Monday, July 14, 2014


Dear Friends and Family,

So. We had an adventurous week. I don't even remember the beginning of it, but that's okay, because it's the end of the week that was so crazy. So I could go over all the boring stuff that happened. OR you could hear all the crazy stuff in much more detail.
I choose the latter.

So let's start with Thursday. It really was a rather boring day. Weekly planning is always boring. (Okay, not really if we having Planning Popcorn, but we didn't have that this week). But in the evening, a member of the ward was going out with us to try to visit a few people. I didn't exactly know how to get there, so I went to go grab my GPS and.... I didn't have keys... And the door to our apartment was locked.... So... We had to figure all that out. We are so lucky that the member with us is patient, probably because she's a mom. And she said she's a little airheaded sometimes too. So at least I'm not alone! We couldn't find an emergency number or anything, so we called our Ward Mission Police Officer Dad Leader and he found all this information for us. Then he called some people with a ladder and they showed up. We were able to get into the apartment and then the manager person that we had called ended up showing up after all that... Yeah... We're just lucky that Brother B didn't call the fire department. The best part of this story is that the member that was with us took us to get ice cream while we waited. So we ate ice cream while we watched everyone else help us get back into our apartment.

My bad... 

The next day was way busy too. We had a zone meeting, and President came, so of course it went WAYY long. Which is okay, because he had some really great thoughts. But then after all that, we got new phones. And they weren't iPhones, so that was a huge bummer. I was really praying for iPhones! But because all the activation and everything went forever long, we didn't have too long to eat dinner before a lesson with Jane. We had our lesson with Jane, then another lesson with Tori right after, then we headed off to meet with a new investigator we found this week. She is full-blooded Native American. When we checked the phone, there was a message from her husband that said:

"Osiyo, sister, as far as I know she was expecting a visit, was you interested in praying with us, in our traditional way? We Cherokee, are aware or the "Mo Resh Mon" as in our language and the "Mo Resh Oni" as we have documented, in our sacred archives, and we are descendants of the tribe Lam'an (God's Shepherd).I find it fascinating that your book of the mo resh, the language of your golden plates was wrote in our native tongue , and one of our chiefs has contacted the President of the LDS. To make your people aware of the fact we are aware that we share history, I want to gift you something, the definiteion of mo resh mon (Mormon) and mo resh oni (Moroni). That is what your people have sought to know, and do not know, but our people do know of your people and the meaning of your words. And we want to pray with you our way and gift you a letter wrote to your people from the Cherokee."

So... That was pretty cool. We did go and pray with them in "their way". It was pretty cool! But there was some kind of pipe involved and they wanted us to smoke it. I didn't want to, so I didn't. But yeah, they believe and know that they are descendants of the Lamanites! So that's cool! But I don't know if they believe the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and all that. Hopefully we'll be able to teach them next time, because this time it was more like they were teaching us. Well, just Valdora's husband. That experience was a real testimony builder though! 

The Book of Mormon is true, everyone

Saturday we taught Kitty. She's still doing so good, and the ward has really stepped up to give her skirts to help her be more comfortable at church. She's doing great! And yesterday, we had 3 investigators at church! And Eric came too, he's just not considered an investigator right now, because he has no desire to know if it's true and he definitely has NO DESIRE to change. Which is fine! I'm still glad that he came.

On Saturday evening, we ate at Firehouse Subs because Sister Olsen's mom sent us money to go there, and we were basically out of food this week. So we went there and it just so happened that a HUGE Jehovah Witness conference had just ended and there were a few JWs there. We talked to them and they gave us some of the new material they'd received to distribute to people when they're out knocking on doors, just like us. I was honored, this is new material that no one's even seen yet!! And we got it because we are Mormons! Plus, I wanted those people to be happy, so I even started reading it and they saw me looking it over as they left. I like it when I see other people reading my pamphlets, and I wanted them to be happy missionaries too! :) 

Then, that evening, we went out to work for the last time. We started walking on the trails here, and I had specifically prayed to find someone who was ready. We were about ready to turn around because we were running out of time after we had talked to a few people. There was one more person out, but he was kind of borderline age, he didn't really look like he was over 18, so I wasn't going to talk to him, but he talked to us! This kid was amazing, he prays for an hour every day and he's had some great spiritual, life-changing moments in his life! We taught him the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. He prayed about it and told us he's not interested right now, but I know we planted an important seed that day. This boy is going to do great things!

The City <3

I hope you all had a good week, too!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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