Monday, June 2, 2014

6 Months to Sexy

Dear Friends and Family,

So basically, that is the name of my diet. For the next 6 months. I know. That's a nice, long diet, but I'm telling you, the mission did not do that much good for my waistline. Or my thighs. Hopefully no one can tell. But if you can, this is not my fault! All the members think that it's a special occasion when we come over, and everyone knows special occasions require dessert. And see, I'm not against that. But when I BECOME the special occasion, it just isn't that good for me to have all the dessert that we have. #missionaryprobs And THEN we spend all day in the car driving to and from appointments and then sitting on couches teaching the gospel. I mean, yes, we do get out and walk sometimes (a lot this week), but not a lot. And we have, like 20 minutes to exercise by the time we get up and ready every morning.

So. Yeah. I need to do something to get skinny again!

It was a pretty weird week. On Wednesday, we were walking around. It was really really hot outside. Not many people were out, but we talked to this woman that we had seen roller blading around the neighborhood. She was about to start running when we stopped to talk. She was... Interesting... to say the least. She was into all this weird stuff that I've never really heard of to get rid of all the bad energy. And she had some super weird views. And she kept telling us that Jesus' name was actually Jeheshua. And she was going on and on about a lot of this stuff. In the middle of talking to her, I suddenly just did not feel good at all. At first it just felt like I was starving. And it was about lunch time, so I just thought if we finished up the conversation and went home, I'd be fine. But we kept talking and then I started to feel dizzy and it just kept getting worse. So she was showing us some video on her phone of some preacher kind of a guy talking about stuff she believes, and I just decided I was going to sit down. She invited us in, and I asked for some water. I knew I was getting dehydrated. By that point I could just tell. As we were walking, she told us all she had was Holy Water. I remember being confused and having no idea what that meant. And then the most embarrassing thing happened. I totally passed out in this random lady's house. Luckily I didn't throw up though! Because I really felt like I was going to! So she got me some of her Holy Water (whatever that is) and had me drink it. And then I was fine! Like nothing happened at all! Maybe it was because it was holy water. Or maybe because I was just dehydrated. I was drinking water though! It was just REALLY hot and humid that day.

But then later that night we went teaching with President! I've never done that before. And Sister Bulman did not want to do it at all. But I made her. And I was nervous too, I mean, we had to teach in front of our MISSION PRESIDENT. But the nerves went away (for me) after a few minutes and it was fine. President is just the happiest man! Unless you're a disobedient Elder. Which I'm not! So it's all good. We taught Alethea and I LOVE Alethea. She is so good. We taught her about and gave her a Book of Mormon. The lesson went really well, actually! And afterward, President said the baptismal commitment I gave her was perfect. PERFECT! I know, it was nice to hear that!

School ended on Thursday. So everyone was having parties or they were spending the evening outside. We met a lot of people. But this one guy in particular stood out to me. He was Maravian (I think that's how it's spelled). I guess it's the oldest Protestant church ever. Like, even older than Luther, I guess Luther got a lot of his teachings from John Huss, the guy who started the Maravian church. This is one of those times when I wish I had Google. 

Okay. That happens a lot. Google is a blessing. 

The Elders serving in the Plainfield ward with us are very nerdy. So all they do is talk about Star Wars and Star Trek and things of that sort. And Elder Sneddon is trying to convince me that just because Disney bought out Star Wars, Princess Leia is now a Disney Princess. But she's not. Because Disney did NOT create her character, George Lucas did. I could go on and on about this. But I won't bore you with the details. Just know that Princess Leia is NOT and never WILL BE a Disney Princess.

 Sister Bulman finally got up the courage to knock on this door the other day. And the man who answered was not the nicest. He said they already went to a church and basically just shut the door in our faces. So we walked away and were talking about it. Then we heard the same man yelling out the door asking if we wanted water. My rule is pretty much to always take a bottle of water if someone offers, so I did. Also, I didn't want to have to pass out again or anything. So we took it from the man's wife. She was super friendly, but kind of rushed back inside without talking to us at all. I think she just didn't want to go to church, but she knew it was really hot for us to be outside. And then she told her 10 year old son to help us find someone who wanted to go to church! So that was interesting. But it's okay, we talked to him a little bit about Jesus Christ and praying. So that was cool. It was just a funny experience!

I can't believe it's already JUNE! I've been in Indiana for 12 months on the 4th! Crazy. I guess that makes me a real life Hoosier. Except don't worry, I still have a full set of teeth! So I'd say that's an accomplishment!

We had to get a little creative with the lid...

I forgot how to spell. Don't judge! Just enjoy the message we wrote to Elder Hodges this month!

We cooked this week. That's a miracle. And the even bigger miracle? We cooked meat! I don't know if I've ever really done that before!

Love you! 
Love, Sister Kimberly

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