Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Indy 560

Dear Friends and Family,

So, before you're like... Who is this girl? Doesn't she know the race is the Indy 500? Oh, I know! But it's cool because a Sister's mission is 560 days. So I thought that'd be cooler anyways. We didn't get to go to the Indy 500. But I get to be in Indy for 560 days! You are allowed to be jealous!

It was a good week! We saw a lot of horses though! I don't remember if I told you, but we do service at a place called Strides. I think it's a behavioral rehab using horses, but we pretty much help them with maintenance sort of stuff. Like we throw hay and we fill up the horses water buckets... It's pretty scary! This week we had to go in one of the fences that the horses were in. Talk about scary! Those things are giant! And then that night we went to a member's house and they had horses they wanted to show us too. Don't they know those things can kill people!? In fact, it's funny because one of my first investigators EVER on the mission was super disabled because she had been kicked by a horse. So yeah. Scary.

We went and saw someone in the ward this week who doesn't attend our ward, but she attends in a branch farther north. The RS President here knew that she was pregnant and due anytime, so she sent us to go see her and figure out when she was going to have the baby. We did! And when we walked in, she was holding a newborn baby! Awk! But the baby was adorable! And so we taught her a little and got to know her... It turns out her mom adopts children that wouldn't normally be adopted, like the ones with handicaps and health issues. As a result of that, Sister Marburger has 34 brothers and sisters. Isn't that crazy! I guess they have staff at the house and nurses all the time to try to care for all of these kids. It's awesome that she does that, but also a little much I think.... All I know is I could never do that!

I hit my 1 year mark this week. Weird. We celebrated by getting a Blizzard from DQ. Mmmm... It was pretty good. Plus, Elder Park just happened to be making himself birthday brownies that day and he had some extra confetti poppers. So I borrowed those too. It was a pretty good birthday celebration! 

We have a couple new investigators this week! One was a member referral named Stephanie. She has had a rough month or so with a lot of things going on. But she is so cute! She was baptized almost 3 years ago into a church around here called King's Way and she kept saying she's just a "baby Christian". I love that! Especially because I think we are all baby Christians. We all still have a LOT to learn! (Lord, I Believe - Elder Holland) I'm excited to teach her. 

And I'm especially excited to teach Sister Cobb's daughter Alethea. I LOVE her! She's so cute! AND super smart. She has come to church a few times in the last month or so. We are going to teach her to help her understand a little more the big picture of our beliefs. We taught her this last week, and it was awesome. I really FELT that Heavenly Father has big plans for her. She is going to be an essential tool in building His Kingdom. But first we gotta teach her! I'm excited, she has so much potential, and I can see it every time I think about her!

The Indy 500 and the long weekend really made it hard to teach people this weekend. But we did have District Meeting and after DM, we went out to eat like we always do. And at this burger place, they have what's called the 10-stacker challenge. A bunch of the Elders did it. It's where you have to eat a 10 patty burger in 30 minutes or less. One of the Elders was so slow compared to the others, but he stayed calm, cool, and collected through the whole thing and he made it at 29:58! We all cheered!

It was a good week! I hope you all had a good Memorial Day too!

Duck Dynasty Duck... I had to get a picture!

Love, Sister Kimberly

Monday, May 19, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Dear Friends and Family,

Okay, we weren't apostate this week. But I did get to do a lot of fun things that we don't USUALLY get to do. So maybe it feels like it. But don't worry, we still worked hard!

Firstly, we went on exchanges. I got to go with Sister Gil on CAMPUS! Holla! I love the #campuslife. I'm serious. I wish I could serve there, I love personal contacting and that's all they do! But we traded companions on Tuesday night, and I guess they had plans to teach an investigator, but instead the investigator wanted to go to a baseball game with the other members of the ward. So. We got to go to an Indians baseball game! Victory Field in Indianapolis! It was so fun! Except, it was raining. Don't judge my hair in those pictures. It's not my fault! Blame it on the rain. We did have to leave early because we have a curfew, but when we left the Indians were WINNING!

I loved it, it felt like my childhood (thanks Dad!) Baseball is the only sport I actually understand. So that's cool. But I also don't have the attention span and the concentration to pay attention to it. So I didn't. But it was still fun! Not a lot of missionaries get to do that.

What else did we do this week? Well, we also got to go see a play that one of the people we are HOPING to teach was in. She's 13 and she was playing in Peter Pan AS Peter Pan. She really wanted us to go, and it meant a lot to her. So we called President and he said yes! I'm serious, this has probably been the best week of my mission. It was so fun. I got to go to a baseball game and see Peter Pan... Something Disney. That's all I needed! It was really cute, it was put on by a bunch of kids in a community theater. It wasn't long, but they did a really good job. And I swear, it was adorable! I do love plays, Disney, and little kids! Good good good week!

Other than that, I got to meet all of our investigators except one. We got more member present lessons than this area has had in a long time. And we had a zone conference...

Oh my goodness, I have got to tell you about this zone conference. It was a really great zone conference, President is really changing the mission and it's AWESOME! But I don't really know if that stuff is what you all will care about. It's probably pretty boring to you. But we had another training by Elder Hodges, the senior missionary in charge of the cars here. Let me give you some background. Elder Hodges is a little bit crazy, but I love him! He's so funny! And I guess when he was called on his mission, he was given some legal authority for the Church in Indiana, but he has a paper that says he was legal authority over the Indians. I guess he decided he WAS an Indian now. He called himself Tecumseh and he dressed up like an Indian chief. He had a few sisters dress like Indians too and he told us that he had been too nice and "The great white chief" (pointing to President Cleveland) told him that he needed to take scalps when people didn't do what they were supposed to with the cars. Scalps! Like in that story in the Book of Mormon. 

It was great!

This one's for you Danielle and Mercedes...

Oh! One more story to tell:

I've been trying really hard to follow Heavenly Father's will for me lately, because I know that this work is His work and it's easy to forget sometimes. Especially after a year. (shh, don't tell anyone). So I've been really trying to follow promptings and everything. So we were walking around trying to find someone to teach this last week, but it was freezing cold and no one was out. On our way home, we were going to get there at 9 almost exactly, we saw these two guys walking toward us. I wasn't really going to talk to them, because we had to be in and everything.. So I passed them and all of a sudden, I had the thought that they might be twins. And I turned and asked them. It was really weird. I mean, they looked alike, but it'd be more reasonably to assume they were brothers, not necessarily twins. In fact, the moment I asked, I specifically remember thinking, "Sister Francis, what are you doing? They're probably just brothers." So I'm pretty sure the Spirit told me they were twins. It was a really weird feeling. But it turns out... They WERE twins! And hopefully we're going to teach the one that just moved into our apartment complex. The other lives in Chicago, so we PROBABLY won't be teaching him - unless we get iPads soon and we can Skype! - but that doesn't seem to be in our foreseeable future. Dang it!

But that's a pretty cool story, huh?

I think so!

I love you all, have a good week! Follow ALL the promptings of the Spirit!

Pictures from last week:

Love, Sister Kimberly

Monday, May 12, 2014

Fishers of Fish

Dear Friends and Family,

It's been a good week. Transfer meeting was a little crazy, there were so many people there! And I was trying so hard to remember where everyone was going, but it didn't work out too well. With a mixture of so many missionaries to try to keep track of and missionary brain (that's what I call it when I forget... Everything...), I barely remember any of it. All I remember is that they put  Sisters in the scariest part of Downton Indy. Not me thank goodness! I got sent to Plainfield with Sister Bulman. She's just out of training, so I didn't know her before. You don't really meet missionaries while they are in training. But she's cute! 

I am super sorry, but I can't send a picture because I forgot my cord that I need to use to hook up my camera to the computer. I know. It's terrible. I just forgot because in Bloomington I could just put my SD card in there, but here they don't have an SD card slot! So I will remember next week!

I love it here in Plainfield! I know it's going to be fun here. And Sister Bulman has told me a lot about some of the investigators we have. I haven't really met them yet because one has been out of town and one hasn't been able to meet, but I'm so excited to meet them! And to find new people! I really love being a missionary in the summer.

Oh my goodness, I just realized I forgot to tell you all about my adventures last Monday!

We got to go FISHING! Haha, I haven't been fishing in who-knows-how-long. But I do remember that I was always terrible at it. In fact, I remember this time my mom took us to a fish farm, where they have fish specifically for catching. And I remember being the only one who didn't catch anything. And I remember it was super embarrassing. So we went fishing with most of our district. And it was fun! But I swear to you, everyone caught fish pretty quickly. Except me. And Elder Aiono. But eventually Elder Aiono did catch one. So it was just me. And we had hot dogs for lunch. The Elders were telling me I couldn't eat until I caught one, but I was hungry! So I ended up eating anyway. And then I went back to fishing and still didn't catch anything. Eventually we just put a real life worm on my hook instead of just the little fish bait thing and I went to a less crowded area and cast my line. And seriously, right at that moment a fish got stuck on my hook! I was so excited. I reeled it in, but it got stuck on this tree that was growing out of the hill under me. I climbed a little down the hill a little to get the fish, but what I didn't see was that the tree had these viscous thorns! It was not good. I reached out to move a branch so I could reach the fish, but instead the thorn stabbed my thumb. It hurt pretty dang bad! Battle wounds, I guess, right? So I made Elder Tautu get it, he's tougher than me because he's from Samoa. 

And then a little later I caught another one, but the same thing happened. So after that I was done. Fishing wasn't that exciting, but I really wanted to catch one. I have pictures of that too! 

It's been a good week. I got to meet some great people that have recently been baptized... Aw, and I love them so much! They're cute! 

One is named Desi and one's named Westyn and they are the best friends. And they're both super cute. This weekend we got to help Desi move her stuff out of her mom's house, and it went well! That wasn't a good environment for her to live in at all, so I'm glad she's out. And Westyn is cute too, she has the cutest little daughter! 

The members of this ward are awesome! It is going to be great working with them, I can already tell! The Meachams were awesome and let us come Skype our families yesterday for Mother's Day. (Happy Mother's Day, Mom!) It was good! I got to see all my family and our new kitchen and Danielle-y. So I'm a happy girl now. The craziest thing is that was my last phone call home. Ever. I'm going to be home by the time all the missionaries get to call again. Weird, right! That's kind of scary.

I got chocolate for Mother's Day too! They had some extra at church, so they gave us Sisters some. I was excited. Also, I didn't have to birth anyone for it. So that's good news too! Even better!

The Elders serving in this ward are super nerdy (computer nerds) and know all kinds of good stuff about the computer. So you know what that means? I got new stuff on my iPod without having to wait and send it home and have them send it all the way back here. And that means I can have the best talk ever on there! His Grace Is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox. I. Love. It.

I hope all you mothers out there had a good Mother's Day! 

Love, Sister Kimberly