Monday, March 24, 2014

The Assistants are Liars...

Last Monday we didn't really get Preparation day because we got to go to the temple the Saturday before. We went to visit one of our potentials in the afternoon and it was so great! She told us she'd been trying to overcome an addiction. It was perfect because we've been learning a lot about the Addiction Recovery program lately! So we invited her and she was so excited about it! We did have to find her a ride. Unfortunately, she ended up having an emergency come up, but hopefully we'll be able to take her next week! She seems so excited about it!

 The train tracks say Omni! Like the Book of Mormon prophet! 
I think there might secretly be a lot of Mormons here in Bloomington!

Tuesday was supposed to be awful. We didn't have our car back yet and we had to walk everywhere! We had no appointments and no members in town because of Spring Break. But guess what! It was probably one of the best days we've had in a long time! It's funny how things always work like that! We stopped by one of our "investigators" who we don't meet with very often. In fact, we only taught her once, and then the appointment we had set fell through. We didn't have a lot of expectations for her either, because she didn't seem super ready to commit to changing or anything. But we stopped by Julia's house anyway and she let us in! She had been having a really hard time with a member of her family who had joined the Army and she was just worried about him. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon that day. What it was and why it was important. She had a LOT of interest in it. She was so excited to read it that night! And then we committed her to be baptized (again). In the past, she's always said no, but this time she didn't! She didn't say yes, either, but really, it's such a huge step in the right direction! She said she'd have to read and to talk to Jesus about it. Which is awesome, because that's exactly what we want her to do!! It was great! 

Being a missionary is awesome. We get to talk to people that, otherwise, I would never even consider talking to. But, the rule is, we have to talk to everyone! So that's what we do! And this week, there was this big, scary looking guy, who I KNEW wouldn't talk to us, but we tried anyway like good little missionaries. And he opened up a LOT! He loved talking to us! It was awesome. I love it when things like that happen, it just shows me that anyone can be religious. Even if they don't necessarily look like it :)

Chris disappeared, the person he was staying with told us he'd gone back to Martinsville with his family for good. We were bummed, cause he's so GREAT! But he came back a couple of days later! He's planning on moving up there real soon, but I think he'll be here most of this week. He brought some of his friends and we taught them as well. And Chris just bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon so strong! He kept saying he knew it was real. And he knew it had helped him. And it's true! I can SEE it. He was in a really bad place when I first met him, and he is doing so much better now! I love it! The gospel is real!

We also found out another one of the investigators that we had been teaching went to jail. Why is it that we teach all the people that go to jail?! I don't know. Missionaries are just in with the rough crowd, I guess.

One of our investigators told us they needed an exorcist for their house! I don't think we can do that. But we always pray with them. I think they like our visits because it brings the Spirit into their home! They even say things are a lot calmer for everyone when we're around. Then he invited us out to dinner this next week! It'll be fun, as long as they don't bail on us! 

We visited with this Less Active, Part Member family this week! The Ayers. I love them so much! They are so fun to talk to, especially Brother Ayers, the nonmember. He's Pentecostal, and he always talks about how he'll be baptized if every member of the Church would send him a dollar. He's so generous and even says he would give half of that to the Church! ;) He's funny. But both of them remind me so much of my grandma and grandpa! So it's fun being there! I hope they will start coming to church, but I don't really know if they will right now.

Transfers this week! Last night was the worst. We got a text from one of the Assistants saying we were staying while we were planning for the next day. Yes! I wanted to stay with Sister Jones so bad! So we were making goals for our next transfer and talking about all the awesome things happening, like Conference and the Women's Conference and a ward activity coming up... Life was good! And then we got a call from the Mission Home. I was confused why, but I answered it! And there was President. He told me I was staying and I was getting a new companion. Then he told Sister Jones she's leaving and training.... Our blissful life was a lie. Oh my goodness. I can't believe it! Here we go! Another transfer meeting, another companion! I'm going to miss Sister Jones so much!

Mommy sent me GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! That is true love, right there!
#mommylovesme (thanks for not opening them and eating half of them like with the candy bars!) 
You know Samoas are my favorite! 
When people share their Girl Scout Cookies with you, that's how you know they really, truly love you!

But, hey! For all the women out there! The General Women's Conference is this Sautrday! 6pm MST (or 8pm EST ;)) Be there! Or be square!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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