Mormon. But he knew a lot! A lot of deep stuff. And the funny thing is we agreed on almost everything he said. The only time when there was disagreement was if we would say something about our beliefs. He would just disagree everything we said. But I've experienced people like Joe before, and they just contradict themselves a lot. And Joe was no different. We invited him to read Jesus the Christ, though. I think he would really enjoy it!

Sister Jones and I went to Olive Garden to celebrate Hump Day! That was on February 27!

We walked our first dog this week. But it was definitely not my idea, 
so I made Sister Jones do pretty much all of it.

We met again with Roxanne. The lesson went really well, except that we brought this member who was holding her baby grandchild and I just don't think she was very comfortable with that. And I don't blame her! So it was a little distracting. Maybe we can bring a different member this week to allow her to feel the Spirit more. Roxanne is Pentecostal though, so I don't know if she recognizes the Spirit the same way we do... But she read the Book of Mormon! And the Book of Mormon works miracles!

But this is where the week started getting better! We met with one of our investigators who is super busy and always stressed and worried about something. She met with us and told us she'd been reconsidering the reasons she had been saying no to baptism! We invited her to set a date, and she said she didn't really have a date in mind. So instead we set a "spiritual goal" with her so that she could grow spiritually. Her goal is to come to church, because she loves church! Unfortunately, church was cancelled yesterday because of freezing rain, but maybe she will come next week!

Even the oranges know it's #cold out there!

And then on top of that we were supposed to teach two people who are friends with one of the Less Actives in the ward. They both do drugs, and one of them, Chris had disappeared and we thought he was gone. But I guess he came back and Amber was still around and they both want to be baptized. I had met Amber once before, and she was soo nice! But she kind of made me nervous because she was really jittery due to all the drugs she does. And that stuff just scares me, so I didn't know if I really would like Chris a ton because I thought he was the same. But he's not! He is so so nice and he LOVES God. He has so much pain from all the mistakes he makes, and he wants to be baptized so bad! In the lesson we had with him, we read Alma 36 and he was nearly crying. I'm so excited for Chris, he is so golden except for the drugs! But I know that the Spirit can help him with that, and there are tons of good resources in the Church.

Every day we have been texting a bunch of people scriptures and Chris is the only one who ever texts back. He loves it! 

Last week, we met a Turkish lady while we were walking out of a member's home. She was SOO nice and she loves the members that we were visiting, so she invited us to come over sometime! She made us some tea (don't worry, tea that didn't have any caffeine) and Turkish cookies! And it was good! At her house we talked with her and her husband. Their names are Naciye and Mehmet and they love God! They were talking a lot about how they feel like they have to reestablish their faith in Him every day. They have such a deep understanding of God as their Creator. And I learned a lot from what they believe! The Spirit was actually really strong while we were talking with them! And I learned that Islam actually means submit (to the will of God), so they are such an example of humility! We left a Book of Mormon and they are going to study it together! So we are going to teach them! I don't know if it will go too far, but I have faith that the Spirit can touch them and add more knowledge to what they already have!

Pray for them!
Love, Sister Kimberly

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