Monday, April 28, 2014


Dear Friends and Family,

I thought I would tell you all about my FAVORITE things about Indiana. Because it all happens in the Spring and Summer! 
Maybe this will come as a surprise, but the snow and ice storms are not my favorite parts of being in Indiana.

But you know what is? The thunder and the lightning. It is so different here than it ever was in Utah. And I loved it there! But here... It's different! It's bigger and better and PRETTIER! And I love it. I really do. I love the rain. And soon.... You know what's coming? The fireflies!! They come out in June and I can't wait to see them again! (Mom, maybe we can come visit the temple in June next summer? And you can see them too!)

This week has been good. Alicia, the miracle girl I wrote about last week, should be getting baptized on May 10! She is so ready! I guess she's been wanting to be baptized for 5 years, but she was smoking back then and now she's clear of any problems she might have! I'm so excited! She didn't come to church yesterday, though, and I'm not sure why. But hopefully she's still good and we can get her there next week and she'll be baptized on the 10. Or we might have to move it a week, but either way, this is going to happen!

I've been thinking a lot about commandments lately, and how they work. Because some of the missionaries I'm serving around don't really appear to be being as obedient as they could be. And it's not like I'm perfectly obedient all the time! But I know I'm not outwardly making a point to be disobedient! And there's a lot of talk around here about how we are a "principle based mission". Which is true! We are a principle based mission. We focus on the principles of the rules, because we don't want to become the Pharisee's who were so focused on living the letter of the law that it just became tradition and not their connection with God. But just because we want to remember principles doesn't mean that we don't live the letter of the law too! I was trying to figure out how this worked though, because it can be confusing. For example, one of our rules is that we have to be in bed at 10:30 and get up at 6:30. The principle is that we need to get 8 hours of sleep so that we will have enough energy for the day and so we can stay healthy. So why can't we go to bed at 11:30 and get up at 7:30 and follow the same schedule of exercising, preparing for the day, and studying? I was thinking about this, and how it applied to how we regard "the letter of the law" vs. "the principle". The letter of the law, is important! In fact, the letter of the law is an application of the principle! If we want to live the principle, we first have to live the letter of the law. Here's an example. If I am in bed at 10:30, but I talk to my companion for an hour and get up at 6:30, I have been obedient to the commandment, but I have not lived the principle of getting plenty of sleep. This works with other commandments too. If I want to live the letter of the law in terms of the Word of Wisdom, I can just not drink alcohol, coffee, tea, smoke cigarettes, or do illegal drugs. But what is the principle? The principle could be interpreted to be to put good, healthy things into your body. So if I don't put any of those things into my body, but the only thing I ever drink is soda, that's not living the principle. But I have to live the letter of the law to also live the principle. 

So that's my rant! The disobedience that's been around me for a while has really been dragging my spirit down! I'm serious, it really does make a difference! Obedience brings the Spirit, and exact obedience brings miracles. But disobedience brings... discouragement! And it's just not fun to be around it all the time. There's not much I can do, because it's not really my place, but I've learned a lot about obedience because of it! So there's the upside!

Being a missionary is just awkward. But I made the most AWKWARD mistake this week. We were supposed to go do some service with Sister Rogers, a member of our ward. We were running just a little late, so I hurried and looked up Rogers on the ward list and typed it into the GPS. We drove over there and knocked on the door and a man opened it! I was pretty confused, because Sister Rogers is divorced. So I told him we must have the wrong person and that we were looking for her. And then... He told us he was her ex-husband. 


I had typed in the wrong address for Rogers and it just happened to be her ex-husband's. He didn't seem super awkward about it. In fact, he kept talking and talking to us, I think he was glad to have someone to talk to, actually. But because of all that, we were way late to get to our service project. I felt so embarrassed after that! Haha!

But it's okay. Anyone could've made that mistake, right? And I'm blonde... So.... I have an excuse... Right?

Haha okay, it was just dumb of me. But it makes for a good story!

I ask Sister Hivner every time we pass the movie theater if we 
can go see Captain America. 
She always says no. 
All of you that get to see it; count your blessings! 
All I get is this little wooden mask!

Have a good week, everyone! Love you all!
Happy Spring!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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