Monday, June 16, 2014


Dear Friends and Family,

The fireflies are out again. I love this time of year, as you already know. I went out to see if I could see some and there were so many! Sister Bulman and I stood on our balcony for a while and I named all the fireflies :) They're so cool! 


The beginning of the week started out with all kinds of drama with our investigators. But it all got worked out, it was just a rough beginning. Now it's all good, though!


On Tuesday, at Strides, the horse ranch where we give service every week, they asked us to vacuum up the dirt in the hay loft. I hate it up there, there are THOUSANDS of spiders and it is COVERED in dirt and cobwebs. So gross. I can't believe they asked us to do that. But they did, so we did it. And the Elders didn't, because one of the Elders here is scared of the spiders. It's okay, though, we had a fair trade. They did the grossest part of our duties at Strides, and we did the hay loft. I just never want to do that again.

 The District

The most awkward thing happened this week. If you didn't already know, missionary life is the awkward life. We were on our way to a lesson at Jane's house with Eric, but we had a few minutes, so we were going to stop by someone to see if we could set up an appointment with them, and we parked in front of their neighbors house. A moment later, we looked up and Eric was standing there. It turns out we parked right in front of his house without knowing it. I didn't want it to be awkward, so I jumped out and said hi and told him we were trying the neighbor and had no idea this was his house. It was so weird, but Eric's pretty chill, so it was fine.

We met the cutest lady this week, she's a member, just not active. I don't really know that she ever had a testimony of the church, it seems like she was pretty much rushed into it really fast. But she is so CUTE!! I want to be just like her someday. She's so upbeat and happy. It seems like nothing would ever really get her down. It's awesome! And refreshing. Basically everyone that we talk to has PROBLEMS GALORE! So it was nice to talk to someone who felt like life was good. Because it is! I know we have trials a lot, but really, when you stop and look, life is awesome!

 This is what it's like serving with #TheGeekSquad

We had dinner at a member's house and it was really funny. This member is the mother of a missionary over in the Philippines and I guess she's part of some Missionary Mommas group on Facebook, and she kept telling us all this crazy stuff that some of those moms say. I guess it makes her feel better for not being so overly crazy about the fact that her child is on a mission :) And we were talking about The Book of Mormon: The Musical. I guess that's coming to town sometime soon. Maybe people will talk to us more after that. Who knows!

There's a lot of Anti Mormon rumors going around Plainfield, more than I've ever seen. It's just funny, though, because the reason people disagree with our doctrine is all because of lies. Like, this Saturday, we were driving through this retirement neighborhood. They were having a community garage sale, but it was over so everyone was cleaning up. We walked through it talking to people and offering help. This old man read our nametags out loud when we first started talking, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" he said. So I responded, " yeah! Have you heard much about Mormons?" He said he had, he heard that they weren't allowed to wear makeup. But that was awkward because I was wearing makeup right then. And then he said this, "My biggest problem with the Mormons is their inability to believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God." After that, I was pretty confused. Umm, sir, we are the Church OF JESUS CHRIST. You just read the nametag. And then even after that, he said, "well, that's not what I've heard..." It's just silly. 

At zone meeting this week, we had the best moment ever. We were having a training by the Zone Leaders about how to get people to talk to us instead of walk past us when we're on walking trails or on campus or whatever. It was very useful, Plainfield is full of walking trails! They told us to plant our feet and reach out to shake hands to get their attention. Awesome! But then, all the Elders in the room got talking about how to give good handshakes. #youknowyoureamissionarywhen you need a whole training on how to give good handshakes. Elders are so funny. This one Elder was like, "It's all in the hips!" Apparently the quality of your handshake is all in the hips, guys. Remember that!

Oh, I got a call that I will be training again starting this Wednesday, so I get a newbie fresh from the MTC.  So I will be staying in Plainfield, probably for 12 weeks.  I love it here, so all is good!
Love, Sister Kimberly

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