Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Indy 560

Dear Friends and Family,

So, before you're like... Who is this girl? Doesn't she know the race is the Indy 500? Oh, I know! But it's cool because a Sister's mission is 560 days. So I thought that'd be cooler anyways. We didn't get to go to the Indy 500. But I get to be in Indy for 560 days! You are allowed to be jealous!

It was a good week! We saw a lot of horses though! I don't remember if I told you, but we do service at a place called Strides. I think it's a behavioral rehab using horses, but we pretty much help them with maintenance sort of stuff. Like we throw hay and we fill up the horses water buckets... It's pretty scary! This week we had to go in one of the fences that the horses were in. Talk about scary! Those things are giant! And then that night we went to a member's house and they had horses they wanted to show us too. Don't they know those things can kill people!? In fact, it's funny because one of my first investigators EVER on the mission was super disabled because she had been kicked by a horse. So yeah. Scary.

We went and saw someone in the ward this week who doesn't attend our ward, but she attends in a branch farther north. The RS President here knew that she was pregnant and due anytime, so she sent us to go see her and figure out when she was going to have the baby. We did! And when we walked in, she was holding a newborn baby! Awk! But the baby was adorable! And so we taught her a little and got to know her... It turns out her mom adopts children that wouldn't normally be adopted, like the ones with handicaps and health issues. As a result of that, Sister Marburger has 34 brothers and sisters. Isn't that crazy! I guess they have staff at the house and nurses all the time to try to care for all of these kids. It's awesome that she does that, but also a little much I think.... All I know is I could never do that!

I hit my 1 year mark this week. Weird. We celebrated by getting a Blizzard from DQ. Mmmm... It was pretty good. Plus, Elder Park just happened to be making himself birthday brownies that day and he had some extra confetti poppers. So I borrowed those too. It was a pretty good birthday celebration! 

We have a couple new investigators this week! One was a member referral named Stephanie. She has had a rough month or so with a lot of things going on. But she is so cute! She was baptized almost 3 years ago into a church around here called King's Way and she kept saying she's just a "baby Christian". I love that! Especially because I think we are all baby Christians. We all still have a LOT to learn! (Lord, I Believe - Elder Holland) I'm excited to teach her. 

And I'm especially excited to teach Sister Cobb's daughter Alethea. I LOVE her! She's so cute! AND super smart. She has come to church a few times in the last month or so. We are going to teach her to help her understand a little more the big picture of our beliefs. We taught her this last week, and it was awesome. I really FELT that Heavenly Father has big plans for her. She is going to be an essential tool in building His Kingdom. But first we gotta teach her! I'm excited, she has so much potential, and I can see it every time I think about her!

The Indy 500 and the long weekend really made it hard to teach people this weekend. But we did have District Meeting and after DM, we went out to eat like we always do. And at this burger place, they have what's called the 10-stacker challenge. A bunch of the Elders did it. It's where you have to eat a 10 patty burger in 30 minutes or less. One of the Elders was so slow compared to the others, but he stayed calm, cool, and collected through the whole thing and he made it at 29:58! We all cheered!

It was a good week! I hope you all had a good Memorial Day too!

Duck Dynasty Duck... I had to get a picture!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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