Monday, April 7, 2014


Dear Friends and Family,

I think... I'm getting old. I had a District Leader once tell us that the longer you were on your mission, the more you would start having the same symptoms that old people get, like hunched backs and sore joints... I thought he was just being funny, or just talking about the Elders... But no. This week, I hurt my back and I was so sore one day when I woke up. It was hard to want to do anything that day! But I did it because I'm diligent! Don't worry, I just had pulled a muscle while I was exercising the day before, and I'm feeling a lot better now, but I really felt like I was 20 going on 200! 

April Fools was this week! What did I do? Not a lot, but I did wear my nametag upside down... I don't know if that's really a prank, but it was fun anyways. Until I was telling random people what the name of my church was and pointed at my upside down tag. I'm pretty sure they couldn't really read it. Oh well. April Fool's right?!

I love Finding here in Bloomington. People are always outside, so it's easy to just walk around and talk to them. Teaching is a little rough, though. I think it's because our side of town is the wrong side of town, everyone lives in Section 8 housing and have other welfare programs supporting them. Not that that's bad! It's just we run into a lot of flaky people who want to change, but aren't necessarily willing to work for it. So finding is fun, but teaching to help people "progress" is a little harder.

We got to teach Linda, she's so great! I don't know why she won't get baptized. But hopefully if we start reading the Book of Mormon with her, the Spirit will touch her heart. She's been taught by missionaries for about a year and a half now, and she comes to Church pretty regularly, so that's great! She just needs to get baptized!

One of our investigators that always bails on us actually let us in to talk this week. She is so great! She told us all these stories about her past and the things that she's done to change, and it was so inspiring! She even told us she had quit smoking a couple weeks ago. She really is a miracle, but we went back yesterday and no one answered the door. Hopefully we'll catch her again soon, because she's so perfect!

We are learning how to give church tours as a mission now and I am so excited about them! It will be such a cool way to help members introduce their friends to the church. I'll probably tell you more about them later, though!

Crazy news though! 

Afterward, we all went out to lunch and that was pretty good, as always. But we all finished lunch and all of us Sisters went to the bathroom before we headed out. We had all gotten a call from Elder Hodges, the missionary in charge of all the cars in the mission. It was kind of weird, but he'd left everyone messages. It turns out all the Chevy Cruzes were recalled because of some defective part. And there are SO MANY of those cars in the mission. We had to take our car in immediately to have them check it. So we saw half the zone there again, because everyone drives that car. Everyone's was fine, except ours. But it turned out okay because it's safe to drive, they're just going to replace the part sometime soon just to be safe. But it's safe to drive for now, so we are lucky ducks!
We had Zone Meeting the next day... And it was just a normal zone meeting until we started practicing giving church tours! Levi walked in in the middle of our meeting! I guess the Elders were going to teach him in the afternoon, after lunch, but he came WAY early! Sister Hivner and I were about to start our practice, so we decided we might as well just practice with him! It was pretty cool, Sister Hivner was really nervous, but we had some awesome Spirit there! And I know Levi felt it. He kept saying there was something there and he just couldn't quite put his finger on it. SPIRIT!

A cute little boy in our ward that we taught a few times to prepare him for baptism got baptized this week. His name's Wesley and he is adorable! And so smart for a 7 year old (8 now). I loved teaching him, and I know he wasn't technically an investigator or anything, but he's still my baptism :) And he's good friends with Naciye's daughter, so he invited her and Naciye brought a couple of her kids! We scheduled a time to go back to see her, so we were able to teach Naciye a little bit about baptism. I love teaching Naciye, because I actually learn a lot from her! I know she's Muslim and I'm not, so we don't necessarily believe the same things, but we really kind of do! I love it! And she's totally open to finding the truth, if that's not Muslim, she'd definitely be willing to change. 

General Conference was awesome! In honor of the talk about following up, I am going to follow up with all of you! Did you watch Conference? And did you tweet about it (if you could)? I hope so, because I love when #LDSconf is on the list of the top ten hashtags or whatever. I loved Conference, I hope you all did too! :) Tell me what your favorite talks were, and why! I would love to hear all your thoughts! Send me a letter or a quick email, I want to hear!

It's been raining all week, though. April showers, I guess. It's great, though, I love the thunderstorms here! They are nothing like what we get in Utah, they're better!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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