Monday, April 14, 2014

The Wrong Side of the Tracks

Dear Friends and Family,

I knew we lived in a pretty sketchy part of town, because... Well because a lot of our investigators are on drugs or going to jail or homeless.... And I knew that when we were walking around people would ask us what we were doing, and we'd say we were teaching people about Christ and they'd say, "well, this is a good area to do it. People here need it." But this week, we went tracting for the first time in a while. We were up on The Hill, which is what everyone calls the area where all the Section 8 housing is where there are quite a few scary people. We were walking around there, and I just... Didn't feel good at all! I knew it was bad, but I didn't know how bad. I mean, I've walked around there before, but not for very long. But it's okay, we got over it and we talked to a few people! So that's good. But, now I know we really do live on the wrong side of the tracks... I just thought all of Bloomington was like the West Side, but I guess not. I guess the rest of Bloomington is pretty normal! I just haven't seen it!

I got to watch 17 Miracles last Monday because of some circumstances we had and Preparation Day got moved to night time for us. It was awesome! Especially right after watching Conference and someone spoke about knowing the stories of our pioneer ancestors.

The temple!  It's looking good!

We went to the hospital this week to visit a woman in the ward who is pretty ill. I know a lot of you reading this might not know me, or even know this about me. But I hate hospitals. I remember ONE time I went to a hospital and I remember I hated the way it smelled, and I remember I ate Swedish Fish while I was there. I hate Swedish Fish now, not because they don't taste good, but because they remind me of hospitals. Gross. So this was a big step for me! We went to the hospital and we were only there for a few minutes. But it was good, I think the Sister we saw was glad that we came.

That day we didn't have any time! In fact, we had so many appointments we didn't even have time for a dinner break! We saw Roxanne that night, too, and it was... A rough lesson. She is so Pentecostal! We read a story with her in Mark 9 and then we read Alma 32:26-28 with her. She loved Mark 9! But then when we brought out Alma 32, she was SO critical of it. In fact, she asked me if it was telling us that we were spiritually fed by our "unbelief". I don't understand why she asked that, because I was obviously tying it in to the story in Mark. And I'm pretty sure Mark didn't say anything like that. She was just twisting the words and being cynical. But I was annoyed, not because she was being cynical, but because I am LITERATE! I can read and comprehend things, and she was asking questions that made it look like I was the one not comprehending what was being said. And then she went on and on about how when people get the Holy Ghost in the Bible, they all speak in tongues... And how the evidence that we have the Holy Ghost is when we speak in tongues... And I tried to explain to her how the gift of tongues IS a gift of the Spirit, and God will sometimes let us use the gift of tongues to help someone else come closer to Christ. Because that is true! That's why missionaries have it. And one of the stories she told me was even to help someone else. So... I don't know. She didn't buy it. But I don't understand why God would use ONE and ONLY ONE gift of the Spirit when we get the Holy Ghost. Why wouldn't we display EVERY SINGLE ONE? Anyways, I don't understand. But whatever. I just wasn't raised that way!

We've been practicing giving church tours, and the other day I borrowed the wheel chair that's always there and decided that I would role play as a paralyzed investigator. Hey! It's all good, the church is wheelchair accessible!

We saw Chris at Shalom, the homeless place that we do service at every week. I guess he's back in Bloomington, but he didn't say anything to me, and I didn't say anything either. And you know what's funny? We saw Rhonda, the Less Active that he's friends with. She was supposed to move to Florida!! But nope, she's still here! For a while, anyway. That was kind of... an odd day.
 #AggiePride even all the way in Indiana!

We've been trying to find a lot lately, and it's been pretty good! I mean, it's hard. And it was hard to get used to tracting again. But once we started it was a piece of cake. And I've had the best feeling! We haven't found anyone yet, but I know that I've been working my hardest, and I guess that's what matters, right! I think so, because I've definitely had the Spirit confirm to me that I've been doing the best I can. So it feels good!

This week is Easter, so will you all share with someone (via Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or in person) the video on with someone?! I know I will! And I know that it will touch people! You can even use #BecauseofHim too! It's a thing! 

And you better do it. This girl LOVES hashtags! And I can't access social media right now! So you need to make up for me.

Love, Sister Kimberly

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