Monday, March 31, 2014

The Power of Fasting

Dear Friends and Family,

Before I tell you all about my week, I want to tell you this awesome story! Yesterday was fast Sunday because General Conference is this weekend. So I wasn't really sure what I was going to fast for, usually I think about it a little before the day I start fasting, but this time I forgot to because it was on the wrong week. So when I realized I was supposed to be fasting, I decided to fast for the thing we are having the hardest time with: getting our investigators to church. 
So we go to church, and we're expecting one of our investigators who comes a majority of the time. And she wasn't there, neither were any of our other investigators, which is unfortunate, but expected. They've never come! So it was a bummer, but that's okay, because I know God can help us in other ways too! Like, we could always find a new investigator who will come to church with us! Or help us know how to help our other investigators to come. And then we were getting settled for Relief Society, and our phone starts vibrating. It was Levi, someone we met at Shalom, where we give service, and he wanted to come to church! Now, church was almost over, but that's okay, because he really lives in the other ward boundaries, the ward that meets in the same building at 1pm. So we hurried and set up a ride for him! And he came! He didn't flake out or anything, like all our other investigators seem to do. It was great! And I know he isn't really going to be our investigators after this week, but I am so grateful he came! And I know that we'll be able to find more investigators that will come to church too. I'm just so happy SOMETHING worked out!

Sister Jones and I got matching Indiana hoodies before we had to say goodbye!

My new companion is Sister Hivner and she's really sweet. Except she snores, really loudly! And I'm just not that deep of a sleeper! But it's okay, because I've been sleeping pretty decently the last few days. I think that's a blessing from God, because usually everything wakes me up!

I love Shalom! I think that's one of my favorite parts of serving here, in Bloomington! It's a homeless shelter where they serve food to homeless and low income people in the area. I really thought I would hate it, because that's just not really my cup of tea. But I have grown to love it! The people we serve (for the most part) are so grateful for us! And I've gotten to know so many of the people there! It's a great finding tool and it's just awesome! That's how we found Levi, the one who came to church yesterday! This week we had a lot of people come through that mentioned something to us about the Church. Like this guy told us he was from Salt Lake and a couple came through who are being taught by the Elders and attending church there. And then we saw CC, who is probably one of my favorite people! We can just never get in touch with her or anything to teach her! But she was affected by Hurricane Katrina and after that she was sent to Utah where everyone there was so nice and loving and willing to serve her, and from what I hear, she even met the Prophet while she was there! Isn't that crazy! I'm trying to figure out why she hasn't been baptized yet! I really just want to teach her, hopefully someday! Levi was there too, and he actually looked really good! Not nearly as sad as I'm used to. You know why? Because he read the Book of Mormon and he's starting to feel the effects of the gospel in his life! I love it! I love seeing that change! 

Roxanne is doing pretty good. I love her a lot! She is really skeptical about the Book of Mormon for sure, and she did have some tough questions, but I know the power that it has and that if she'll just read it, she will feel the Spirit! We just have to help her read it. The member we've been taking doesn't think she'll ever progress and is weary of going back because she doesn't want to have to defend what she believes. I understand, but I don't feel like she's ready to drop yet. So we will keep going back, and hopefully she will make some progress! If not, then we might have to drop her.

Pea Coat Picture with Rhonda
The Women's General Meeting was so good! I loved how much they talked about covenants, because that really is our purpose as missionaries, to help people make and keep covenants. Plus! I learned something new! When we covenant with God, we become one with Him. Meaning we begin to have the same purpose as He does! Which is to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Or, in other words, the Missionary Purpose! My purpose as (a missionary/member/Christian) is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end." So, as a covenant people, it is our job to invite others to come unto Jesus! And it all starts with the invitation! 

Now, that doesn't mean that it has to be nonmembers that we invite. Though that is important! It's also important, as members, to help Less Actives, and those who are just starting to gain a testimony. The youth of the Church should be a huge focus for us! And the young kids need to begin having that foundation as well. So as parents, friends, neighbors... It is our job to invite those inside our circle of influence to come just a little bit closer to Jesus Christ.
That's really all we're doing as missionaries, it's the little invitations that lead nonmembers to feel the Spirit, have that change of heart, and want to be baptized!

I love you all! And I love General Conference! I'd like to invite all of you to watch General Conference this weekend. Have a question in mind! That can help you get the most out of the revelation the prophets and apostles and women leaders in the Church have received for YOU! 

Theme Zone Conference
Also, if you want, tweet about it! Share the love! #LDSConf 

Love, Sister Kimberly

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