Monday, June 9, 2014

Seed Planters Get Blessings Too!

Dear Friends and Family,

We have had a really good week! Things are going well here! 
So I promised Desi that I'd tell you about her :) I don't have a picture, because I haven't had a chance to get one with her yet, but she is so cute!

Desi is basically our best friend here, in Plainfield. We talk to her every single night and I love it! I look forward to evenings just for that reason. And we do Family Home Evening together every Monday. Desi just got baptized in February, but she's been meeting with missionaries for a long, long time. Her testimony is so strong! And we have the best conversations. Usually they are pretty random, but that's what makes life fun, right!
I love Desi.

Sister Bulman and I have been trying to cook more lately. And it's been going... Mostly good. The other day, Sister Bulman tried to make some rice and she just... Failed. And then I asked her if she had read the directions. No. She didn't! So I guess she's too cool for directions, and that's why she ruined the rice. It was pretty funny! *Remember: always read the directions.

The Zone Leaders wanted us to go blitz their area (blitz meaning having two companionships in one area) because their ward had never had Sisters before. So they wanted to try this, and I was stoked because their ward is in the ghetto. So I was excited to go there. The ghetto is really the most fun. But they took us to these apartments that are exactly like Plainfield. For real. And Elder West was like, "this is where all the classy ones live." And then I was disappointed. We talked to people and stuff, but it was just not as fun as it was supposed to be. They should have at least taken us to the halfway ghetto area... I love it there! Maybe next time... Maybe next time...

Jane's friend Eric wanted to sit in on our lessons, so we started teaching him. He would hardly take a pamphlet or anything though. It was kind of weird. But he did take one and he listened and asked questions. Eric is super cool though! He has been through a lot of things. Especially, like, falling off a 30 foot billboard, hitting his face on cement. He nearly died after that. So he's totally a fighter! I think that's awesome!

We also got to teach a lady named Julie that Sister Bulman had tracted into with Sister Handy. She is so awesome! It was kind of rocky at first, because she did not agree with what we were saying about there being one true church. But the member that we brought was super solid and bore her testimony about her baptism and we shared the First Vision. The coolest thing is when you actually SEE the Spirit change someone's heart. And that happened with Julie! And now she really wants to come to church! I love her already. I'm excited to be able to teach her.

We were trying to visit some new investigators we found, so we knocked on their door and this really loud man swang the door wide open. He was dressed just like a Priest and he was pretty loud, this came out of his mouth really fast and loud, "Mormons!! I love you Mormons!" then he pointed to the sky and continued, "and God loves you too!" He kept talking really quickly, asked where we were from, and told us he didn't really agree with "the Joseph Smith thing" and he talked about how he studied at the Vatican for a while. Oh man, that's cool! Then he told us he was doing communion for the family, because the husband of our investigators has MS and is pretty much stuck at home. And he gave us his card and told us he wanted to meet with us. So. Yeah. Oh! And he's not a Priest, he's a Lutheran Pastor I guess. All I know is he looked like a Priest and he said he's not. I don't really know the difference.

We taught Alethea again this week! And her dad! And I am so excited! Every time I teach someone in their family, I feel the Spirit so strong. I KNOW those people are special. At first, I was a little nervous though, because Jerad, Alethea's dad, started asking hard questions. Like "who is Jesus Christ?" It almost seemed like he was trying to trick us. He had a notebook, and he wrote a couple things down. It seemed like things that contradicted his beliefs, but I'm not sure. But then I told him that we should actually talk about the things we had planned. And then it was better. And the Spirit was super strong! We got home wayyy late that night, but I'm so grateful that lesson went well. And Jerad has the coolest conversion to Christ! I loved his story, and I know that it's dear to his heart too.

We had stake conference this week, and it was so good! Sister Cobb, Alethea's mom, was speaking at it, so she invited Alethea and her dad. And... As far as I know they loved it! I was a little nervous, because the whole thing was focused one missionary work and how to help people to come to church, both members and nonmembers. But the Spirit was a stud, as always, and I know that the only way someone couldn't feel it would have been if you had closed your heart to it and CHOSE not to feel it. And that happens, but not to Jerad or Alethea...

And the highlight of the week... Yesterday we got to go to Why I Believe with Sister Cobb (shout out to her, she is rocking the missionary work right now!), and it was soo good. We sat down right about when it started, and the first woman to get up was named Doris. She was a little older and she was just baptized last week in Franklin. Ah, Franklin is near and dear to my heart, so of course I listened pretty closely. She started by talking about a family member of hers who lived in Missouri who had gone to Nauvoo last summer and decided to send her a CD or DVD or something for her. "Of course, it showed up along with two Sister Missionaries at my door," she said, and then described how she had rejected the invitation to learn more. She went on talking about how her family member kept sending missionaries her way, and how she said no, no, no, until just over a month ago. While she was talking, it clicked...

During the first week or so that Sister Mayberry and I were in Franklin, we got a CD and a referral for a woman named Doris. We went over to her house, which was way out in the country, and we met her. She had the SCARIEST dogs ever in her garage. I swear they were going to eat me. She was polite, but not too interested. We went back once, but she wasn't home. We kept her on our radar though, we didn't want to forget about Doris. I guess Sister Mayberry went back a few more times after I left, but never saw her again. And now, 9 months later, she is a brand new member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! 

And I am so happy.

I've been just a little tiny bit discouraged about my lack of baptisms in the last six months. And when I heard her, I just felt Heavenly Father tell me that I was doing what He wanted me to, and that He was pleased with my efforts. And that's a blessing.

I planted a seed, and it just got harvested! And I am so excited!
It just goes to show, Clayton Christensen was right, we succeed when we invite, even if our invitation is rejected. (The Power of Everyday Missionaries, by Clayton Christensen)

Love, Sister Kimberly

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